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Kelly Reilly: 11 Lesser-Known Things About The Sherlock Holmes Actress!

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Kelly Reilly

Kelly Reilly began her acting career in British theater and television until 2000 when she landed a role in the comedy ‘Maybe Baby’. That same year she participated in ‘Peaches’ and a year later in the drama ‘Last Orders’. A sure value on the London scene, Kelly Reilly makes herself known thanks to her role as Wendy in the comedy ‘A MadHouse’ (2002), by Cédric Klapisch. A role that she takes up three years later in ‘The Russian Dolls’. That same year she joined the cast of ‘Pride & Prejudice (Pride and Prejudice)’, and played a dancer in ‘Mrs. Henderson presents’. Used to being a charming girl, she changes the register to play a harassed woman in the horror film ‘Eden Lake’. In 2010, she took on the role of Mrs. Watson in Guy Ritchie’s ‘Sherlock Holmes’, alongside Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. But what do we know about this well-established actress? Here’s a look at some personal facts about her childhood and private life that most people don’t know. 

Kelly Reilly: 11 Facts About The British Actress’s Life You Never Knew! 

1. Childhood and humble beginnings: 

The daughter of a police officer and a secretary, Kelly Reilly grew up in a working-class Surrey neighborhood without much of luxury available. 

The actress was born on July 18, 1977 in the town of Chessington, located near London. 

Kelly studied at Tolworth Girls’ College, where she soon discovered her vocation as a performer by participating in various school plays.

2. A shy girl who grew up Catholic:

Kelly was raised Catholic and attended Tolworth Girls School. It is known even though she was too shy to admit that she had been in love with acting since she was a child and wanted to pursue a career in it, she studied drama for GSCE in high school. However, due to her lack of interest in growing up like all good Catholic girls, she rebelled and left home at age 16. She worked as a waitress while looking for performances.

Unlike most aspiring actors, Kelly didn’t go through the usual path of taking drama classes or going to drama school, she just plunged headlong into the business and learned the tricks of the trade as she went. She attended auditions and wrote to television series producers asking for jobs and landed her first professional role in Prime Suspect in this way.

3. This is how her acting career began:

Did you know? Early in her career, after landing a role, she would text directors to tell them they made a mistake, that she wasn’t good enough for the role.

Obsessed with the idea of  becoming an actress, just turned 17, she sent a letter to the producers of the popular British series Prime Suspect. She got a response, was granted an audition, and got a role. 

As she has stated in several interviews, she never thought she would receive an answer, but against all odds, after six months she got a response. And not only that, Kelly Reilly was summoned to a casting (the first of her life) and, later, hired to participate in the episode ‘Prime Suspect 4: Inner Circle’ of the serial.

This recording issued in May 1995 was just the first step of many others that have led Kelly Reilly to become one of the most promising actresses on the scene today.

4. Theater and TV soon opened their doors for her: 

Theater and television soon gave her the opportunity to make herself known. 

After this debut on the small screen, Reilly concentrated her strength and time on making a place as a theatrical performer, acting in works such as ‘Elton John’s glasses’, ‘The London Cuckolds’, ‘The graduate’ or ‘After Miss Julie’, for which Reilly became the youngest actress ever to be nominated for a Lawrence Olivier Award.

Did you know? Kelly Reilly is the youngest person in the history of the Laurence Olivier Award to be nominated. She was only 26 at the time and was nominated again six years later! 

Regarding her career in the world of cinema, ‘How to make babies’, ‘Peaches’ and ‘Last Orders’ were some of the first feature films that had this English actress in their cast.

The icing on the cake came in 2000, the year in which he made her big-screen debut with the movie Maybe Baby. Little by little, she was leveling up thanks to films like A MadHouse, The Libertine, Pride and Prejudice, Mrs. Henderson presents, Triage, or, especially, Sherlock Holmes, a film with which she manages to infiltrate the elite of North American cinema. 

‘Eden Lake’ landed her first starring role on the big screen, just a year before she began her collaboration with the British series ‘Above Suspicion, where she long starred in the role of Dr. Anna Travis.

5. In 2014 we got to see her in the Irish black comedy Calvary:

In  2018, the actress lit up the screens as Beth Dutton on the hit show Yellowstone. Some might recognize Kelly Reilly from Sherlock Holmes, in which she played Mary Watson. The actress’s successful career has spanned both the stage and the screen, and her impeccable talent has shone brilliantly in both – one such example is the Irish black comedy Calvary. She herself is Irish as she was born as Jessica Kelly Siobhán Reilly. 

6. Kelly Reilly made her first Broadway appearance in 2015:

Kelly has always had a take charge attitude when it comes to her career. When she felt that she had been increasingly typecast as a funny character in comic roles, she worked to rectify that by looking for serious roles. This led to her appearing in Cursed, a royal court version of Sarah Kane’s play. Her performance earned him the infamous “Theatrical Viagra” compliment from The Times critics.

She won multiple awards and garnered nominations for her exceptional performance including the Cannes Film Festival Award, the Empire Award, the British Independent Film Awards, and the Hollywood Film Festival Awards. 

7. Net worth:

The impressive actress has made a name for herself in the industry and a bold statement at the bank. The English actress is estimated to have a current net worth of $5 million.

8. Dating history:

In Kelly’s personal life we see that she has not been in many romantic relationships. For a brief period between 2001 and 2002, she dated JJ Field. She once dated and was engaged to actor Jonah Lotan, but they canceled their engagement and parted ways.

The English actress married Kyle Baugher, an American financier in 2012 after the two had been secretly dating and denying their relationship for months until the truth was finally revealed. 

9. No plastic surgery for Kelly Reilly:

Unlike other celebrities who are consumed by their physical appearance, Kelly prefers to age naturally, gracefully. She likes to use her age as it is, without surgeries or tons of routines to make her look younger. Its motto is the same or groups it.

10. Here are some of her dislikes:

She doesn’t like to be featured on the covers or to be interviewed about where she likes to shop. All she is interested in doing is acting, everything else is unnecessary and a waste of her time.

The scenes she hates filming the most are the eating scenes because it involves too many repetitions and setups.

11. Other FAQs:

Who is Kelly Reilly’s husband?

Kelly Reilly is married to Kyle Baugher.

What is kyle baugher’s occupation?

Kyle Baugher is a financier.

When did kelly reilly and kyle baugher get married?

The happy couple married in 2012. They married in Somerset, England.

When did Kelly Reilly and kyle baugher meet?

The two met in 2012. They got engaged and married the same year.

Was Kelly Reilly previously married?

Before Kyle, Kelly was engaged to the actor Jonás Lotán from 2019 to 2009.

Does Kelly Reilly have kids?

Outside of her work, the actress is very private about her life but she never mentioned having children and there are no photos of her with children on any of her social media pages.

Is kyle baugher on social media?

Kelly Reilly’s husband is incredibly low-key, barely having a social media presence. However, his wife occasionally posts photos of him on her Instagram.

Where does kyle baugher live now?

Kyle Baugher and his famous actress wife currently live in New York City. Although Kelly first settled in Los Angeles when she moved to the United States for her acting career, she has said she prefers the New York vibe, saying: “England is always at home, but I have made my life here, he said. The Guardian in 2014. At first I suffered a terrible nostalgia: for the English, the pubs, the humor, all my family and friends, but I love New York, it is my favorite city”.

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