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Bombing Gambling Trends 2021

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Bombing Gambling

The online casino industry has undergone continuous transformations since its inception. Leading operators and developers work tirelessly to create the ultimate online experience. The significant progress is in no small part due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has made land-based gambling more difficult, forcing players to move online. Of course, current trends have been further reinforced by general technological advances.

Updating table games and online slots

Some online casino games, such as poker or even blackjack, require a certain level of skill in order for players to increase their chances of winning. However, not everyone has the necessary knowledge and desire to understand the rules, so users tend to look for simpler games. This trend is forcing online casino operators to try to introduce new game formats on their sites in order to check which ones will become popular with their customers. This is why providers are trying to offer more interactive gambling systems. On the other hand, some changes have been made to online slots as well. Faced with fierce online gambling competition, operators are aiming to attract a younger audience, so they are actively introducing slots with skill elements that are a lot like video and console games.

Changing consumer habits motivates developers to create new forms and thus helps to improve the gambling experience. Leading online casino operators, including Shangri La, do their best to provide their customers with the highest quality and most varied content. Created in 2016, the site attracts a wide variety of games that are constantly updated and the most interesting new items are added. Today, here you can find both the simplest and fastest games, such as online scratchcards, as well as various skill-based games.

The incredible popularity of live dealer games

Although at first glance, a platform with a live dealer is no different from a regular online casino, the atmosphere and environment as close as possible to authentic are attracting more and more users. In this format, you play with a real dealer, which makes it possible to control the entire game process. In live mode there is an opportunity to fully apply your knowledge in the gambling. So, it makes sense to practice different strategies, which will increase the winning chances. This is why experienced users prefer to play for real money in live games. If you are looking for a good selection of top live dealer games, the Shangri La Live Casino platform includes high quality varieties of blackjack, baccarat and roulette, as well as all sorts of game shows. In addition, new and most innovative products appear regularly.

Full immersion in gaming reality thanks to VR and AR technologies

The connection between augmented and virtual reality and gambling is deepening. Both are used for a more immersive casino experience, and in the past few years, there have really been more virtual reality accessories available to the general public. This technological trend has led to the development of VR and AR based online casino games. With players ready to have easy access to these game options from the comfort of their home, leading software providers are already developing updates to their regular games so that they can be easily integrated into AR and VR devices. It’s safe to say that the time for virtual reality in online casinos has already arrived! Shangri La web site has already launched games like Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt from Evolution Gaming. This is the first game for live online casino to support VR mode.

Smartwatches will become more popular

Smartwatches are the new trend when it comes to virtual gambling. The past few years they have seen a rise in the popularity of mobile gambling, but smartphones and tablets won’t be the only devices that will be used to connect to online casinos. It is expected that smartwatches will become an even more convenient option for online gambling, as nowadays people are looking for services that are convenient and easily accessible regardless of the user’s location. Moreover, according to analysts, the value of the smartwatch industry in 2020 was about $ 33 billion, and online casino games have already become part of this large-scale trend. Wearable technologies have always been popular and are expected to continue to be such in the future. More and more software developers are now working on games that can be easily integrated across devices, including smartwatches. The relatively low price of smartwatches is an advantage for many people who choose them as a great option for everyday gambling.

An important point

In addition to gambling virtualization, which is taking place everywhere, intellectual control and adherence to the responsible gaming principles are being actively implemented. This is supported by large and reputable companies such as Shangri La, which organize the games in specific order, in compliance with the necessary rules and fairness control.

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