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Jeff Stryker: The Legendary “Universal” Porn Star

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Jeff Stryker The Legendary Universa Porn Star

Jeff Stryker is a popular American porn star who rose to prominence because of his work in gay and bisexual porn movies. Though he appeared in some straight porn flicks as well, he is well known for being a gay porn icon. Fans of Jeff Stryker were smitten by his full lips, deep eyes, slender sculpted body and a heavily endowed package. He became a sexual icon in the 90s, coveted by men and women around the world. He was the forerunner of bisexual and gay porn. Let’s find out more about him.

Jeff Stryker: All You Need to Know

When was Jeff Stryker born?

Jeff Stryker was born with the name of Charles Casper Peyton on August 21st, 1962 in Springfield, Illinois. His mother worked as a nurse while his father sold cars for a living. His father was a car salesman and his mother was a nurse. He was sent to military school at the young age of 13. Unfortunately, his parents divorced while he was at school.

How did Jeff Stryker get into porn?

In 1985, Jeff Stryker left his hometown and headed to Los Angeles with a backpack on his back and very little money in his pockets. In the big city, he alternated his work as a real estate agent with that of an advertising model. Famous gay porn filmmaker John Travis discovered Jeff Stryker thanks to some publicity photos of Jeff, which appeared in the local press. Travis had to struggle a little to convince Jeff to enter the world of pornography but he eventually succeded and Jeff Stryker appeared in his his first gay porn movie, “Powertool”.

Is Jeff Stryker gay?

Jeff Stryker is known, above all, for his successful performances in gay porn movies, although he denied for many years that he was homosexual/bisexual. In fact, he claimed that he was heterosexual. Finally, she admitted to being bisexual and declared his sexual preference to be “universal”. 

Jeff Stryker was an immediate hit in the world of porn and a year after debuting as a gay porn star, he went on to appear in non gay movies as well. He appeared in the bisexual “The Switch Is On” and the wildly popular straight porn flick “Jamie Loves Jeff”.

Jeff Stryker: Film career

Stryker is primarily known as an actor in gay porn films, although Jamie Loves Jeff was one of the best-selling straight adult films of all time for his producer, Vivid Entertainment . He describes himself (in a somewhat joking way) as sexually “universal.” He has also said: “I don’t define myself as nothing.” He tried his hand at acting in non pornographic movies as well. He appeared in Italian horror flick After Death and was credited as Chuck Peyton. Later in the release of the American DVD, the name Jeff Stryker was also used. A bonus feature on the DVD also included an interview with Stryker describing the experience he had while filming this movie in Manila. Stryker also starred in German cult director Rosa von Praunheim’s short film Can I Be Your Bratwurst, Please? Stryker also appeared in a 1995 German television film Der schwarze Fluch (Black Curse) starring James Brolin, as well as in the 1988 Italian film Dirty Love.

Jeff Stryker: Merchandising

The Jeff Stryker Cock and Balls, a dildo made from a mold of his penis, is widely sold in sex stores. The dildo was academically analyzed in a paper presented at the 1995 Bowling Green State University Conference for Cultural Studies : Lesbian Pornography and Transformation: Foucault, Bourdieu and Certeau’s Make Sense of the Jeff Stryker Dildo, by Mary T. Conway, a graduate student from Temple University. The sex toy is notable not only for being popular, but also because Stryker and the manufacturer of the item litigated over its image rights as part of intellectual property infringementr. The case was eventually settled. In a 1999 Salon article written by Jeff Stryker, a New York journalist and the porn actor’s namesake, the dildo is even described as a cultural artefact. Mentioned in Allan Gurganus ‘s 1997 novel Plays Well with Others, where the novel’s narrator cleans up a closet full of dildos, the premium find is “a Jeff Stryker, a monster, but somehow Roman in his cool and raucous civic beauty “. 

Jeff Stryker: Other Artistic Endeavours

Stryker has released a country music album titled Wild Buck. In his pornographic video Bigger Than Life, he performed a rock song of the same name. Filmmaker and author John Waters called Jeff Stryker “the Cary Grant of porn.” The routines of the American comedian Margaret Cho involve her love for her movies. On her show, Assassin , she takes a detailed look at the many places the dildo can be used. Stryker had given Cho his commercially produced action figure. In her autobiography, Traci Lords describes her as “handsome but rather silly-looking” after she gave him disdainful looks backstage during a Thierry Mugler fashion show at the Century City Civic Center.

Jeff Stryker: Stage Career

Stryker appeared on A Fancy Night With Jeff Stryker in Los Angeles, Summer 2006 and Provincetown, Massachusetts, Summer 2007. The show was produced by comedy writer Bruce Vilanch . On the show, Stryker performed a comedic monologue about his life and adventures in adult films, performed a “porn performance demonstration” comedy parody with an audience member, and danced to a nude ending where he greeted the audience. From 1999 to 2001, Stryker acted in a stage show called Hard Time , a gay prison porn movie comedy. In the end, Stryker danced naked. After the play, Stryker met the audience at the door. The show toured several cities, including major stops at New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and Houston.

What legal issues did Jeff Stryker have?

Stryker sued Health Devices Inc. and California Publishers Liquidating Corp. for more than $1 million for breach of contract and piracy when they sold a pirated dildo of his genitals without paying him enough. The case was heard before a judge in Los Angeles, who eventually negotiated a deal whereby the case was dismissed by paying Stryker $25,000 and returning the right to reproduce all items Stryker endorsed. Stryker has had discussions with Kulak’s Woodshed, a folk music nightclub, which is next door to his office. He claims that the club causes disturbances normally associated with large urban night spots: noise, drugs, unruly patrons, vandalism, graffiti, public urination and parking headaches. James Britton, who operates a floor covering business on the other side of the club, also complains that the club has damaged his business. In January 2009, the LA Weekly reported that Stryker blamed the nightclub for preventing him from completing his autobiography, as noise and crowds disturbed his concentration. “(My writing has) been perpetually suspended until I can get back together,” he told the newspaper. “I got a $ 25,000 advance on (the book) but could never complete it.” But Paul Kulak counters (according to LA Weekly ) that Stryker has threatened him and the club’s patrons: “He constantly reminds me that he’s a firearms expert and will hide behind your back door when you dump the trash. Once, he started making mechanical weapon clicks. I could see he had a gun in his hand as he shot it dry … I’m willing to risk my life to keep this [club] going. “Stryker responded to Kulak’s claim and was quoted as saying,” That guy is! so out there! “

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