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Back to Normality: How to Behave Properly

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Back to Normality

Shortly after the Coronavirus appeared, the idea was that everything would pass quickly. There was hope for the rapid discovery of a vaccine, that there would be solutions that would help reduce confinement, and that there weren’t denial and shock on the part of most governments and society at large. 

More than a year after it was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO), there is some advice and some ways to live life without it being so affected by the return of free circulation and mobility.

At the time, there were many jokes and attempts to alleviate the psychological problems caused by confinement. It became distant to remember when the last hug or even the last attempt at casual sex was. There was a reminder of what many could no longer have. 

Thinking about the “new normal” requires patience. Even after a year, there continues to be a sense that there is no normality, nothing is as similar to what existed before.

COVID-19 came to demonstrate that there is a sense of solidarity, humanity and altruism. Many people have been able at some point, even from afar due to social distancing, to keep their mixed emotions to themselves in order to observe and help solve the problems of others. On the other hand, a pandemic is capable of demonstrating that social injustices and gender-based violence must be fought even harder.

There are many reflections on the return to routine. To go back to the office, even if remote work can be executed without great difficulty, it is advisable to wear a mask in closed spaces and on public transport, to avoid crowds. 

In addition, and mainly, everyday relationships are affected. Social distancing remains a highly advisable measure and is one of the most reinforced recommendations even after the end of the state of alert. 

Skokka aims to exemplify how to return to social contact without going through embarrassing situations. How to have a normal life? Is there a way to do it right? 

Like everything else when it comes to living in society, there are codes of conduct that can be seen as a guideline to help when leaving home, or even as a way to take care of yourself at home. The most important thing is to know how to respect the boundaries of both oneself and others.

Having control over things

Not everything can be controlled, even less so when it becomes necessary for everyone to collaborate in order for the collective to flow. Going into confinement is a hard experience that moves all the emotions within oneself. On the other hand, going out again and having contact with the outside world, family, friends and hot Luton escorts also requires calm and understanding that all things take time.

However, in the first months of the year 2021 and most of the time overall, secluded at home, a lot has been learned about how to stay safe from the virus. Wearing masks in mainly closed public spaces, lots of hygiene by washing hands and using hydroalcoholic gel, keeping the house clean, leaving shoes on the doorstep and avoiding touching one’s face. 

The aim is to keep everything the same.  At home, in the office, in bars or restaurants, even on the beach, there should be harmony between distance and cleanliness.

It is helpful to learn to control the level of comfort within a different normality than normal. Therefore, using a bicycle or a car instead of public transport, staying a little bit away from people, following hygienic measures are never too much. It is not necessary to feel strange because you continue to use face masks when you are on a date with one of the call girls and escorts in Mysore, if you wave with your elbow or avoid being face to face with friends or family.

In the face of uncertainty, live life

The fact that we want to live our lives does not take away the responsibility to be prudent while respecting scientific studies on the virus. Moreover, the virus still has no clear answers as to how it can be tackled after all the measures taken by governments. 

In the face of all the uncertainty, some lessons such as stopping, reflecting and waiting for that long-awaited date with an adorable and cute escort in Gold Coast, for things to happen, are the right ones. Anticipating events can cause discomfort and generate the same anxiety you faced during the lockdown.

Assuming care is still taken, easing tensions by staying with friends, meeting special people and valuing the small moments can be important at this time. 

It is important to keep in mind that each person is part of the process. Following the recommended guidelines encourages that, later on, what was normal may become part of everyday life again.

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