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Know About Best liquor and Alcohol Brands from Around the World

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Know About Best liquor and Alcohol Brands from Around the World

The alcoholic beverage market worldwide is expected to reach $1,285.88 billion by 2027. The increasing demand for the best liquor and premium brands is one of the key drivers for the global alcoholic beverage market forecast made for 2021-2027.  Liquors are fermented drinks that contain ethanol elements. They are flammable, sometimes colourless and comes under special categories like wine, beer, rum and whiskey. Let us jump straight into the list containing names of the best liquor and alcohol brands to choose from the next time you party or fill up your bar space.

Wild Turkey 

Wild Turkey has been placed in the top among best liquor and alcoholic brands list probably because no other brand can beat Old Wild Turkey taste. The low price of this distillery bourbon and rye along with its high-quality taste makes Wild Turkey one of the best American classics. The liquor has released many high-end whiskeys in the past few years along with keeping its Master’s Keep series at the top. Some of the expensive and latest excellent rye whiskey available on market are aged between 9 to 11 years. Take it like a fancy Russell’s Reserve and enjoy the oak notes, pepper and spice which pops up with every sip.

Hiatus Tequila

Made in La Cofradia, Hiatus is considered as the best liquor there since this distillery is similar to Casa Noble which makes it a good quality tequila indicator. You may find three expressions available under this double-distilled tequila brand. While Reposado is a little nutty, Blanco is light and citrusy. Aged over a year, Anejo is full of vanilla and is slightly oaky. The three flavours enrich taste buds with every sip and are great for cocktail lovers too.

Jack Daniel’s

You must have heard Jack Daniel’s name in bars and restaurants that serve the best liquor brands and maintains quality. Original Jack Daniel brand is a Tennessee whiskey and is popular for its black label and square bottle packaging. Although Jack Daniel meets every requirement to taste it like bourbon, the brand disowns its classification as bourbon and markets the liquor simply labelling it as a Tennessee whiskey instead of Tennessee bourbon.

Havana Club

This beautiful and dark coloured liquor is sweet to smell, tastes chocolate, oaky, banana leaf, tobacco and with some hints of spice. This one of the best liquor brands smell will not punch you on your nose or overpower your olfactory sense like many other powerful brands. Rather, Havana is silkier and smoother for an alcohol lover which fulfils the essential needs of creamy, fruity and delightfully complex criteria.


This liquor flavoured with Curacao orange, also known as Laraha is cultivated in the namesake island situated in the southern parts of the Caribbean Sea. This isthe best liquor in our list that started its invention in the 16th century during the times Spanish colonizers brought Valencian oranges in the Curacao city. Unfortunately, the fruit could not survive in the local climate of Curacao and was edible too. It took more than a decade for the people to identify that the dried peels were rich in essential oil and were incredible in the aroma. The peels were thereafter used for making liquors and many believe that its commercial production started as early as 1896 by a prominent family living in Curacao.

Tod & Vixen’s Dry Gin 1651

The Vale Fox Distillery situated in the Hudson Valley made Tod & Vixen Dry gin with the help of three renowned cocktail makers named Leo Robitsckeck, Jeffery Morganthaler and late Gary Regan. Primary ingredients used for the gin include juniper, red rooibos, angelica root and Makrut lime. After mixing and distilling all the ingredients, what we get is an entirely new school but in a dry gin format. This indeed makes Tod & Vixen Dry Gin a damn good martini idle for any cocktail you desire to have.


This yet another one of the best liquors and alcohol brands is clear, fruity and colourless double-distilled liquor which is made out of the fermented cherry mash. Since the liquor was originally made out of morello cherries, it is said to have been produced first in Schwarzwald in Germany where morello cherries are cultivated extensively. Since cherry pits are crushed while making Kirschwasser, this liquor is characterised by its cherry note, mild-bitter and sweet finish with a pungent flavour.


Akvavit is the best liquor in Scandinavia which is distilled from potatoes or grains. After making initial distillation, the liquor is infused with many botanicals although most common are caraway and dill. The name Akvavit has been taken from aqua vitae which means, the water of life. The liquor is been produced since the 15th century and some of the biggest producers of the brand are located in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Akvavit may vary in flavour, colour and taste depending upon the bottle packaging, base ingredients and age.


Pisco falls under the category of brandy and is considered one of the best liquors since they are distilled from fermented grape juices. Pisco was first made in the 16th century and replaced an ancient Spanish pomace brandy named Orujo. The liquor produced in Chile is slightly different from the ones produced in Peru due to different grapes, terroir and production techniques. While tasting this drink, you will find a strong herbal and earthy flavour though the character of the drink depends on grape choices.


Invented by a British doctor named Frobig, the original Becherovka is made out of 20 different spices and herbs combination which are macerated in alcohol to develop a base and then cut with sugar and water before it is left to age in oak casks. Interesting, isn’t it? Luckily, the doctor passed his amazing recipe to Joseph Becher who made it more perfectly and put the brand on the market as a medical remedy in the year 1807 under the English Bitter name. Although those times saw great political turmoil’salong with war, Becherovka gained a place amongst leading Czech product and can be brought even todaywith the same spark. You can enjoy this liquor with ice or neat. It works well with cocktails too and among them the most famous one is Beton. This cocktail mix is made out of Becherovka and tonic water that was first made in 1967 in an international EXPO in Montreal.

White Rum

As the name suggests, this best liquor in the rum’s category is colourless. The white, light or silver rum is often misinterpreted unaged. White Rum is produced in various countries and is briefly aged. To attain a clear and colourless appearance, the rum is made after it passes through charcoal filters. Owing to its light colour, White Rum is suitable for mixed drinks and cocktails although its premium style is equally enjoyable.


This strong and aromatic liquor is an Indian spirit that is made with second or the third distillation of cashew fruit juice. Two types of Feni are available in market: one that is distilled from cashew and the other which is fermented from the coconut palm. Feni produced with cashew is regarded as a high-quality liquor and has been awarded Geographical Indication for producing it specifically in Goa, India. Taste-wise, Feni has a fruity spirit with a subtle sweet aroma that give hints of tropical and citrus fruits. Although Feni is consumed more like a shot, it is incorporated with lemon-based drinks also.


In the list of best liquor and alcohol brands, Pama is perhaps the most recent brand manufactured first in 2006. Although the liquor does not pride in rich history this pomegranate-flavoured liquor has gained much appreciation for its complex and versatile taste profile. The main ingredients of Pama include pomegranate juice, a small amount of tequila and premium vodka. When you drink Pama, you will find a berry aroma along with a unique combination of sweet and tart flavoured smell. You can enjoy Pama neat or mix it with bubbly drinks like tonic water, ginger ale and Champagne.

Canadian Whiskey

Canadian whiskey is one of the premium whiskey brands in which the spirit is distilled out of cereal grains mashed and is aged for at least three years.  Many of the Canadian whiskey has rye whiskey in them though not every one of them has it. This is the reason many people confuseCanadian whiskey with rye whiskey and uses the two terms interchangeably although they differ in taste and flavours.

Sole gin

This is yet another form of a gin which is a tart liquor made by macerating sole berries in gin. The distillation process is completed after adding sugar or sugar syrup to the liquor. The combination makes Sole Gin macerate for many months that results in mahogany or deep ruby coloured drink. The liquor tastes bitter-sweet and comes with an herbal aroma. Although many people make Sole gin at home, many commercial varieties are available to buy from. The best quality is made out of ripe berries. The homemade gin is more sweetened and is more likely found in England where drinking Sole gin is an age-old tradition.


This Hungarian based best liquor brand is a fruity flavoured drink that is made after fermenting various fruits like plums, cherries and apricots. Palinka named liquor can be produced in Hungary only as the name has been protected under the European Union Law. The drink is made from the fruits grown within the nation’s border. Many of the Palinka’s variety is fermented for three months only but some can be barrelled for ages that allow fruits to get a more prominent and yellowish colour. Palinka does not have any kind of sweeteners, flavours or colours which makes this liquor different from the other best liquor and alcohol brands.

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