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Top 12 Things To Do While Being Single

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Things To Do While Being Single

So you are single now? Just went through a toxic relationship or moved on with good memories? Whatever it is! Single life is the time when you will be able to enjoy your heart out and you can easily appreciate the value of your life the most. However, believe it or not! You don’t require to have a partner to be happy and to have fun. There are in fact, a lot of things that you can enjoy all by yourself. You can enjoy doing things that you can do being alone or being with your friends than your partner. Hence, take being single as a chance to regain belief in yourself, to enjoy what you like the most, to be messy, and to explore life better.

If you are still confused, then you can check out the article below where I have listed down the Top 12 Things To Do While Being Single. So, without further delay, let’s start with the article.

1. Dance Like None Is Watching

While you are with somebody else, you try to ensure that you look good and don’t make yourself look like a fool. However, being single is like having no pressure to look good. You can do whatever you want to do. Hence, you can put on your favorite jam and then dance the way you want. It is relaxing, fun, and the best part is that no one will be there to judge you in case you break out some perfect and smooth moves. You can freely dance your heart out. No! I am not saying that being in a relationship you can’t do that, but single life is a little different and that we all need to admit.

2. Actively Meet New People

Being single you will have the time as well as the opportunity to meet new people every day. And if not that, then at least try to learn more about people whom you already know or you are in touch with. Well! It becomes easier to sulk as well as feel isolated if you are not having someone special in your life.

You should not be scared of online dating and you can easily use those apps that are available online to meet and friendship with new people on your flexible terms. However, you should not stop there. Try talking to people at your office, at the gym, at the store, etc. This will help you to get more social and you will have no pressure as well.

3. Reconnect with Old Friends

Relationships, be it a difficult one or a normal one can become pretty hard on friendships. Hence, if you are single, this is the best time for you to reconnect with your old friends and then create a lasting as well as meaningful connection that should continue no matter what is your love relationship status.

You must not use your friends as a crutch in order to fill the void of your lost relationship. In fact, you must find ways that will make sure that your family and friends can stay as a part of your new relationship.

4. Stay Single for Three Months

This point is actually for the newly single, but you must take your time. Suppose, you just got out of a relationship, then you must concentrate on learning how to enjoy your life on your own. You can always find things that will make you happy. Moreover, try to do things that you have always wanted to do and try spending more and more time without your significant other.

You can always date if you want to but do it casually and don’t take it to a serious level. Try to learn what you like and what you dislike and then, give yourself a hard as well as firm timeline to stay single. You’ll find that when you are content with being single, you’ll be less likely to jump into a relationship for the wrong reasons.

5. Travel More

This is your time, so take the time to explore different countries and places in the world. Be bold and yes having a relationship is always great but the logistics of taking any major trip will be a nightmare. Hence, you can do it while you are single.

You can always visit Europe, do a backpack through Central America, visit the wonderful pyramids in Egypt or explore the wilder side of Australia. You’ll find it liberating and adventurous: a true, once in a lifetime opportunity. And you’ll have great, interesting stories to tell on that first date.

There are several other amazing places in the world to explore and enjoy the adventurous tour of your life. Being single will give you the opportunity to enjoy the traveling part in a different way than you would generally enjoy while being committed to someone.

6. Find Yourself

One of the easiest to be happy in life is to find out yourself. And the easiest path to a happy, healthy relationship is understanding what you like and what makes you happy. Hence, you can take your time and find yourself while you are staying single.

Try to learn about what all you love and then discover your ambitions as well as goals. After you are done with that, you can write down your priorities. Make sure before you go into any relationship, you are giving yourself the time and opportunity to reach your goals and find yourself. There’s always give and take, but make sure you have a firm understanding of where to draw the line.

7. Spend Time With Your Family

Family is one of the most important of anyone’s life. Relationships may come and go, friendship may come and go, but family will always be there no matter what. In fact, they will know you better than anyone else and the best thing is that you can connect to them whenever you need them. But they also seem to be the first people who you spend less time with when you start out in a new relationship, so spend time with them now.

You can always go for a family holiday and take your mother to a winery and of course, enjoy staying in a little cottage. The option of going for adventures along with your brother or sister is always open. Just imagine you can do all the things together that you once said that you would do one day probably.

I am pretty lucky to have a super amazing family and my little brother is my best friend. In fact, they are always there for me whenever I need them. I can totally get it that not all cases are equal. Hence, anyone having a broken relationship with family can try to mend and build better connections now.

8. Date Yourself

Yes! This might sound funny but to your knowledge, it is possibly the most essential thing to do while you are single. Date Yourself! Make yourself feel as important as you want a partner to make you feel. Treat yourself the way you want a partner to treat you. If you are not liking or willing to treat yourself how you want to be treated by another person, then just think how will anyone know what level of awesome you expect from them?

While being single is the best time to put yourself first and learn to be a little selfish. It is actually a pretty good trait to have and you will need to call back on it later in your life. You can spend some time cooking your favorite dish or any healthy food, take a cooking class or learn from YouTube, an experiment in the kitchen. Trust my words, this can be really fun and relaxing.

You can, on the other hand, go and get a gym membership, take yourself on some adventure dates, go on a hike, or just sit back and enjoy your favorite movie with your favorite food.

Just think about your dream date and once you know how you want your dream date to be, then you can go and live it on your own first. In fact, I would suggest you treat yourself in the most special and wonderful way possible and don’t settle for anything less than what you actually deserve.

9. Stay in a Fancy Hotel

Now don’t be surprised by me saying this. Who says that you need to go with your partner to any fancy hotel? There is no hard and fast rule for that. You can absolutely do this on your own. Again, keep in mind, that the time alone is a big learning curve and that can be better if you stay somewhere new.

In fact, you shouldn’t fear the “honeymoon suite”. Yes! I have myself booked one of these when I was single just for myself. I had my favorite chocolate dipped strawberries along with champagne on arrival. And the best part was that I had none to share my favorites with. LOL!

What more you ask? Well! You can have the giant king bed all to yourself. Apart from that, you would be able to take the advantage of the two massages that come complimentary with the room booking. So why to pass when you can enjoy all of these luxuries all by yourself!

10. Enjoy It

Being single can be always fun. So take it as a challenge and learn more about yourself. You must take chances. Go for trips that you have wanted to go for since forever. If you are single that doesn’t mean you have to stay lonely or filled with the late nights in bars.

It’s a chance to discover what you like, learn more about others, and take your time to find the person of your dreams. So enjoy it.

11. Get in Shape

If you are single, you will always feel like looking your best and fit of course. So you can take your time and enroll your name in a good gym. Yes! Get in shape, look your best and fit, bring your best version out. This will help you to gain more confidence, you will feel better, and you can get your next relationship off on the right foot.

You can always find great and unique ways to be in your shape. There are several things to do such as play golf, tennis, basketball, etc. You may find that you meet someone who has the same interests.

12. Be Picky and Don’t Fall too Fast

This is the time you need to say no. Yes! It is actually pretty much easy to jump right back into a relationship or have a rebound when you are just out of one. There is a chance that you quickly once you have the sign of sparks when you have stayed single for a longer period. I would highly suggest you don’t do that at all. This kind of relationship won’t be at all good.

You can always take the chance so as to find out someone who can truly complement you and with whom you can have a nice connection. Try to get connected with someone whom you find attractive as that will help you to connect better.


Being single doesn’t mean it is bad to be in a relationship. What I meant in this article is that you can easily enjoy your singlehood and explore more about yourself. Keep doing things that you have always wished to do while you were in a relationship. Actually, this will help you to build a nice relationship later on as you will be able to enjoy and explore more about yourself, your needs, and your wants.

So let us know how are spending your singlehood. We would love to hear some of the amazing stories from you all. Share and inspire people that being single will not be that boring as people often think it to be.

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