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Is Wellness Tea More Beneficial Than It is Been Credited? 15 Types of Wellness Tea and Benefits

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Wellness Tea has multiple benefits for the human body. The Wellness Tea is composed of organic ingredients, like astragalus, chamomile, ashwagandha root, dandelion root cinnamon, elderberries, ginger, lemon, thistle seed and turmeric. These ingredients make a perfect cup of tea.  The organic chamomile when mix with honey has anti-anxiety relaxing outcomes. Each ingredient has its own property. Wellness Tea has no additives, no artificial colours and it is caffeine-free. Wellness Tea is created by using organic, natural, and certified ingredients to give benefits to tea drinkers. It improves the immune system and it has an anti-inflammatory property. The tea is the best source of control blood sugar levels and to ease digestion issues. This is a great opportunity for all tea lovers. It gives morning energy   and satisfaction to the taste buds. Wellness tea that boosts overall health and wellness. The Wellness Tea has multiple benefits for the human body like cleansing the heart, improving the skin and boosting energy levels.

Benefits of Wellness Tea:

1.         Reduces Stress & Anxiety: Wellness teas are relieving stress and treating insomnia. Those people who suffer from insomnia are recommended to drink herbal tea before going to sleep.

2.         Detoxifies Your Body: Wellness Tea detox your body. when your body detox it improves digestion, relief abdominal discomfort and pain by the elimination of toxins.  You do not need to avail different types of products as Wellness tea is all purpose tea. Only you need is a hot Wellness tea.

 3.        Forever Young: Wellness Tea make your skin fresh, reduce fine lines and dark circles. Wellness teas herbs gives you the power to reduce age effects on your skin and enjoy a beautiful looks. It’s balanced taste give you stay forever young.

4.         Energy Booster: When your energy or  mood level needs to boost, drink a cup of Wellness tea. Wellness tea is the best energy-boosting tea. Its keeps balance of minerals and electrolytes in your body.

5.       Improves Digestion– wellness tea Improved the digestion .Its herbs ingredients helps to improve digestion. Herbal tea contains the ingredients that acts as an appetite suppressant that stop to overeat. They also help with the reducing the chances of indigestion, breakdown of fats, vomiting and bloating.

Types of Wellness Tea and their benefits :

1.         Ginger Tea: Ginger tea  helps to reduce the with stomach problems and nausea . Ginger has many more benefits– lowering blood sugar, protecting the brain and heart, and anti-cancer properties.

2.         Chamomile Wellness Tea: Chamomile is been around for thousands of years and it is an all-time favourite herbal remedy all around the world.  Chamomile may help reduce, treat stomach pain, inflammation, aid sleep, muscle relaxation and promote calmness.

3.         Rosehips Wellness Tea: Rosehips Tea is a great source of antioxidants and vitamin C. It helps to weight loss goals, skin from aging and protect the brain.

4.         Lemongrass Wellness Tea: Lemongrass is a delicious herb used both as a spice and tea may help relieve the pain, act as antioxidant, lower blood pressure and help weight management.  A Studies showed it has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

5.         Tulsi Tea: Tulsi or Holy Basil is an antioxidant herb used for reduce stress naturally and benefit the overall health. Tulsi herbs are used for dealing with especially different types of stress, lifestyle-related diseases. Tulsi has antioxidant, antidiabetic, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, radioprotective, antimicrobial properties.

6.         Peppermint Tea: Peppermint used for refreshing and calming of body. Tea has a refreshing and lightly sweet flavour. It is help to stress relief, soothing stomach, aiding digestion and, boosting immune system and relieving the symptoms of common cold.

7.         Rooibos Tea: This tea grown in South Africa it has a sweet flavour and distinctive perfect for blending with other herbs. Rooibos is capturing the hearts of many tea drinkers around the world. This tea is used for    many potential benefits potent antioxidant activity – from reducing high blood pressure and increasing airflow to the lungs, cholesterol treating in infants.

8.         Cinnamon Tea: Cinnamon is one of the most popular spices around the world, has an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties and they help  protecting the heart and lowering blood pressure.

9.         Olive leaf tea: This tea is made from dried olive tree leaves. It has been used for treating several health problems. Its taste is lightly sweet and refreshing. Its benefits is control cholesterol, preventing cancer, blood sugar, and helping with weight loss.

10.       Barley tea: Barley tea is also called mugicha , it  is one of the most popular herbal teas in eastern Asia. This delicious tea is commonly used for promoting weight loss and aiding digestion.

11.       Ashwagandha: Ashwagandha is an apoptogenic herb .Mostly used  for treating anxiety ,stress and sleeping problems. Studies have showed it has may help protect the heart and brain, improve muscle strength, and improve memory.

12.       Turmeric Tea: Turmeric is beneficial for protecting heart, reducing skin irritation and pain. Turmeric is used as a spice, as an ingredient in tea blends and for making turmeric milk tea.

13.       Kava tea: Kava is used for treating insomnia, anxiety and promoting overall relaxation and reduce all body problems.

14.       Hibiscus Tea: Hibiscus tea is made from the flowers of the hibiscus plant. its unique flavour and colour like by tea drinkers. This wellness tea helps to fight oxidative stress and lower high blood pressure.

15.        Lemon Balm Tea: Lemon balm tea flavour is light lemony and seems to have health-promoting properties. This tea may improve antioxidant levels, skin health, heart and even aid in relieving anxiety.

Everyone should use wellness tea daily; it keeps our body healthy and we feel fresh and the body gets energy.




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