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All about Admission in a pandemic: A Guide Book for students and Parents

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All about Admission in a pandemic A Guide Book for students and Parents

While school and college admissions are taking place online nowadays, parents and students are facing many challenging situations during admission in pandemic. Needless to say, many schools and colleges are closed for the past one and a half year after the complete lockdown was imposed in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 spread. This has indeed impacted the lives of many and school and college admission procedure are no exception to it. I must say that owing to new norms and challenges, many schools and colleges have adapted themselves to ensure children do not suffer from an educational viewpoint. Let us learn how to ensure that our children get what they seek and know admission in pandemic processes to safeguard our child’s better educational output.

What children need to learn before new admission in a pandemic?

Students completing their secondary and high examination must be in doubts about admission in the pandemic procedure. Besides, their final semester and graduation are also facing a lot of trouble which is quite obvious during a pandemic. One thing I would suggest to them is to understand that lockdown and virus spread may take more time than expected initially. So, knowing few important things is necessary before they approach their school and college and to prepare themselves for the pursued course properly.

Make extensive research online

The first step that every student must undertake is doing online research about the right school and college. You need to keep in mind that your benchmark may be different from the others regarding distance, financials, and time. But few things that you must know is affiliations, accreditations, faculty, study materials, exposure and placements. Besides, students must also make extensive research for their school and college online presence through news, websites, social media and from available student’s portal.

Check if the school/college provides counselling options

Maximum schools and colleges offer free counselling sessions through digital platforms for new students’ applicants. Even though the present pandemic condition is challenging, it is advisable for every student to attend online counselling sessions and focus on their academic and career goals.

Never fall for parental pressure and make your own choice

Since ages, we have noticed that many talented children’s career is spoiled just because they lack guidance, and make wrong decisions out of parental pressure. Such students usually select those subjects which are advised by their parents rather than selecting out of their own interest.

Before approaching for admission in pandemic, talk to your parents and keep in mind not every student requires to become an engineer or a doctor. Observe your personality and explore what subject might interest you the most before applying for a new course.

Polishing personality

Since students have to give online interviews during the pandemic, they must leave a good impression in the minds of the interviewer. Although this factor was applicable before the pandemic also, considering today’s schools and colleges have restricted huge admissions, you need to have a remarkable personality to get through the admission process.

What parents need to know about admission in a pandemic?

Work from home has become a new normal and we all, irrespective of industry and sector are impacted due to the COVID-19 outbreak. This is the reason many schools and colleges have changed their admission procedure and strategy during the COVID era. Concerning admission in pandemic, there are many processes that parents need to follow such as counselling session for prospective students, accepting online admission forms and adigital merit list.

Since lockdowns have made it mandatory for schools and colleges worldwide to adopt digital technologies, you have to continue with the admission process from your home only. Some of the key things that your need to keep in mind before starting the process of admission in pandemic includes a complete focus on an efficient admission process rather than overloading or stressing yourself from the online realm. Just believe in technology and communicate with institutes digitally or through telephonic communication to know how they are accepting new admission during the pandemic.

Learn to use live chatbots

Yes, you heard them right. Many educational institutions are nowadays using live chatbots to resolve parents and students queries online. Moreover, if your selected school/college uses a live chatbot, you will find the admission process simpler because live chatbots can resolve issues and FAQS instantly.

You must be wondering what is a live chatbot. Well, it is a simple program that is enabled by the institutions in their websites. The chatbot is programmed in a way that responds to questions asked by students and parents more frequently. Many educational institutions were already using them before 2020 while others have started more recently.

Ask for student counselling session held through video conferencing

Nowadays, counselling has become an inseparable part of the admission processes, particularly for higher classes. As we all are fighting against the pandemic combinedly, schools and colleges are aware that complete lockdown and social distancing have made students and parents restricted to home learning ways only. Traditionally prospective students used to visit institutions personally and look for counsellors who could provide them with necessary information related to subject outline and course liked by the student. However, the pandemic situation has barred such significant communication and counselling.

Do not get demotivated for your child’s counselling as many institutions have started online counselling sessions which are held freely through Google Classes or Zoom and Skype live meeting. This will surely help you and your child decide to move ahead for admission in pandemic.

Additionally, many institutes are arranging virtual webinars to address queries related to prospective students. If the live session is not available, you can ask for any pre-recorded live sessions which can help in getting knowledge about the institution and students’ chosen field.

Online admission procedure

Since we are discussing admission in pandemic related queries, following an online admission procedure is a must thing for every prospective student. Owing to physical distancing and lockdowns, parents and students are required to fill admission forms online while sitting at their home. Some of the necessary documents that you may be asked to fill in include a student registration form, a picture of students’ past academic performance, certificates, merit and photograph, transfer certificates attested and uploaded digitally, and any pre-loadedquestionnaire.

If you hold any kind of scholarship or beneficiary account, do consult the institution before-handed as such cases may require different treatment. After the student is selected initially among other applicants, the list is released online or through SMS and you need to get prepared for online assessments.

Appearing for online assessment

The entrance examination is not new and is been taken by every school and college before admitting new students. This ascertains the prospective student’s IQ level along with their eligibility to cope with other students in their classroom. Of course, pen and paper examination will not work out during the pandemic and thus, you need to think out of the box. Get prepared for online assessment if want you child to get admitted in a new school or college during the pandemic.

One of the best parts of online assessment is that they can be given while sitting at home which means, no external pressure or worries about completing the exam in a new atmosphere. The secure browsing and digital interfaces have indeed equipped many educational institutions with cheating-free online assessments. You can easily make your child appear for an online assessment if you have a laptop or a tablet. Just ensure that they have adequate internet and your child has a complete focus since most of the online assessments for admission purpose are time-based.

 Digital fee payments

Accepting and paying money in digital format has become quite common in every industry. Regarding admission in pandemic, fees in digital format are the only way that can make institutions manage the admission process in a paperless way. Hence, you need to get prepared for making digital payments once all the above-mentioned criteria are fulfilled and your child is selected for admission. After making the payments and completing online registrations, you will get the entire fees collection status, students’ portal, digital dashboard, etc as provided by your school or college.

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