Astrid Menks: 11 Crazy Facts About Her Open Marriage, Thrifting, and Immigration!

Astrid Menks

According to Warren Buffett, the man credits his two wives Susie and Astrid Menks with shaping him into the man he is today. Yes, he holds a huge bank account but the two women in his life only helped him earn rather than “break up” marriages (one would think the divorce would be an expensive response to cheating, especially if you married Warren Buffett). Astrid Menks came into Warren Buffett’s life at a time when he was never looking to replace or remove Susie (his wife) from their children. Quite unlike other couples after 25 years together, Susie welcomed Astrid into their lives who was always okay with the idea that she wasn’t going to be Warren’s wife on paper. Here are some fun facts about Warren Buffett’s second wife! Read full article on