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Everything You Need To Know About Jeff Wittek

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Everything You Need To Know About Jeff Wittek

Jeff Wittek has gained great attention for his friendship with the very popular YouTuber named David Dorbik. Dorbik is also known as the King of YouTube and then formed a group of content creators called Vlog Squad. In fact, the group became very popular and known for their several YouTube videos as well as the ability to offer a little something for everyone. Jeff who is a barber too is one of the newer additions to the group and he has been making a name for himself on YouTube as well as other platforms.

He has got around 2.2 million subscribers on YouTube and on Instagram even more than 3 million followers. And it doesn’t seem that his growth will slow down any time soon. However, this article is all about things that you need to know about Jeff Wittek. Hence, here are the top 10 facts about Jeff Wittek that you must know.

1. He has got some acting experience

Jeff is pretty famous and known for being a YouTuber but he has got some really amazing acting experience under his belt as well. Even though he has not appeared in any of the major TV shows or films, he has earned a few acting credits over the past few years for his work in several great web series that include “Stories From Our Future“.

2. Jeff loves the outdoors

Even though the job Jeff does, requires him to plug in most of his time but he still likes to go outside. Yes! He is a very adventurous kind of a person through and through you can say. And he never misses any of the golden opportunities to get out and then explore.

If you ask anyone thing that he is always going to go after it is the adrenaline rush. From diving into mosh pits, riding dirt bikes, hiking, and boxing Jeff enjoy doing it all.

3. He was in a serious accident

Almost at the end of June, Jeff took to social media so as to share that he was actually on the verge of recovering from all the injuries and he has been sustained in a serious accident.

In fact, he hasn’t really specified what kind of accident he was in, but, he did say that he has got his face broken along with his skull. Coming further, he was lucky enough to do well and is moving down the road towards a full recovery.

4. Wittek dated actress, Cierra Ramirez

It is not at all easy to maintain a relationship with both people working in the same entertainment industry. And this is something that Wittek learned the difficult way while he was in a relationship with Cierra Ramirez. Ramirez is actually very well known for her role as Mariana Adams Foster on “The Fosters and Good Trouble”.

However, it was pretty unfortunate for them because of their hectic schedule, it became pretty difficult for them to spend time together. And hence, they both agreed on the fact that it will be best to part ways.

5. He was a Viner

Jeff got huge attention via YouTube over the last few years. However, that is not actually where he got his start on social media. Previously, he used to run a Tumble account called Behind the Cuts where he posted all the barber related content. Then again, had a very successful stint on Vine under the name American Jeff.

6. His mom survived 9/11

In case, you were alive at the time, September 11th, 2001 is a date that you will not be able to forget easily. And the memories of that terrific day are especially painful for Jeff as well as other thousands of people who were directly impacted by the events of the day.

Jeff’s mom on the other hand was there present at the Twin Towers when the real incident took place. And with the technology being what it was at the time, Jeff had no other choice of knowing whether his mom is okay or not until she returned home.

7. He’s been to jail

Almost every one of us goes through a rebellious phase but Wittek’s bad phase landed him in jail. And when he was only 21 years old at that time, he was arrested on drug charges for possessing as well as dealing cocaine. Furthermore, the incident seems to have been a wake up call for jeff and he got his act together right after that.

8. Jeff likes to Travel

One of the best things about being a social media influencer is that you can make your own schedule. Hence, it allows Wittek to travel very often and that is something he really likes to do. Anf talking about places that he has visited includes Colombia, Caicos, Mexico, as well as Turks.

9. He is a Dog Dad

Wittek doesn’t have any biological child, but to his pleasure, he is a father nonetheless. Yes! He is a proud parent to his adorable cute little dog, Nerf. And like any other good pet parent, he has created an Instagram account for Nerf.

Well! Guess what, Nerf has more followers than most of us will ever have 126,00.

10. Jeff always wanted to be a Content Creator

Jeff has had a lot of jobs over the years but creating content has always been his interest. In an interview, he said, “From my own personal experience, I have done several different careers and I always wanted to be doing what I am doing now and I’ve made money doing other stuff. I was becoming successful in those other businesses that weren’t my dream…”

Other Things To Know About Wittek

1. Wittek says he sold drugs before becoming a content creator

In the first episode of his YouTube series “Don’t Try This at Home,” Wittek said that as a child growing up on New York’s Staten Island, he “always wanted to be a baseball player” and that he “grew up dirt poor.”  As a teenager, he learned how to cut hair and by 16 was making “$1,500 a week” as a barber, he said.

“I didn’t love school and loved the idea of making fast money,” Wittek said in the April 18 video. “I would cut school and go hang out at the barbershop.”

In fact, in the video, Wittek has claimed that he has sold anything that he could get his hands on. Apart from that, he said that he got arrested several times for selling marijuana. Then again, he moved to Miami where he said that he met some bigger criminals.

In 2011, at the age of 21, he was arrested on charges of possessing marijuana, possessing cocaine, illegal drug trafficking, and possession of a controlled substance according to Florida arrest records reviewed by Insider. However, those charges were later dropped.

Furthermore, he said in a video that he has managed somehow to get all those charges dropped due to a technicality. This is because the police officers who searched his penthouse in order to find the narcotics didn’t have a warrant.

“15 years I was supposed to do was gone,” Wittek said. “I would still be in jail to this day and now I was free to go.”

2. He started to associate with Viners in LA in 2014 

As I have stated earlier that he was a Viner, the story behind the same is here. After he went to Miami with the law, he decided to move to Los Angeles so as to get marijuana in bulk and send it back to New York City, according to his account of events in the April 18 video.

And at the same time, Wittek grew his brand as an influencer as well as a barber. He started his YouTube channel in the year 2011. And in the year 2012, he started a Tumblr blog known as “Behind The Cuts”. There he posted images with celebrities like Pauly D, Mac Miller, and ASAP Rocky. That year, he started to post more frequently on Instagram, sharing photos of haircuts and lavish parties.

Then again, he made his first appearance in Dobrik’s vlogs in November 2018 when the cops pulled over a car that he was driving. “On our first interaction, I didn’t plan on vlogging with him, I was hanging out with Todd and David showed up,” Wittek said in the first part of his YouTube video series.

3. Wittek continues to make content on his Patreon and YouTube

Jeff has published four different parts of his YouTube documentary series and each one has got views in millions that too within a week. In fact, Patreon has got in much popularity as the public sentiment around Jeff has shifted his popularity.

Considering social media platforms, in a Twitter post on April 27, Jeff wrote that: ” it feels great to share this stuff with y’all,” and “you guys literally saved my life.”

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