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Angela Aguilar: Interesting Things About The Young Latin Sensation

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Angela Aguilar

Angela Aguilar is an absolute sensation in the Latin music world today. The Mexican American, who is the youngest child of Pepe Aguilar and Aneliz Alvarez, has already been nominated for a Grammy and two Latin Grammys. She has been performing in front of big personalities for a long time. In this post, we will take a look at the impressive young career of this Latin music sensation.

Angela Aguilar: Fresh Things In Her Young Life

Is Angela Aguilar going through a difficult time?

It all started while the account of one of her fan clubs called @angelitaas.vip made -from said photograph- a meme sharing humorous content. The reality is that her fans never miss the opportunity to recognize the work of Pepe Aguilar’s daughter, however this time it was a bit confusing.

Ironically, the phrase was misspelled: “How difficult was the change after Kindergarten” and a few minutes later, Angela Aguilar herself published it in her stories. Given such an impact, it was not necessary to clarify all the rumors that began to emerge.

However, it was necessary for the fans themselves to explain that it was just a joke with good intentions. For her part, little Angela is somehow used to the irony that her fans use and to think that they do everything with love.

Although Angela Aguilar admitted that she had a difficult time, this was not the case. Of course, it is worth remembering that after the death of her grandmother Flor Silvestre, she was very sad and today she remembers it as one of the worst moments of her life.

The fact that they had a very affectionate relationship, the same singer acknowledged that she felt sad because she could not talk about her grandmother without crying and for that reason at that time she only limited herself to thanking her followers for their demonstrations of affection.

Does Angela Aguilar sing reggaeton?

When questioned if she performs reggaeton, Angela Aguilar said ”No, I don’t think reggaeton is in my way, I like ranchera, because it’s difficult. I don’t want singing to be like waking up. Each song must be an effort, it is the only way to honor your audience. I tried to sing other genres when I was little, but they were no joke to me. I admire Rocío Durcal, Lola Beltran, Jorge Negrete, Rosita Quintana, and obviously my dad, Pepe Aguilar. I wanted to be like the seed of the popular song so that people would continue to sing it.”

Is Angela Aguilar an animal lover?

Yes, Angela Aguilar loves her dogs. She has 15 dogs on her farms. Three native Mexican breeds, five black pugs and seven dogs of several other breeds. Angela Aguilar also loves the horses at her farm.

Does Angela Aguilar like mariachi?

Speaking on the question, Angela Aguilar said: “I think that three or four years ago, with Christian Nodal, the youth movement began, but it was not born with the right intentions, but because he had a million views on YouTube and they wanted to try to do something like that, not because of him, because of my love of mariachi.

What is Angela Aguilar’s opinion on gay marriage?

Angela Aguilar is extremely in favor of human rights, of the right to be able to be whoever you want to be. “Mexico is a society, mom, I’m going to say something horrible, don’t get mad,” she said to her mother, sitting on the sofa: macho, Mexico is an extremely macho society, but a machismo that is in the blood of the Mexicans. And it makes me super bad.”

Has Angela Aguilar been accused of sexism?

As it is with most things these, people are quick to get offended and label accusations on people for seemingly innocuous things. When asked about people calling her lyrics sexist, Angela Aguilar said: “I have sung about everything. I am a binary woman, but the fact that I live in a certain way does not mean that I do not support the rest. But yes, the genre I sing is very macho, Paloma Negra, La Chancla, my first hit, is a bit macho.”

Has Angela Aguilar performed in front of Barack Obama?

Yes, because she has been a prodigious talent, she has been singing during big, prestigious events in front of important global figures. She sang the American National Anthem in front of Barack Obama when she was very young. Looking back at the event, Angela Aguilar was surprised by the fact that her parents let such a young girl sing in front of such a big political figure.

She has also performed in front of the President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon. She has also sung numerous times in front of city mayors and state governors.

What does Angela Aguilar think about her fashion sense?

Angela Aguilar has loved to wear long, flowy, princess style dresses since she was little. Speaking of her childhood, she said: “Oh sure, since I was little. There you go: the wife of Marco Antonio Solís [the singer], who is like my uncle, gave me pink high-heeled boots. When I was six years old, my mother was very angry as I didn’t even want to take them off in the shower. And I wore a leopard tutu with a sparkly shirt and went to the events dressed as a princess. I have always liked that of being like an eternal princess. And here I am now.”

What social media controversy was Angela Aguilar involved in?

As usual, young Angela Aguilar every time she shares something on her social networks is a reason for the likes, comments and even some other emotion to explode.

On this occasion, she shared a photo of when she was a baby on his official Instagram account and one of his fan accounts was in charge of editing it and, to the surprise of many, Angela Aguilar, instead of getting upset, decided to replicate the image with a bit of humour.

So it was that many began to think that Angela Aguilar is having a difficult time. After sharing the sweet photo of when she was little and writing: “How difficult life became after kindergarten” everything was misunderstood.

The text that was attached to the photograph showed that for young Angela Aguilar that moment was a memory where she expressed obvious fatigue and some lived moments that only she knows.

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