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Taija Rae: The Porn Superstar of the 1980s

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Taija Rae: The Porn Superstar of the 1980s

Taija Rae was an extremely popular porn actress during the 1980s. She stood out from the almost unrealistically attractive pornstars of the time period because of her girl next door looks and charm. Unlike the other porn queens of the 1980s such as Ginger Lynn, Amber Lynn, Traci Lords and Nina Hartley, Taija Rae was famous for not being extremely svelte or surgically enhanced. She looked more like a beautiful woman who you might meet while walking down the street. Because her girl next door good looks, she also seemed quite approachable. The kind of girl most men would be comfortable walking up and talking to. Her looks garnered a large fan following. She appealed to men but didn’t threaten women. She was also known for her remarkable acting skills (for a pornstar) and energetic performances. She started out as an average build brunette but transformed into a skinny blonde later. Despite her incredible popularity, she walked out of porn quite unexpectedly. The 90s were rife with rumours of her return, but it never happened, much to the chagrin of the legion of Taija Rae fans. She was sometimes featured in credit titles as Tanja Rae, Taja Rae, Taija Rea, or Taija Ray. Let’s find a little more about her.

Taija Rae: A Brief Glimpse

When was Taija Rae born?

Taija Rae was born on January 29th, 1962 and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

How did Taija Rae enter the porn industry?

Taija Rae entered the adult entertainment industry in 1983 after being discovered by a Philadelphia scouting firm, Lynx Management. 

How did Taija Rae get her stage name?

Taija Rae was born Tianna Riley and she chose her stage name like most pornstars after entering the industry. The first part of her stage name comes from a cocktail bar where she worked before dedicating herself to porn. The surname Rae was a tribute to Fay Wray, the actress from the movie King Kong. After a photo test in New York City, Rae quickly entered the adult film industry in New York and was busy making erotic films and photo modeling, working with directors such as Henri Pachard, Chuck Vincent, and Dave Darby. Her first two movies were shot on the same weekend. She earned fame and popularity among porn fans for her simple, girl next door looks and charms.

When did Taija Rae change her looks?

In 1986, Taija Rae changed her looks. She lost weight, dyed her hair blonde, and began getting more work through a West Coast agent. With this, she reached the peak of her success, when Hustler magazine referred to her as one of the Big Four of porn, (along with Traci Lords, Ginger Lynn and Amber Lynn). Rae continued to live at her home in Pennsylvania, sometimes flying to the West Coast to shoot scenes, until she finally moved to Los Angeles, California in 1988. Throughout her career, she appeared in numerous porn films like Good Girls Bad Girls (1984), Return to Alpha Blue (1984), The Best Little Whorehouse in San Francisco (1984), Hot Rockers (1984) – First adult video with a stereo soundtrack & original score, Talk Dirty to Me, Part IV’ (1985), Tickled Pink (1985), Looking For Mr Goodsex (1985), Make Me Feel It (1985), Dreamgirls (1986), Hometown Honeys (1986), Dr Penetration (1986), Doin’ The Harlem Shuffle (1986), WPINK TV 3 (1987), Furburgers (1987), Moonlusting (1987), Good Morning Taija Rae (1988), Air Erotica (1988), Inner Blues (1988), Sleazy Rider (1988), This Is Your Sex Life (1988), Exposure (1988).

When and why did Taija Rae quit porn?

Taija Rae walked out of the porn industry in 1993. She departed at the peak of her success and left many fans scratching their heads. She never revealed the reason for her departure and despite rumours of comebacks throughout the 1990s, she never made a return.

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