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Bea Priestley- Intresting Facts On Wrestling Sensation

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Bea Priestley


Beatrice St. Clere Priestley was born on 22 March 1996 in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom. She is an English-New Zealand professional wrestler, best known to the world by her ring name “Bea Priestley”. She is currently working with WWE, where she performs on NXT brand. Bea Priestley ring name there is “Blair Davenport.” Since 2017 to 2021, Bea wrestled in Japanese women’s professional wrestling promotion known as World Wonder Ring Stardom, based in Tokyo, Japan. She also made few appearances in NJPW. Priestley Zodiac sign is Aries.

Bea Priestley  | Personal Life

At very early age when Priestley was just 14, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Later at age of 18 she underwent surgery to get rid of it. Since early 2017, Priestley was in relationship earlier with fellow NJPW professional wrestler Will Ospreay. Though the couple got separated in late 2021. Since then, we haven’t heard of any new relationship of Priestley. There is not much public info available about Bea’s parents.

Bea Priestley  | Profession Wrestling Career

Bea Priestley began her training under guidance and mentorship of Travis Banks, at New Zealand Wide Pro Wrestling’s developmental facility and she debuted at the age of 16 for the company as Amy St. Clere.  For next couple of years, she wrestled for Impact Pro Wrestling. At the age of around 20 she moved to London, England to further enhance her wrestling Career and she joined Progress Wrestling’s developmental program. Priestley has worked for Various wrestling foundations in her career till now, let’s have a quick look on her key timelines and highlights with various wrestling Promotions.

Progress Wrestling (2016–2019)- She made her debut on 13March ,2016 where she got defeated by Elizabeth.

  • What Culture Pro Wrestling / Defiant Wrestling (2016–2019)
  • World Wonder Ring Stardom (2017–2021)- Priestley made her debut for the World Wonder Ring Stardom Promotion On 14 October 2017 by entering the Goddesses of Stardom Tag League tournament.
  • For two years (2018 -2019) Bea Priestley also worked with World of Sport Wrestling. On 2 Feb 2019 she left the World of Sport promotion when she lost the title to Viper.
  • Between 2019-2020 She signed a contract with All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Bea made her debut at “Fight for the Fallen” on 13 July 2019 in AEW. Later, 13 August 2020, Priestley was released from AEW as she was unable to travel from her home in Japan due to COVID-19 restrictions.
  • New Japan Pro-Wrestling (2020–2021)- On 16 October 2020, Priestley made her debut appearance in NJPW, where she interfered in the G1 Climax during her boyfriend Will Ospreay’s clash against Kazuchika Okada.
  • WWE (2021–present)- On 24 June 2021, Priestley signed a contract with WWE and Priestley’s arrived at NXT UK with her new ring name “Blair Davenport”.

Bea Priestley | Net Worth

Bea Priestley is a current sensation of the wrestling industry. She is also one of the most popular and richest wrestlers in this age group. According to various Sources like Forbes & Business Insider net worth of Priestley will be around $ 1.5 Million. Though how much she exactly gets as a part of her salary is not public.

Bea Priestley  | Championships and Accolades

As of now Bea Priestley has won several championships and awards in her short span of Career. Lets’ have a look to her major achievement and Recognitions:

  • Won WCPW/Defiant Women’s Championship two times.
  • Won WOS Women’s Championship once.
  • One time winner of Fight Forever Women’s World Championship.
  • Won Goddesses of Stardom Tag League once in 2017.
  • SWA World Championship winner on one occasion.
  • Goddess of Stardom Championship winner twice.
  • In 2019 she won Trios Tag Team Tournament with Utami Hayashishita and Viper.
  • In 2020, In PWI Women’s 100, she ranked 37 of the top 100 female singles wrestlers.

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