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Live Betting: Rules and Tricks Everyone Should Know

by YourDailyHunt.com

Live betting provides a thrill that you don’t get from so-called pre-match betting. In a live bet, the fate of the betting slip can be decided within seconds, which is what makes the live betting so exciting and stunning.

So, it is obvious that live sports betting is becoming increasingly popular. The direct entertainment and the thrill make the main appeal of live sports betting. Another significant part of this development had the technical advances, which enabled a faster and ubiquitous Internet without spatial and temporal restrictions on running sporting events. Although there are no official figures, it is no secret that live betting now accounts for a considerable part of the total turnover of many betting providers.

But live betting is more complex than normal betting because there are different approaches depending on the sport. But are there any universal tips and tricks that can help you to win more live bets? To understand it let’s take a look at the way live betting works.


The way live betting works is not very different from the classic pre-game bets that are placed before the start of a sporting event. However, bets are not placed before the start or kick-off of the match, but afterward, when the competition is already underway, and you can get an idea of the daily form of the players or teams live on TV or in the stadium. There are a few betting options that are not available before kick-off – such as betting on who will score the next goal or whether a goal will be scored in the next minutes.

Some bookmakers provide separate interfaces for live betting, as 22Bet does. Check the link for online betting KE – there is a “live” section, and you can navigate between “normal” and live to bet. In general, the volatility of the odds is the biggest difference from classic betting. Because, of course, bookmakers react to live events and update their odds.


Live betting is very popular and is an interesting way of betting for several reasons. One aspect that plays a role for many bettors is to bring excitement into an event in which one is otherwise emotionally involved only to a limited extent. A soccer match without the participation of your favourite team, in which not many goals are scored, often does not contain the very highest fun and experience factor. This can be quickly changed with live betting.

The golden rule of live betting is to follow the course of the game closely and thus be able to predict what is about to happen. In many sports, it slowly becomes apparent which player or team is in control and will score the next goal.


Firstly, you should definitely know the sport you want to place bets on. Many betting enthusiasts make a fatal mistake – betting on sports you have absolutely no idea about. As just mentioned, there are recurring patterns in sports like tennis or volleyball. Many betting strategies from the Internet are based exactly on these game patterns.

There’s no point in placing a bet on an event without knowing anything about the sport because you can’t estimate the probability of occurrence. There are many live betting strategies circulating on the internet. Before applying these strategies, you should first understand 100%. Some of these tricks are good ideas, others are not.

So, if a betting strategy is not completely understood, mistakes can be made when placing the bet, which can then lead to a loss of the stake. Even though it is a game of chance, luck can be helped with the help of strategies, but test these strategies with low stakes before betting a lot of money on your bets. It can save you time and money.


So, the question arises of how to achieve guaranteed profits by betting on a single event in opposite directions. To do this, you take advantage of dynamic betting odds, that is, changing betting odds when they swing in different directions during a match.

The aim is to catch the peaks if possible, i.e. the moments when particularly high betting odds are offered. Of course, this is only possible if you follow the odds live and have “your finger on the trigger” at all times.


In general, live betting is a great option for an evening after a long workday. Choosing a type of sports, you want to bet on, remember, that these are sports in which the game situation can change and in which there are no (or only rare) draws. For example, eSports are particularly suitable for live betting, because especially in such games the situation changes virtually every second.

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