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Amanda Balionis – Exclusive Details on Career and Personal Front

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Amanda Balionis - Exclusive details on Career and personal Front

Amanda Jacqueline Renner (Balionis) is an American sports journalist. She is a CBS Sports reporter for the NFL, golf, and college football. In the past, she has also served as a reporter for few matches golfing events.

Amanda Balionis was born on June 20 ,1985, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her parents are Frank, and Dana Balionis and she is their single child. Frank and Dana Balionis relocated from Pittsburgh to the minute borough of Manheim in Pennsylvania during initial years of Amanda’s childhood. Amanda Balionis is engaged to Bryn Renner who is an ex-NFL player. From Alma mater Hofstra University, Amanda Balionis has completed her graduation. Amanda Balionis started her career with Callaway Golf in 2016.

Initial years of Amanda Balionis

Amanda Balionis moved to  Lancaster, Pennsylvania after spending initial years in Pittsburgh. She used to play volleyball for Kutztown University. After two years, she got shifted to Hofstra University from where she got her graduation degree. She graduated in August 2008 and her major subject was broadcast journalism.

Height and age of Amanda Balionis

Amanda Balionis is a famous Sportscaster and Anchor for Golf and a Yoga Instructor. She is 5 feet and 5 inches tall, and her weight is around 125 pounds / 57 kg. Amanda Balionis Age is 32 years old. Her Zodiac Sign is Gemini. Amanda Balionis’ s Hair Color is Black-Brown, and her eyes are of Brown color. With such features, Amanda Balionis is quite beautiful. Her friendly and professional personality is seen in her interviews and reporting which attracts quite a lot of audiences.  She is devoted to her reporting which is very inspiring.

Amanda Balionis’ s Career

Amanda Balionis used to cover high school sports for Verizon Fios Channel 1 and MSG Networks in the start of her career. In 2011, Amanda Balionis got an opportunity to join the PGA Tour as an in-house reporter and host and there she produced and reported tournament highlights, shows, and events for the website. In  the year 2016, she got another opportunity to work as an in-house reporter producing digital content for the golf manufacture’s media production team in Callaway Golf . In 2017, she got hired by  CBS as a part-time golf reporter and after spending a year at CBS, she got promoted to a full-time reporter. In her new role, more duties like covering college football and NFL games were added.

Family & Personal life of Amanda Balionis

Amanda Balionis is unmarried. However, she is already engaged to Bryn Renner. Amanda Balionis’ s fiancé Bryn is a former Baltimore Ravens and Carolina’s  quarterback and current FIU Quarterbacks coach .Bryn Renner is 5 years younger than Amanda Balionis. Bryn was born on 22 January 1990, in West Springfield, Virginia, which makes his zodiac sign as Aquarius and is an American national.

Amanda Balionis also believes in philanthropy and for her love for dogs, she has started a non-profit organization named Puppies and Golf, which matches military veterans with dogs.

Amanda Balionis performed a live report during the football game between the New York Jets and Houston Texans at the beginning of second half action at NRG Stadium on Nov 28, 2021.This was the final golf tournament of the year for Amanda Balionis. She didn’t take retirement after that but that was her last match before getting married and taking a new last name.

On this occasion, Amanda Balionis shared a picture on Instagram with caption

“”2 years down, forever to go 😍 it’s our last anniversary before we are husband and wife (!!!!) and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes us. A few things we know for sure: It will never be boring, you will always keep me laughing, and we will always find a dog to pet that’s not ours ❤️ I love you,” she wrote back in December.

Bryn Renner played in the NFL for the years 2014-16. Although, He spent quite a lot of time on the practice squads of several franchises.

Net worth of  Amanda Balionis

Amanda Balionis is well known for her work in golf, but in meantime she also likes to cover college football for the network, and she has covered the Super Bowl in 2021. Currently, Amanda Balionis is working with CBS where she has earned good reputation over the years. Currently, she gets paid at CBS between $40,000 and $140,000 per year and gets to cover and play all the golf she wants.

In the year 2021, her net worth has been estimated at close to $1 million.

Hobbies And Interests of Amanda Balionis

Amanda Balionis is an animal lover and her favorite animals her dogs and cats. She has volunteered with ‘K9 with Warriors’ various times and has also helped to organize various fundraisers for the dogs at shelters waiting for adoption. Sometimes, Amanda Balionis also likes to give training to shelter dogs and preparing them for the life of service dogs.

Amanda Balionis’ s Instagram is full of colorful pictures which shows her obvious love for dressing up and she doesn’t usually skip on an opportunity to dress-up for Halloween, or any other costume party.

Amanda Balionis is quite fit at her age because of her interest at playing sports and regular training sessions at the gym every week. Bio steel, which is a sports drink and nutrition company has made her their partner.

Amanda Balionis has also a keen interest on watching movies, and her favorite actors and actresses are Leonardo DiCaprio, Jim Carrey, and Rosario Dawson, and some of her favorite films include “Titanic”, “Inception” and “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective – When Nature Calls”.

Amanda Balionis Presence on the internet

 Amanda Balionis being a famous sports reporter is quite active on social media and internet. She has more than 180,000 followers on Instagram. She regularly uploads her pictures on Instagram through which her followers get to see a glimpse of her life as she has uploaded over 2,300 pictures, most of which have been taken during her everyday life. Amanda is also very active on Twitter since the time she joined the network in October 2009. She has gathered around 125,000 followers as she tends to tweet several times every day.

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