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11 Mary Mouser Facts You Need To Check Out!

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11 Mary Mouser Facts You Need To Check Out

American actress Mary Mouser rose to world fame thanks to her participation in Cobra Kai, where she portrays the character of Sam LaRusso, the daughter of the beloved Daniel LaRusso who is played by Ralph Maccio. But, did you know? The career of this beautiful actress began when she was only 5 years old.

Mary Mouser: 11 Binge Worthy Things About The Cobra Kai Actress!

1. Who is Mary Mouser?

The American actress was born in Arkansas in May 1996. Within her family, her two brothers are also actors, so the idea of being in front of the cameras would be familiar to her forever. Mary debuted in the world of acting when she was only 5 years old in the movie “Sings”, where she played the daughter of Mel Gibson.

In addition to the acting part, she has also lent her voice to various characters from animated films and series such as “Starz Kids & Family Eloise: The Animated Series”, where she gave life to the voice of Eloise.

In Starz Kids & Family Eloise: The Animated Series, in 2006, at the Best of Fest Awards Film and Video Festival at Mouser, she received the Best Performer Award.

She also participated in Bambi II, Dragon Hunters, Tarzan 2, among many others.

And at age 11, she got her first lead in the film A Stranger’s Heart for which the American actress took home a nomination for best actress at the Young Artist Awards.

Even as a young teenager, Mary did not stop working and made many special guest appearances in different series such as TCSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Without a Trace, Inconceivable, King of Queens, Scrubs, One Life to Live, and Monk. She was also part of the series NCIS and The CW Life Is Wild, with fixed characters throughout several episodes.

Mouser starred in a prominent role in the medical drama Body of Proof  and had one of his most difficult challenges when in the Disney Channel film Frenemies where she played two different and confronting characters.

2. 16 going on 25:

The 25-year-old’s career took an incredible leap in the world of film and television thanks to her role in one of Netflix’s greatest hits:

Her character of Samantha LaRusso (Sam, for everyone), the daughter of Daniel LaRusso, the character played by Ralph Maccio, launched her to stardom in a fulminating way by sharing a cast with the characters who expose their different points of view on karate (or violence and fighting).

Cobra Kai, the serial sequel to Karate Kid, is already in its fourth season and, since it entered the Netflix catalog, it caused a furor, becoming one of the platform’s favorites. Because of her petite build, Mary very credibly plays 16-year-old teenage Sam, the girl who learned karate with her dad.

3. Instagram sensation:

Mary Mouser has already earned her own name by accumulating her own fans with 2.2 million followers on her Instagram account ( @missmarymouser ). And despite her youth, she already has a career of many years in the field.

4. Musically inclined and other hobbies:

In addition to acting, Mouser likes to sing and has learned to play the guitar to add tools to her training as an actress.

A lover of reading, vampire stories are Mary’s favorites. And she says she dreams of playing a character like Kristen Stewart in the Twilight saga.

In addition, she is also interested in writing, an activity to which she dedicates several hours a day and does not rule out participating in the script of a movie in the future.

5. Mary Mouser is a YouTuber:

Mouser is a content creator and has amassed more than 378,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel. She posts a wide variety of videos, including tutorials, storytimes, and vlogs.

Keeping skin and hair in good shape is very important to Mary Mouser, which is why she often posts videos on these topics on her YouTube channel.

6. Mary Mouser has type 1 diabetes:

In 2009, the American actress who had been acting since she was 5 was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, also known as juvenile diabetes. From then on she made some lifestyle adjustments and became a strong advocate for awareness and research on this disease.

7. Mary Mouser boyfriend:

Mary Mouser is dating Brett Pierce, who is also an actor. Brett Pierce has been Mary Mouser’s boyfriend for five years.

8. Mary Mouser did not actually watch the “Karate Kid”:

She admitted that she saw the “Karate Kid” movies only when she was cast as Sam in “Cobra Kai.” In an interview with Brief Take she said: “I sat with my boyfriend and watched movies excessively. I loved them! I ended up seeing them about five more times during the filming of the show [laughs]. “

9. Mary Mouser would want to work with director Tim Burton:

The American actress also has a list of projects she would pursue and in terms of people she would like to work with, Tim Burton tops her list. Also, she thinks it would be fun to do a project with Dwayne Johnson.

10. Dana Delaney is her mentor:

Many people have helped her train, including her former co-star, Dana Delaney, whom she considers a mentor.

11. Mary Mouser is a fan of “Star Wars”:

Although she did not see “Karate Kid” if she saw another popular saga, “Star Wars”, she has even been a fan of the franchise since the beginning of 2019.

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