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Daniel Kinahan: Where Is He Now In 2024? Explore His Dark Career! (5 Facts About His Life)

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Daniel Kinahan Where Is He Now In 2024 Explore His Dark Career!

Irish mobster or legitimate businessman according to Sunny Edwards – who is Daniel Kinahan? How did he get famous and what’s he been up to recently? We explore all this and more as you’ll keep reading below. 

Where is Danny Kinahan now?

Mob boss Daniel Kinahan has been on the news since January 2022 for being linked to narcotics trafficking but boxer Sunny Edwards keeps defending him on Twitter expressing his admiration and thanks to ‘advisor’ Kinahan. The IBF flyweight fighter posted a picture of himself with Kinahan alongside a defensive comment: “What? A picture with me and a legitimate business man who I’ve been friends with for over 7 years?”

Edwards, who has no involvement in crime, hoped his “adviser Daniel” could reach an agreement on a unification clash with WBC titleist Julio Cesar Martinez. “I hope that my adviser Daniel and @EddieHearn can reach an agreement as soon as I’m ready to go March/April.”

The exiled mob boss who was recently pictured with his arm around Edwards in Dubai was recently linked to the European cocaine super cartel who had close links with the Colombian drug kingpin. The super cartel is made up of the Irish Kinahan mafia, the Dutch Mocro Mafia,the Balkans’ Tito and Dino cartel, and the Italian Camorra.

Is Daniel Kinahan “Mr flashy Dublin”?

No, they are not the same people. 

Daniel Kinahan (born June 25, 1977) is an alleged Irish criminal who also appears as a boxing manager. Irish and Spanish investigators consider him the head of the Kinahan Organized Crime Group (KOCG). Investigations are currently underway into numerous involvement in assassinations of competing criminals. In Ireland, at least 20 people died in a feud between the KOCG and rival Hutch Gang. Around 60 members of the KOCG are in custody there. The government of Ireland is in talks with the government of the United Arab Emirates about Kinahan, as Kinahan now lives in Dubai. 

Following the seizure of PGP servers in Canada and Costa Rica, messages were discovered on these messages indicating that Kinahan is part of a super cartel that smuggled cocaine into Europe worth a total of nearly 30 billion euros. The cartel also includes Ridouan Taghi, Ricardo Riquelme Vega (called El Rico), Noufal Fassih and the alleged head of the Camorra Raffaele Imperiale, who were also guests at Kinahan’s wedding in Dubai. Vega, Fassih, Taghi and Imperiale have since been arrested by the police. 

After several raids, including in the Netherlands, the organization is allegedly under considerable financial pressure.

Where are the Kinahans from in Dublin?

Daniel Kinahan’s father Christy Kinahan controlled the heroin trade in Dublin in the 1980s. He was arrested in 1986 and sentenced to six years in prison. After serving his imprisonment, he first moved to Amsterdam, then to the Costa del Sol, where he allegedly strengthened his contact with the drug community. In 2010 he was arrested by the Spanish police along with his sons Daniel and Christopher Jr. 

According to the investigators, they exercised absolute control over the Irish underworld and had a significant influence on mafia groups on the Costa del Sol. Daniel Kinahan was subsequently responsible for the drug trafficking and the “harsh criminal activities”. He has now completely taken over the business from his father. The following legal proceedings were never completed. So far, Daniel Kinahan has not been convicted in any case. 

Danny Kinahan’s entry into sports:

Kinahan founded the boxing gym Macklin’s Gym Marbella (MGM) in Marbella in 2012 together with the Irish boxer Matthew Macklin. After disputes over names with MGM Studios, the boxing stable was later renamed MTK Global. The gym relocated to Dubai and after 2017 officially belonged to the businesswoman Sandra Vaughn. Outwardly, Kinahan only appears as a consultant. The ownership structure can no longer be clearly understood. 

The 200+ boxers and 100+ MMA fighters signed to MTK include Thomas Stalker, Liam Smith, Carl Frampton, and Billy Joe Saunders. Jamie Moore, among others, works there as a trainer. Kinahan caused a sensation when he announced that he would be awarded the world championship belts of the four major boxing associations simultaneously for the first time in the fight between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua. The German boxing promoter Kalle Sauerland describes Kinahan as a very close, old friend. 

MTK Global has announced that it will enter the soccer business. 

Danny Kinahan’s wife:

In May 2017, Danny Kinahan got married in the Hotel Burj Al Arab to Caoimhe Robinson. Kinahan has lived in Dubai since 2016. 

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