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How to Buy a Fancy Mobile Number in India?

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How to Buy a Fancy Mobile Number in India

The first thing that comes in our mind when we start a new business, whether big or small is thinking about the firm’s publicity. Providing a contact number is the initial step whenever business representatives meet their clients or business partners. This means, providing others with a unique or fancy number can have a chance to leave an impression upon others. This is the reason many business personalities and firms consider having a fancy number where some digits are repetitive or the number has a palindrome set of digits. Having a fancy mobile number does not prove advantageous for businesses only but also serve various purposes like making it easier for us to memorize the number or lesser chance of mixing the number with other mobile numbers.

Types of fancy mobile numbers to choose from

The craze of getting a fancy mobile number is not just prevalent in India but is present worldwide. I never understand the human psychology involved with it however, getting a personally chosen number provides us with an immense joy unimpressionable. Below are some of the reasons people and companies consider before buying a fancy mobile number:

  1. Numerology based mobile number: these are based on your stars and numerology factors. You can ascertain the same after consulting an astrologer if you believe in numerology and astrology.
  2. Birthday fancy numbers: I think this is the most prevalent reason considered by people. Getting a fancy number based on your birth date can be much impressive though you may find difficulties in getting the exact match.
  3. Lucky numbers: like numerology, many people believe in the lucky number’s theory. If you have your lucky number, go get your fancy mobile number which has your lucky number in it.
  4. Area Pin code number: you can choose your fancy mobile number according to your area pin code, flat number, street or building number.
  5. Car number: if you own a car, you can opt for a fancy mobile number that matches with your car numbers.
  6. Similar numbers: this option is chosen by those people or firms where the buyers seek having various numbers which look similar to each other.

How to buy a fancy mobile number in India?

Mobile number is one thing which people does not like to change more often as they are linked with official papers and play an important role in legal documents or while operating online. So, I would suggest choosing a reliable website before proceeding with the buy options from various online websites available. Many websites might offer you cheap rates but may not be secure while others may charge you high but are more reliable. So, make a good choice and proceed with the below-mentioned steps:

  • To buy a fancy mobile number, you need to select a fancy mobile number selling website like NumberWala.com and select your preference.
  • To start with, you can enter or filter number choices according to your offered digits or enter the digits which you would like to have in your mobile number.
  • When the filters are been used, you will get a series of available numbers offered by the site. They may ask you to choose from the available options.
  • Once your number is selected, you can check its price and add it to the cart or go for buy options.
  • After the initial selecting process, the website usually directs its clients to secure payment gateways having online or cash payments options.
  • When the payment mode is selected and completed, a Unique porting Code (UPC) will be sent to your registered mobile number with an invoice shortly.
  • To activate the number, you will have to visit the nearest telecom store with the UPC or you can ask the operator for a door delivery option.

Price of fancy mobile number in India

The price of a fancy mobile number in India may vary according to the mobile operator and the city. As per my investigation, most of the fancy mobile numbers are available at prices as low as 600 INR. But based on the availability and uniqueness, we may have to pay higher to the operators. Some of the numbers are available for more than 6000 INR while a medium-ranged number can be availed in between 1500-3000 rupees. Before making purchases, I would suggest you to compare the price offered by various operators online. You may also get a chance to select from a wide variety.

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