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What is Solo polyamory?- Important facts explained

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Solo polyamory

What is Polyamory?

Polyamory is a desire or practice of having romantic and sexual relationship with multiple partners at the same time, though the consent of all partners involved is must. The word polyamory is derived from the combination of Greek word for many (poly) and the Latin word for love (amor). Polyamory has come to be a hypernym for various forms of non-monogamous, non-exclusive intimate and sexual relationships or multi-partner relationships. Few essential things in Polyamory are love, intimacy, trust, integrity, equality, communication, and commitment. Though its usage depends on the Individual choice and Philosophy.

Are you a solo polyamorist?

Solo polyamory means that an individual has multiple intimate and sexual relationships with different people but has an independent lifestyle without having a Primary partner. Solo polyamory is also referred as “singleish,”. That means that solo polyamorists are not single in the traditional sense of the word. So, they are called as single-ish. Some solo polyamorists essentially operate as independent people, but they do have some partnerships. Polyamorous people who have recently come out from an intimate partnership may practice solo polyamory for some time. To call themselves solo poly its not mandatory that a person need to be actively involved in dating many people.

Few Symptoms that you might be a solo polyamorist

Individual don’t have desire to marry, live with a partner, or believe in “relationship escalator”

Individuals preferring their personal growth, hobbies, or mental health rather than on a committed relationship

Once considering friendships to be as important as romantic relationships.

Difference between Polyamory and Solo Polyamory?

Basic difference is that solo polyamory people are not part of a committed and dedicated partnership or multi-person relationship unit. They don’t live with romantic partners, and usually tend to refrain themselves from social ritual like engagement and marriage. It doesn’t mean here that they don’t have any intimate relationships. Solo polyamorists people simply don’t follow typical “relationship escalator” model. Solo Poly people usually avoid public appearances as a couple, don’t prefer any relationship tag, don’t get involve in marriage and engagement and having children together.

Common Myths and Misconceptions About Solo Polyamory

Just like with any other type of sexual orientation, people have developed their own beliefs, and misconceptions about Solo polyamorists. Below we have mentioned few common myths:

  • Solo Polyamorists are Afraid of Committed Relationship – Solo People just avoid commitment because they prefer the independent lifestyle as it’s best suited to the personality they have. Solo Polyamory people value their independence and enjoy spending time on their own, but they are still committed to their partners.
  • People Practicing Solo Polyamory aren’t Doing Polyamory Correctly- Few polyamorous people believe that solo poly people are not doing polyamory correctly. However, this is not a fact. Solo polyamory also is a valid and genuine lifestyle just like others. Both polyamorous and solo polyamorous people have the right to make their own relationship agreements. There is no single way which can be termed as right or wrong to do polyamory or solo polyamory.

 Relationships of Solo Polyamory people

As mentioned earlier solo poly people do have relationships, but they retain or prefer to have an independent lifestyle. In their relationship they don’t have any primary partner, in fact some of solo polyamorists consider themselves only as primary partner in a relationship. As they are more focused towards their work, hobbies, and personal growth rather than their romantic partnerships. Some solo polyamory people practice and involved in non-conventional and non-sexual primary partnerships with any of their close friend, a roommate or even a family member. These are platonic (non-sexual) relationships. Don’t misunderstood the fact that these solo polyamorists don’t have any sexual relationship, they do have but their primary life is built around platonic relationship.

Safety Advise for Solo polyamory

When multiple sex partners are involved you are more prone to get effected by a STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) so its highly recommended to always opt for safer sex practice.


If you’re interested and keen in exploring solo polyamory, the best idea is to read more about it and try to connect with other solo poly people. They can help you in the best way to figure out whether it’s a good fit for you or not.

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