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Louis Partridge: 8 Most Searched Questions!

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Louis Partridge 8 Most Searched Questions!

Now in a punk rock band (playing a vocalist and bass player in ‘Sex Pistols’), Louis Partridge is the latest British teenager rising to the top of Hollywood! The British actor first gained global fame after starring alongside Millie Bobby Brown in Enola Holmes. Come with us as we explore some things to know about the rising star below. 

Louis Partridge: 8 Facts About The Enola Holmes Actor! 

In this article, we help you deepen your knowledge of Louis Partridge by discussing his age, social media, acting career, height, relationship status, and more. 

1. How old is Louis Partridge?

Louis Partridge was born June 3rd 2003, so Louis Partridge is 18 years old as of 2021. 

2. What is Louis Partridge’s zodiac sign?

Since the British actor was born in early June, his star sign is that of the Gemini which exhibits traits like an outgoing nature and being intelligent. 

3. How tall is Louis Partridge?

Louis Partridge’s height has been something that is tough to dig up as sources claim that he is around 6 feet tall but there are also other sources that say he is around 5ft 9. 

Since there is a lack of a solid number on how tall Louis is, we can expect him to be around 6 feet which is an amazing height for actors as they look amazing on red carpets. Speaking of which, one lady who always graces the red carpet with style is Louis Partridge’s co-star and fellow actress Millie Bobby Brown, who stands at 5ft 4 inches tall.

4. Louis Partridge nationality:

​​If you’re asking: is Louis Partridge British?, then the answer is correct as he was born in Wandsworth, London.

5. Louis Partridge’s career in movies and TV shows: 

Louis Partridge is an English actor who has previously starred in Medici as Piero de’ Medici, as well as Paddington 2 as G-Man. 

In 2021, he starred as Millie Bobby Brown’s love interest, Lord Teweksbury, in Enola Holmes but prior to that, he had a role in Amazon Adventures as Young Henry Bates. In terms of roles that are coming up, the young English actor is set to star in Danny Boyle’s six-part series ‘Sex Pistols’ as Sid Vicious, the former vocalist and bass player of the punk rock band. 

He’ll join an already amazing cast with Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams, Anson Boon, The Society’s Toby Wallace, Jacob Slater, and Dylan Llewellyn.

6. Louis Partridge social media:

You can find Louis Partridge on Instagram and TikTok. On Instagram, you can find his feed here: @Louispartridge_ and on TikTok, you can find his profile here: @louis_partridge, but has only posted one video so far.

Other social media accounts like Twitter, Snapchat, or TikTok don’t exist currently, maybe because the star seems to be busy with his acting career. On the other hand, he could be against social media for now as on TikTok under the name: @louis_partridge, you will find that his account only has one video on it of the actor reacting to some of his fans. 

In case you were wondering, he has also frequently appeared on a number of his friends’ TikTok accounts. 

7. Louis Partridge is still studying:

Alongside acting, Louis is doing his A-Levels because he was still unsure if he was able to make a full-time career as an actor. Infact did you know that he had started shooting Enola Holmes just after getting his GCSE results? 

“The whole audition process happened when I was revising, and I was very much more into focusing on the auditions than the exams”, Louis Partridge told Miss Vogue.

This kind of comes as a shock as the actor initially wanted to be a runway model! Yes, Louis Partridge was seriously into modelling saying he has a “bit too much” interest in Fashion according to an interview with British Vogue. 

The 6’ft actor seems like he would make a fantastic model to feature some designer clothes and that is his philosophy as well as he has been spotted at Dover Street Market picking up some designer buys. 

8. Louis Partridge girlfriend: 

The actor is actually a little secretive as he has kept

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