These Are the Best States to Live in the United States

If a person asks you what is the best state to live in, probably, you will say that the state in which you live or have lived before is the best. Similarly, if asked by another person, they might answer the question differently. This means every one of us has different views regarding the best statebased on several factors. However, some of the best organizations make thorough research considering various factors like healthcare, crime rate, education and earning opportunity to verify which are the best states to live in.

The best states to live in the US are ranked according to thousands of data points that measure how well the state performs for its citizens. Based on what matters the most to citizens, we have gathered information about some of the best states to live in the US. The following data focuses mainly on healthcare, education, economy, infrastructure, earning opportunity, fiscal stability, crime corrections and the natural environment that makes them an ideal state to live in.

Best states to live in the US Rank-Comparison Sheet

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1. Washington

Washington stands in the first position and the best place to live in the US. This Evergreen state is a place for enthusiasts due to its geological diversity that ranges from the rainforest, Pacific coastline to deserts and mountains. The state offers Olympic mountains view along with Mount Rainier and Juan Islands.

Along with the scenic beauty, Washington is famous for being the birthplace of many prominent business hubs like Starbucks Coffee, Microsoft Corporation and the Boeing Co. Since the state has a coastal area, Washington leads in export business too and is crucial for the US agriculture and food industry by making 70% of apples each year. The state also leads in cattle, milk and potato production.

One of the main economic drivers of Washington is the aerospace industry. The state employee second largest number of populations in the country in military and defence sector. Seattle is marked as an iconic space needle that is situated in Washington and lights up during the night above the rest of the city.

2. New Hampshire

As per the current ranking, New Hampshire is the second-best state to live in the US. The state not only ranks well in opportunity but also in crime and corrections along with its natural environment. Although New Hampshire is a small state, it has always played an important role in the country’s greatest tasks like the election of President.

 The Granite State has guarded the position jealously as the first in line for quadrennial presidential elections held primarily. We can say that political careers have impacted New Hampshire always and this is the reason this state is overpowered by legendary personalities. However, post-2000, many of the New Hampshire primary gainers have not succeeded to win the White House.

For citizens, the state’s natural beauty such as lakes, rivers and mountains itself is attractive along with the 13 miles long coastline of the Atlantic Ocean. In the past, New Hampshire economy depended highly upon paper mills that were fed by its grain mills and forests. With a sharp decline in millwork since the 20th century, New Hampshire became a major manufacturing hub.

3. Minnesota

The third best State to live in the US is Minnesota that has a strong economy, natural environment and is thegreenest cities with the friendliest people. Historically, Minnesota was gained by the US in the 1700s through the Treaty of Paris, the Louisiana Purchase and Dakota Indian negotiations besides other tribes living on the island. The statehood of Minnesota started in 1858 and was marked as a hostile relationship between the Dakotas and the settlers for land treaties and traders’ mistreatments. After a few years, the state started offering its troops to the Union for Civil War although it was a new state then.

Being the northernmost territory along with the 48 adjoining states, Minnesota has frigid conditions. The citizens living in the state have to face around 70 inches of snowfall every year particularly the ones living in the northern regions. The average winter temperature in Minnesota is 8-degree Fahrenheit. Due to the cold weather, the state arranges ice hockey’s and makes it an ideal destination for skiing and ice fishing like sports.

Minnesota is also popular for its water bodies that flow into the Hudson Bay, Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. The Mississippi River headwaters start in the northern Lake Itasca. This is the reason the state is also known as the land of 10,000 lakes while it has more than 11,500. Industrywide, Minnesota homes many Fortune 500 companies like Mayo Clinic, General Mills, Target, UnitedHealth Group and 3M.

4. Utah

Utah is one of the best states to live in the US with a highly diversified economy. Some of the major sectorsof the state include education, transportation, government services, mining and information technology. Utah is favourite among tourists also and is an ideal place for outdoor recreation. In 2013, the US Census Bureaureported that Utah is the second-fastest-growing state population-wise than any other states in the US. In 2012, the Gallup report found Utah to be one of the best states to live in future as per the major works done by the states in various economic sectors.

The natural beauty of the state includes high plateaus, mountains and deserts. Utah also has the largest saltwater lake among the Western Hemisphere states. Its capital city is Salt Lake City and is bordered by Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico, making four corners arrangement in the US. Every year, the Sundance film festival is celebrated with much enthusiasm in the state that is premiered worldwide as an independent film festival staged in January in Park City.

5. Idaho

You must have heard about Idaho for its precious stones, trout and potatoes other than rugged and unspoiled landscapes. Idaho is one of the best states to live in the US as well. The statehas some very amazing valleys, mountains, rivers and beautiful lakes covering the Gem state that is twice the size of entire New England states. One of the Rocky Mountains in Idaho is bordered by Nevada, Montana, Utah, Washington and Wyoming besides a little part of British Columbia.

The first European Americans entered Idaho in 1952 and during the Gold Rush in the 1800s, miners flocked California and Idaho where gold, lead and copper were found in large quantity. During the 19th century, Confederate and Union support fleeing the Civil War moved to Idaho where Mormons flocked the region to prevent persecutions. This is the reason Mormons lives in Idaho today more than in any other states in the US.e territory of Idaho was created by none other than Abraham Lincoln. Modern Idaho was carved in 1890 and became the 43rd state of the United States of America. Gradually, the economic sector of Idaho shifted from mining to agriculture after achieving statehood. This $3 billion tourism industry hub is surely one state that you would love to live in.

6. Nebraska

Another US state that is considered among the best state to live in is Nebraska which ranks 6th in infrastructure and natural environment. Nebraska is also regarded as one of the most affordable states in America since the average living cost in the state is much below the national average.

Nebraska state got its name from Oto Indian words which mean flat water referring to Platte River flowing across the state. The Oto’s immigrated to Central Plains from the East and settled in Europe.  When Europeans arrived in Nebraska, they forged new trade alliances, skins for merchandise and exchange beavers. Subsequently, the Oto along with Missouri tribes were asked to accept Gage country reservations and by 1881, they moved to Oklahoma.

At present, the state has some biggest beef farms having more than 19,000 cattle ranches through which more than $7 billion revenue is earned every year. The state also has around 3 million pigs in the farms which generate $1 billion from the pork industry.

Nebraska is also known as the Cornhusker State since it leads in corn production and is presently the third-largest producer among the world’ corn-producing states. The major urban city of Nebraska is Omaha which homes Warren Buffet, the richest man on earth. His Berkshire Hathaway holding company has indeed made Americans wealthier for the past 50 years.

7. Virginia

Situated near Washington D.C., Virginia is yet another one of the best states to live in the US. The residents are given access to attractive jobs due to the strong job market along with highly educated masses. Virginia has many scenic views, natural wonders and sizeable cities that makes it fit for new citizens.

After Abraham Lincoln got elected, Virginia became the 8th state that separated from the Union in 1861. In those days, the Union Army crossed the Potomac River so that they could seize Alexandria which was a slave port at that time. After the surrender of the Northern Virginia Army, war was halted and was signed in the courthouse of Appomattox in 1865.

After the Civil War, many social changes were made in Virginia and it still possesses the North-South divide having mountainous and rural reaches of Blue Ridge mountains. The economy of Virginia is also remarkable and diverse. The state owns a shipbuilding hub on its southern shore and has tobacco farms in the rural areas. Seafood harvesting on the Atlantic coast, apple growing in Winchester and wineries in the countryside are some of Virginia’s specialities along with technology companies in the suburban Washington corridor.

8. Massachusetts

Massachusetts ranks 2nd in two important sectors, healthcare and education which perhaps make it stand as one of the best states to live in.

The state leads various fields like health and education besides employing a large population belonging to the country. One of the top industries in Massachusetts is manufacturing, particularly electronic and computer-related products. The technology sector in the states has developed more recently and is considered the best in the US.

With many historical places and beautiful beaches in Cape Cod, Martha Vineyard and Nantucket, this place attracts many tourists each year. It also leads the universal healthcare coverage system that was enacted in 2006 and was inspired by the former President Barack Obama Affordable Care Act. Massachusetts became the first state to legalise gay marriage and was the second one to pass discrimination laws for those who were identified as bisexual, gay or lesbian.

9. Wisconsin

Wisconsin is the 30th state that entered the union in 1848. Some of the old-line manufacturing in the state accounts for the major industry in the state since the past century. Some of the largest enterprises which are all manufacturers and exporters include Generac Power Systems and Rockwell Automation along with other industries.

Diary is one of the major contributors to Wisconsin economy and generates more than $20 billion every year. Cranberries, cheese-making and corn are some of the agricultural products of the state.

Other than agriculture and manufacturing, Wisconsin is rich in its political history as well. During a meeting at Ripon, Wisconsin developed a new political party named Republican Party in 1854 that committed to prevent slavery. Later in the 19th century, Wisconsin saw a progressive movement led by ‘Fighting Bob’ La Follett. The Progressive Republican legislature was enacted in 1911 that instituted the first worker’s program in the nation which conditions regulatory for factory safety, compensation, workers cooperatives and state income tax. With such rich history and an attractive economy, you can say that Wisconsin is surely one of the best states to live in the US.

10. Florida

Florida is one of the best states to live in the US that was formed in 1845 and is presently the third-most-populous state in the nation. More than 100 million visitors visit the state every year who seek to spend time in Florida beaches, its amusement parks centred around Orlando along with the cruise ships that departs from both end coasts in the state. This means tourism is one of the major contributors to Florida’s economy and gross domestic product.

Besides tourism, Florida leads the Southern in the agriculture field as well. The state alone grows two-third of oranges in the country and many winter vegetables which makes agriculture in Florida a year-round industry.

To reach Florida you need to travel 792 miles from Pensacola in the North-western part of Panhandle to the Key West and at the end of Archipelago that stretches Miami’s southern side. Florida has a landmass of 53,630 square miles and 1,197 miles coastline.

With many huge cities, Florida has a sizeable education system that is run by state universities along with community colleges. The University of Florida in Gainesville along with the Florida State University of Tallahassee are the two which are rivalled for enrolment by the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida International University in Miami and the University of Central Florida of Orlando. One of the best-known private universities in the state is the University of Miami in which thousands of international students get enrolled each year.