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Celina Powell: Things You Should Know About This Infamous Social Media Personality

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Celina Powell

Celina Powell is one of the famous Instagram influencers and social media personalities who is also known as Black Widow. She is often seen in news headlines because of controversies with hip-hop personalities and actors. Some of the famous men Celina has been involved in the past include names such as Drake, Snoop Dogg, Fetty Wap, Waka Flocka, Dwight Howard, Fabolous, and O’Shea Jackson Jr.

The first time Celina Powell was in news was in 2017 when she told the media about her relationship with Offset. Celina accused him of cheating on Cardi B for her. She also claimed that Offset was the father of her child. Following allegations and when Offset’s wife Cardi B stepped in, Celina admitted that she was making false allegations and that her pregnancy was also a lie. Read below to find similar incidents that have made Celina Powell an infamous social media influencer with more than 300K followers.

Celina Powell’s career is that of a social media personality

She’s a model on Instagram. Although her social media profile may seem simple to you, Celina is one of several who has duped sufficient people into believing that she is big enough to make others contribute to her luxury.

Celina Powell is famous for ruining other people’s lives

Once a celebrity or a rich person listens to hear talks or pays heed to her requests, she gladly victimizes them by building forged and staged evidence against them. She is like a nightmare for the ones who do not listen to her even though she may sound innocent and only trying to have fun. But when things go against her, she can go to any extent, even making false allegations like pregnancy.

Celina Powell and Tory Lanez’s girlfriend was involved in a furious fight

Celina Powell, who had previously hinted at her relationship with Tory Lanez, got into an argument with the rapper’s girlfriend outside of the rapper’s condominium. Celina addressed Lanez initially, and the two had a heated argument. Kaylin, Tory’s girlfriend, came in to try to calm the conflict. As the situation escalated, Powell, on the other side, began striking Kaylin. Kaylin had hauled Celina Powell to the ground during the fight. The model was sitting in a stroller and wearing a neck brace in an Instagram story she uploaded after that.

Celina Powell was involved in a Sextape controversy

Celina revealed on her social media pages, a partly based, that she had some exclusive sex recordings with 6ix9ine and Snoop Dogg. “I dropped exclusive NEVER before seen tapes on 69 and Snoop. Y’all thought I was playing. I keep every video.” OnlyFans members may access the recordings, according to the social media influencer. Her OnlyFans club costs roughly $29.25 each month to join.

Celina Powell is also famous for cyber-bullying

Celina Powell claimed that she was in a relationship with former teen idol Aaron Carter in 2018. She posted several screenshots exposing her messages exchanged with Aaron on Twitter. The screenshots got erased after a while but she pleaded Carter that she wanted to be with him. Although Carter ignored her messages initially but gave her his number once things started to get turned against him. He confessed that they have been together physically just once, but the rest was only cyberbullying. He said that Celina kept messaging him and so, he let her come over to his home.

Celina Powell has been a groupie for the past few years

Celina Powell has generally remained a squad player in the hip-hop world due to her name and notoriety. She claims to have a unique capacity to target and seduce rappers, as seen by her long number of conquests. Celina appears to take satisfaction in her ability to seduce various artists, based on prior interviews, mainly with her friend DJ Akademiks. In fact, Ak has been great at giving her a voice; she even took a pregnancy test to live on his broadcast, and she loves to comment on the actual issue on her Twitch channel.

Celina Powell is sentenced to two years imprisonment

Celina was sentenced to two years in the Colorado State Prison for a probation violation in her 2015 theft ring conviction, according to the Colorado Department of Corrections website. She is said to have been behind the wheel of the getaway automobile. Powell, according to local police, violated traffic laws and her probation terms by skipping several alcohol and drug cases, among other things. She was apprehended on May 1st after missing her court date and sentenced on May 12th in Broomfield County. Powell’s next hearing is scheduled for December, and she will be eligible for parole on March 24, 2023. She is now being held at the Denver Women’s Correctional Facility.

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