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Summer McIntosh -A Canadian GodGifted Teenage Swimmer

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Summer McIntosh A Canadian God gifted Teenage Swimmer


 Summer McIntosh is a Canadian god gifted teenage swimmer who was born on 18th August 2006 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Her father is Greg Mcintosh and her mother is Jill Horstead who is a former Canadian Olympic Team swimmer. Her older sister’s name is Brooke who is also a competitive pair skater. Summer McIntosh’s height is 173 cm. She represented Canada in championships, world cups and commonwealth games also. The name of her club is High Performance Centre, Ontario. McIntosh gives her best in freestyle and butterfly strokes of swimming. She is a competitor and hard worker in nature and never accepts failure easily. She gives her complete for her swimming passion.

Career Journey of Summer McIntosh

When Summer McIntosh turned 14 years old, her career journey started. She was firstly recognized worldwide as a youngest member of Canadian Team who competed in 2020 Summer Olympics, where she achieved a memorable fourth place finish. Over 50 age group national swimming records have been broken by her. Summer McIntosh holds the world record for the fastest time ever taken by a 14-year-old swimmer, when in May 2021, McIntosh swam the 400 m freestyle in 4:05.13

2020 Summer Olympics for Summer McIntosh

Summer McIntosh completed her first event with fourth position in the women’s 400-meter freestyle by taking a time of 04:02 minutes only and broke the Canadian National record. She forwarded to the semi-finals of the women’s 200-meter freestyle, but she positioned ninth place there and the result of this, she missed the finals. McIntosh took part in the 4×200-meter relay as a Canadian team with Rebecca Smith, Oleksiak and Kayla Sanchez. They made a new Canadian record in the final event and achieved fourth position. The women’s 800-meter freestyle was the last event of McIntosh in the season where she got eleventh place.

2021 World Swimming Championships

Summer McIntosh was the member of the Canadian team which was going to play in the 2021 World Swimming Championships. In the preliminaries round, she swam in the 4×100-meter relay event for Canada team and finished it second position in the event and won a silver medal. Then she supported the Canadian team in the 4×200 meter women’s freestyle relay event by swimming the first leg and Canada won the gold medal in that event. Then she participated in the 400-meter freestyle race and won a silver medal in that race, that medal was her first individual medal of the competition.

FINA World Aquatics Championships 2022

Summer McIntosh participated in the FINA World Aquatics Championships at the 2022 edition in Budapest. Her first event of this championship was 400-meter freestyle finished well and she got second place in the final and took the silver medal for this accomplishment. In that event, she made a new personal best and national record time of 3:59 minutes. In history, she was the only fourth woman swimmer who could record a time lower than four minutes. In the semi-final of the 200-meter butterfly, she accomplished another world junior record with the time of 02:05 minute. On the following day, June 22, she achieved her first World title in the final event. That medal was the first other colour medal for Canada in the event. After the youngest Canadian world champion in history, surpassing 18-year-old Victor Davis record in 1982 and China’s Ye Shiwen in 2011, she was the first fifteen-year-old girl who got success to achieve a World Title. In that same championship, McIntosh broke another junior world record with a 1:54 opening leg as the second fastest woman in the 4×200-meter freestyle relay. The 400-meter individual medley was her final event in that championship where she achieved her second gold medal in the championship. McIntosh was the first Canadian who won two gold medals in a single World Championships and made a new record of most medals achieved by a Canadian at a single World Championships. After seeing the results, McIntosh said, “A Dream come true” and praised Grimes also by expressing “She is around my age and she’s a tough competitor. So, I’m looking forward to keep myself pushing hard.”

Commonwealth Games 2022 Edition

Summer McIntosh participated in her first Commonwealth Games, for the 2022 edition in Birmingham. On the first day of the competition schedule, she won a gold medal in the most favorite event, 400-meter medley and improved her world junior and national record to 4:29 minutes. She was the first Canadian to win a gold medal at the Games. On the other day, McIntosh took part in the 200-meter medley, where also she won a gold medal and made a new junior world record. On the last day of the swimming competitions in the Commonwealth Games 2022 Edition, she achieved two more silver medals in the 400-meter freestyle and in the freestyle leg of the 4×100 m medley relay.

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