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All About Julia Fox – Age, Husband, Controversies and Net Worth

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All about Julia Fox - Age, Husband, Controversies, Net Worth

Julia Fox is an Italian-American actress and model. She was born on 2nd February, 1990 in Italy. As an Actress, Julia is famous for her marvellous performance in the movie Uncut Gems, which was also her debut film and she was nominated for the Breakthrough Actor Award for this film at the 2019- Gotham Awards.

Early Life

Julia Fox was born in a Christian family in Milan. Her mother Ann Darwin is Italian and father, Samuel Fox, is an American citizen. In her early years, Julia used to live with her Grandfather in Italy in a one-bedroom apartment, but as she describes her initial years in Italy, “I never felt like we were poor there, life wasn’t hectic. Everything around was deserted but full of love and lots of good food.”

When Julia was six years old, she moved to New York City with her father and lived in Yorkville, Manhattan. After some years, when she was fourteen years old, she moved back to Italy for two years, but because of cultural differences conflicts, she moved back to Manhattan. She went to City-As-School high school for her early education in Lower Manhattan and also did several part-time service jobs, worked at a shoe store, an ice cream shop, and a pastry shop. She also worked as a dominatrix for six months. 

Julia didn’t go to college as she found her interest in acting from an early age itself.  

Age and Height

As of January 2023, Julia Fox is 32 years old. Her height is 5 Ft 7 Inches and weighs around 132 lbs or 60 KG. Her Brunette hair and Hazel eyes accentuate her beauty and make her an attractive personality.


Julia started her career in the year 2014 as a clothing designer by successfully launching her women’s knitwear luxe line along with her friend Briana Andalore. She named her brand as Franziska Fox. Along with that, Julia also worked as a model, caused a stir after she posed for nude edition of magazine “Playboy” in the year 2015.  She also worked as a photographer and published two books on photography in the year 2015. She also published two more books consecutively in the years 2015 and 2016, named as Symptomatic of a Relationship Gone Sour: Heartburn/Nausea and PTSD.

Julia loved Arts and she also worked as an exhibiting painter as well. She organised an Art exhibition in the year 2017, titled as “R.I.P. Julia Fox'”, featuring silk canvases painted with her own blood.

She also appeared on different campaigns as well, for Diesel, Coach New York and Supreme, and in the editions of different fashion magazines like, CR Fashion book, The Last, Office, Wonderland, Vogue, Vogue Italia, The Face, Paper, V, Interview, as well as on the cover of Vogue Czechoslovakia. 

In the year 2019, Julia Fox debuted in movies as well. Her debut movie was Uncut Gems, starring Adam Sandler, Lakeith Stanfield and Idina Menzel as well. She was nominated for 29th annual Gotham Awards for Breakthrough Actor for her role in Uncut Gems. In her debut film, Julia portrayed the character of a showroom saleswoman and mistress of the film’s protagonist Howard Ratner, which was played by Adam Sandler, a jewellery dealer and gambling addict.

In the year 2021, a short film, named as Fantasy Girls was released which was written and directed by Julia Fox. The storyline revolved around a group of teenage girls who were involved in sex work living in Reno, Nevada.  In the same year, Julia Fox also appeared in Ben Hozie’s PVT Chat film, playing the character of a cam girl named Scarlet. She appeared in the movie “No sudden Move” which was also released in the same year.   

In the year 2022, Julia also appeared in the drama “Puppet”. She was also announced to appear on the dark comedy “The Trainer” opposite Vito Schnabel, to be directed by Tony Kaye. She is also to portray Hollywood hairdresser Carrie White in her biopic Upper Cut based on White’s memoir.

Personal Life

In the year 2018, Julia Fox got married to a Private Pilot Peter Artemiev. The couple resided together in Yorkville, Manhattan. But things didn’t go well with the couple and soon after two years, in a conversation with GQ, Julia told that the couple were not together. They got divorced in July 2020.  A year later, In January 2021, Julia welcomed her baby boy, named Valentino. As per her, she experienced postpartum depression after giving birth to her son. She also added that she has obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD), attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) and that she is autistic. In December 2021, she posted a series of stories on Instagram, calling her Ex-husband Peter Artemiev a “dead beat dad”.

Later, in January 2022, Julia Fox was rumoured to be dating Kanye West after the couple being spotted together in Miami and New York. She also spoke in a magazine interview about her fun outing with Kanye west in NYC and the magazine also featured pictures of the couple packing on PDA in West’s hotel room. 


Julia Fox spoke openly on the Balenciaga controversy that featured kids posing with teddy bears in bondage. Julia posted a video on Tik-tok with a caption, “Why are women being blamed for a MANS [sic] mistake? It’s the internalized misogyny for me”, sharing her views and defending Kim Kardashian about the scandalous photoshoot of the fashion brand.

She said “First things first, I’m not their spokesperson, I have zero relationship with the brand, I haven’t even been to one of their shows. They haven’t invited me. Regardless, I think it’s horrific and when I was reading and watching all the videos I literally felt sick to my stomach”.

She further added, “But I couldn’t help but think, damn, the women who are associated to the brand professionally are getting so much pushback, it’s almost as if they’re the (expletive) child molesters.”

Although, Julia didn’t directly take anyone’s name in the video but the viewers thought that she was defending Kardashian who was being criticized for not breaking ties with the brand after the controversial photoshoot.

There is one more recent controversial statement associated with Julia Fox which she gave after breaking up with rapper Kanye West. In February 2022, Julia and Kanye broke up after dating for one month.  After the break up, Julia claimed that she dated Kanye so that he would leave Kim Kardashian alone and also “to give people something to talk about” amidst the Pandemic.

Net Worth

Julia Fox is a successful actress and earns well from her modelling career as well. Her net worth, as of now has been estimated to be 30 Million USD. 

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