The Boys Season 2: Find the Answers to All Your Questions About the Shocking Ending

The Boys Season 2

The Boys on Amazon Prime Video is a fantastic take on the superhero genre. It’s based on the eponymous comic book series created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson and published by Dynamite Entertainment. It is action packed, funny, brutal and can’t miss TV (even though it’s on a streaming service, you can always watch it on your TV). It presents superheroes in their most self righteous and deadly form. Superheroes in The Boys are not defenders of the law, they are the law. The battle between the dictatorial superheroes and some intrepid humans with questionable ethics is a treat for your eyes (whether they are sore or fresh). After an extremely successful first season, the fantastic show was renewed for a second season and it didn’t fail to deliver on any of the expectations (the only complaint was perhaps the fact that fans had to wait a week between each episode after the release of the first three episodes). The Boys Season 2 ended with a bang (more like many bangs). It was loaded to the gills with major reveals, deaths and some actual heroic scenes. Now that it has ended, what will happen in The Boys Season 3? Moreover, exactly what all happened in The Boys Season 2. We will take a look at all of that in this post. Warning: Spoilers ahead. If you intend to watch the show, it’s best if you just watch this trailer and go straight to your Prime Video account. All those who have watched The Boys Season 2, let’s start discussing. Read more about The Boys Season 2 on