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10 Surprising Facts About Joseph Quinn Aka Eddie Munson

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Joseph Quinn aka Eddie Munson

Nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to think of Stranger Things without immediately conjuring up Eddie Munson, the fourth season’s standout fan favourite. Eddie, the founder of Hawkins High’s Hellfire Club and a real hero in all of our hearts, had a profound impact on the popular Netflix series. Naturally, since Stranger Things 4 Volumes 1 and 2 became available on the streaming platform, we haven’t stopped chatting about Joseph Quinn, the actor who plays the beloved metalhead.

The Duffer Brothers-led series gave British actor Joe his breakthrough role, but he has also appeared in a few major dramas as a guest star, including HBO’s Game of Thrones and Catherine the Great. However, as the actor advances in his already illustrious career, there is a tonne more to learn about him. Discover all there is to learn about Stranger Things actor Joseph Quinn in the paragraphs that follow.

In the final scene of Stranger Things, he actually plays the guitar

Nobody will ever forget Eddie’s amazing, life-saving guitar solo from the Stranger Things 4 finale. He adds shredding to Metallica’s 1986 song “Master of Puppets,” which, 36 years after its initial release, helped the song reach No. 1 on the charts. As it turns out, Joe performed the song’s intro live.

He feels incredibly fortunate to have played [the guitar] since a young age. Despite having taken a significant amount of time off, he confessed to The Hollywood Reporter in July, he went out and bought the guitar and practised manically as soon as he read the script. We recently fell back in love after seeing a video of Joe practising the solo on the Stranger Things writer’s Twitter account.

Eddie was inspired by The Duffers in two very different ways by real-life people

The Duffer Brothers have publicly expressed their wish to include a plot line that is fascinated by the satanic fear of the 1980s, which was brought on by the popularity spike of Dungeons & Dragons, during the marketing of Stranger Things 4. Ross Duffer claimed that the Paradise Lost docuseries with the [West] Memphis Three served as a major source of inspiration for Eddie in an interview with Netflix’s Tudum.

But there was a second unexpected inspiration source for Eddie early on, or at least for the idea behind the opening sequence in the cafeteria in episode one. According to Matt Duffer what [Quentin] Tarantino was like in high school was the original topic of their conversation. He has that kind of charm, magnetism, and high energy.

His Epic Guitar Solo Was Prefigured by One of His Tattoos

Eddie experienced many memorable scenes as a character, but not all of them could compare to Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” performance in the season 4 final episode. It turns out that there was a previous indication for this song selection, despite the fact that teaser trailers may have helped fans get ready for this moment.

According to makeup artist Amy L. Forsythe, Eddie’s most noticeable tattoo is of a figure they called “The Puppetmaster,” a ghostly hand puppeteering a creature on strings. It is positioned on his right forearm.

Joe only needed two audition tapes to be cast as Eddie Munson

Joe said in an interview with Vulture that his audition was relatively simple before landing his breakthrough role on Stranger Things.

He sent the Duffer brothers two tapes from his home in London. They requested one more after he sent one, and after that they gave him the part, he continued. It was deceptive.  His friends and co-workers would talk about these difficult, gladiatorial auditions, and he had never worked in America before. Returning to expectations, he had none for those tapes. They received his submission and gave him the part. He was not sure why they did it, but he is glad they did.

To get ready for his part, he listened to a lot of Black Sabbath and Metallica

Eddie Munson is a dedicated fan of metal.  Eddie holds up an Iron Maiden tape and announces, “THIS IS MUSIC!” during the shot where the Hawkins team frantically searches for Nancy’s music to jolt her out of Vecna’s hypnotic state. Of course, Joe had to hear to the bands that helped define the style of music in order to represent a character with an unfaltering love for everything heavy metal.

He has appeared in Catherine the Great and Game of Thrones

In 2011, Joe received his first acting recognition when he made an appearance in an episode of the British drama series Postcode. Since that day, he has landed parts in dramas like Prince Paul in HBO’s Catherine the Great, Koner in Game of Thrones, and Arthur Havisham in BBC One’s Dickensian.

The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art was his place of study

Joe revealed that he joined the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA), a drama school in the UK, in an interview with Nuit Magazine several years ago. Benedict Cumberbatch, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Rose Leslie are a few other remarkable former students.

Joe stated in the same interview that he would probably be “on a beach, doing something for very little money and being happy” if he weren’t an actor.

His Scouse Accent Impression Comes from His Mother

Due to his convincing American accent in Stranger Things, many fans may have been taken aback by the fact that Joseph Quinn is basically English in reality. Joseph has demonstrated his ability to perform accents in a variety of interviews while on the Stranger Things press tour, along with the accent of Liverpool.

Metallica adored his cover of “Master of Puppets”

Eddie Munson’s rendition of “Master of Puppets,” which the band Metallica undoubtedly found flattering, is said to be the sincerest form of flattery. Like Kate Bush, the legendary rock group saw their song return to the music charts after appearing on Stranger Things, and they were very complimentary of Joseph Quinn.

Metallica has recently played the song while playing a video of Eddie playing guitar on their concert stage screens. In a thoughtful gesture, Metallica shared a video of Joseph meeting the band, performing the tune, and receiving a guitar that had been signed by the band members.

He was a creative person who might have created the Hellfire Club logo

Eddie had a lot of liability as the Hellfire Club’s dungeon master, setting up each campaign for his companions and fellow D&D enthusiasts. His dramatic response when Dustin and Mike pleaded with him to postpone the launch of their upcoming campaign was evidence that he took everything very seriously.

However, a BTS video on “Directing ST4 with the Duffer Brothers” showed snippets of Eddie’s work from a different perspective. A wood burning of the Hellfire Club logo was also visible in their depiction of Eddie’s setup, indicating that he was an artist who took his game and his art sincerely. Several shots also disclosed meticulously drawn D&D character sheets in his folder.

What is Joseph Quinn’s net worth?

Since it can be difficult to calculate one’s net worth, Joseph Quinn’s net worth is currently unknown. Joseph’s net worth is certain to increase as a result of his new role on Stranger Things. In the initial few episodes of their show, some Netflix newcomers make about $20,000 per episode.

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