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Is Big Show Married? Who is Bess Katramados?

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Is Big Show Married? Who is Bess Katramados

Paul Donald Wight II was born on February 8, 1972.Paul Wight II is an American professional wrestler and actor. As an in-ring performer, He is signed to All Elite Wrestling (AEW), and under his real name of Paul Wight as a commentator for its web television show, AEW Dark: Elevation. He is famous for his tenure from 1995 to 1999 with World Championship Wrestling (WCW) as The Giant and with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, later WWE) from 1999 to 2021 under the ring name (The) Big Show.

The great big show is the world’s largest athlete with heavy body measurements. Adding to it, he is quite tall with a massive height of 7 feet and 2 inches and weight 383 lb. or 176 kg.

Initially Paul Donald Wight worked various jobs to earn money, including bouncing, bounty hunting, and answering phone calls. In the year 1995, Wight signed with WCW and made his debut with the name as The Giant. Later, he defeated Hulk Hogan and won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Paul Donald Wight joined the stable with the help of Ted DiBiase after the arrival of NWO. The Giant was kicked out after spending a few months in the stable. He was very good at wrestling and went on winning the WCW World Tag Team Championship twice during his feud with the stable

Paul Donald Wight got married to his first wife, Melissa Ann Piavis, in the year 1997. Their marriage didn’t work for long and soon in the year 2000, they got separated. Later in the year 2002, their divorce got finalized. Together, they both have a daughter. In the year 2002, Paul Wight got married again to his second wife, Bess Katramados. They have two children together.

At present, Big Show is married to his second wife. As per Big show, he loves his wife Bess Katramados and calls her his support system. Although, he has been a very successful wrestler in the ring but faced an unsuccessful part of his life as his first marriage.

Who is Bess Katramados?

Bess Katramados was born on July 13 in the year 1970. Bess Katramados was born in Illinois, USA. She is an American citizen and was brought up in Illinois. Apart from this, there is not much information available of Bess Katramados’s early life.

 Bess Katramados is the former American model. Bess Katramados met Big Show in the year 2000 while he was still married. Eventually, they fell in love. After ending his previous marriage, Big Show got married to Bess Katramados.

How did Bess Katramados meet Big Show?

It is being said that Big show ended his first marriage because of Bess Katramados which makes their love story quite unusual and interesting. Big Show was married to his first wife Melissa Piavis, from the year 1997 to 2002. Although, Big show and melissa were not much happy after their initial years of marriage but after Bess came in Big show’s life, there was not much hope left in the marriage. Big Show and Melissa decided to divorce, even after being parents of a daughter, Cierra. Sources also suggest that Big Show was already in a relationship with Bess Katramados. Once his wife came to know, they mutually agreed to end their marriage and to get a divorce. Officially they got divorced on the 6th of February 2002. Only after five days of divorce, Big Show and Bess Katramados got married.

Although Big show and Bess Katramados got married in such unusual circumstances, Bess Katramados has proved herself to be a devoted wife to Big show. Bess has been his personal trainer and fitness instructor along with being his caretaker as Big show has had some serious health problems, some dated back to his childhood. Bess Katramados kept her full focus on her husband’s wellbeing and even neglected her modeling career for the same. Big show and Bess Katramados have two children together, while Bess is also stepmother to Big Show’s first child, Cierra.

Bess Katramados | Family & Kids

Bess Katramados even after having a career as a model, is more famous as Big show’s wife. They both have lovely daughters for whom both parents are very proud.

Bess Katramados | Height and age

Bess Katramados was born on July 13,1970 and is 52 years old now. Bess Katramados’s zodiac sign is cancer. Bess Katramados is quite tall and stands at the height of 5’8″ (1.72 m). She has striking blue colored eyes which further accentuates her beautiful features and personality making her a dream of any man and Big show is lucky to have her in his life as his wife. For sure Big Show was quite taken a back of her beauty.

Bess Katramados | Career

Bess Katramados started her career as a model when she was living in Illinois. She was a model before she even met The Big Show.

Bess Katramados was quite a popular model and was a part of a variety of modeling firms and agencies. Her career helped her to get many opportunities to travel. She has traveled to different countries during her modeling job.

Added to that, as a model Bess Katramados had the opportunity to travel to many exotic locations that include Florida, St. Petersburg, Odessa, Miami, etc. Unfortunately, due to the lack of corroboration and limited sources, there is not exact data known about how long her career was. But because of having Big show’s attention, it seems Bess Katramados had quite a successful career.

Bess Katramados | Net Worth & Income

Although there is not much information available about her net worth and Bess Katramados’s net worth remains under the wraps with a confirmation of having earned a considerable sum during her active years. On the contrary, her husband has a good net worth, and The Big Show has a staggering net worth of $25 million.

Bess Katramados | Social Media Presence

Unfortunately, the beautiful Bess Katramados is not much present on social media, as she likes to keep away from public exposure.

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