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Overcoming Writer’s Block in College

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Overcoming Writer's Block in College

Writing is not everyone’s forte. However, some students enjoy their creative time. They get to experiment with styles, embark on a long research journey, and play with their argumentations and sources. It can be an interesting way to express one’s opinions and thoughts while also bragging about unique skills and writing approaches.

However, even those students with a love for writing at heart can stumble upon horrible writer’s block. What to say about young people who fear writing assignments more than anything? Indeed, such a block can be a tricky thing to handle. On the one hand, you have the time and will to write. On the other, you hang in front of a blank screen page for hours with growing desperation. So what should you do if those situations occur? Here are a few tips on overcoming writer’s block.

Eliminate the distractions

First of all, try to create a productive and peaceful environment for you to write. Such a place should help you gain concentration and better focus. Hence, block any unnecessary notifications. Put your phone on mute. Perhaps, use a blocking app so you can’t access any destructing apps for a moment. Overall, see what you can do to prevent writer’s block from happening in the first place.

Get ready

Having everything you need for writing will greatly help you move faster with your writing. So start by researching your topic and finding all the necessary sources. Thus, you already know what and where to use when supporting your statements. Next, bring all your materials, notes, and drafts in order. Have them in front of you, so you can use them at any moment you need. Lastly, take some snacks and water. Hunger or dehydration aren’t your friends in creative work.

Take breaks

Sometimes, it’s not really writer’s block that bothers you, but simple typical exhaustion. Perhaps, you have been writing for too long already. Maybe you have been trying too hard to make things happen on paper. Sometimes, students get too much into their heads and can’t focus on what’s in front of them. But, overall, there can be numerous reasons why you need to take a break.

By having a brief rest, you let your brain change focus and relax. It’s just like with muscles. When you pull a muscle too hard, it starts to hurt and spasm. The same happens to your brain. Real progress happens when you know when to contract and rest. So, take frequent five minutes breaks throughout your writing sessions.


Perhaps, you are just having a crisis of ideas. It happens. The best way to use your time in a bloc productively is by brainstorming. So what you can’t write at the moment? You can still advance your paperwork by doing other things, like brainstorming, trying different arguments, etc. You’ll see what a difference it’ll make in your writing process. A new idea can spark immense motivation to write.

In fact, you may even brainstorm on topics unrelated to your topic questions. Thus, you will recharge and activate your mind. Ask things like what’s your favorite book or how you like your eggs cooked. Anything that won’t require much thinking but will make you wonder a bit.


If nothing really helps, try exercising. It can be a great tool for finding inspiration and an extra boost of energy. By exercising, you release dopamine, so essential for mood enhancement. You also increase the blood flow in your body. So, your brain gets more oxygen which also helps its activity and focus. In addition, exercising will help clear your mind. It’s a completely different activity from writing. Hence, you get healthy and plan for distractions before going back on track. Such a change in activities will clear the horizon before your next brilliant writing idea.

Recognize your type of block

Did you know that there are different writer’s blocks? Indeed, there are at least five of them for various occasions. Recognizing which one you’re having can help you deal with it faster. Thus, what seems to be the current problem? Have you simply run out of ideas? Well, it’s a creative block. It’s relatively easy to overcome, too. Just do some extra research, and re-read your notes and drafts to see what’s the next logical thing to say. Perhaps, talk to your friends or professor to get a different perspective.

Are you having an existential crisis? That’s a psychological block. You may feel all nihilistic at the moment and see no point in proceeding with your paper. That happens. You are not alone in it. Many students get overwhelmed with their academic life. In moments like this, you better take a break and do something you love. Have a walk, talk to someone you care about, and eat some ice cream. Overall, get yourself in a better mood before returning to that essay. You’ll see how differently you start thinking once your crisis wears off. Though, sometimes, you just get stuck. You have ideas. You want to write. But everything you put on paper seems off. It doesn’t work. Eventually, you have to put words together. You hit the roadblock and can’t back down. That’s tough. It’s even worse if you have only a few hours before the deadline. Fortunately, one can always count on essay help online when needed. However, you can also try the tips on this list to see what can break your full stop.

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