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Sites to Help Newcomers to Destiny 2

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Sites to Help Newcomers to Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is an iconic MMO fantasy shooter where players choose their class, develop one of three characters and seek to stop the invasion of the legions of the enemy, while exploring the history of planets and cities.

In order not to get confused in the basic mechanics and to choose and develop your character correctly, you need to not only follow the quest system, but also read various sites and, if necessary, ask for help.

Sites that can help novice players

  • Skycoach
  • Destiny 2 Fandom
  • Bungee forums



Skycoach is a site to help players and provide an opportunity to learn how to play key characters and roles from the best players.


Glitter is Destiny 2’s key currency, and there’s never enough of it. Often obtained from monsters, for quests and spent at a high rate on better weapons, special ammo and contracts to gain experience.

Skyouch can provide glosses in any quantity upon request in compliance with all security measures in order to avoid imposition of sanctions by the administration. All transactions are carried out under the guise of transactions between characters and the GameMaster will not pay attention to the exchange, since the players themselves decide how to dispose of their property.


A professional Skycoach player takes control of the account and ensures that the character is upgraded to the desired level. When connecting, VPN is used and the safety of personal data is guaranteed. After the service, it is recommended to change the password.


For players who want to master their class at a good level for PVP and PVE, it is worth considering the coaching service. A professional Skycoach player communicates with you by voice and teaches you the game in every detail – the technique of movement, shooting, the use of grenades and the selection of skills and abilities.

Destiny 2 Fandom

The fandom is a source of knowledge for all players. It is difficult to find guides on the site, but there are many detailed descriptions of skills, skills, development directions, types of weapons and class features.


If you search the Fandom for information about the direction of character development, you can find three variations of development.

Lightning – expands the abilities of the class. If you choose this development option for a titan, then the class will not only become strong in defense, but will also deal good damage to all targets that dare to approach in order to knock down the exposed defense.

Sun – enhances class abilities – especially effective for hunters. Marksman hunter that can be upgraded into a sniper class – long-range weapons and increased damage due to the power of the sun. The effect will be useful for breaking through strong targets – Titans and bosses in raids.

Void – enhances the abilities of classes. Significantly increases the AoE effect of the warlock’s damage and is one of the best variations for this class. You can read about each skill and its enhancement in the Fandom.


The reconnaissance rifle is a medium-powered, fast-firing weapon, an analogue of a semi-automatic weapon.

Impulse Rifles – medium power assault rifles, has low recoil, but not the strongest damage.

Automatic rifles are the best weapons for effective shooting, but you have to get used to the recoil, like an AK in CS:GO.

Hand guns – a revolver with the ability to regulate shooting – the power of the cartridge and the time required for loading.

Bungie forums

The official forums of any game, including Destiny 2, are an excellent source of information where players share their personal experience not from dry sources of patch notes, but through personal experience.

On the Banjie forums, you should look for full-fledged guides – a description of how to play for the selected class, where to get equipment of the right level of power and which weapon is best suited for a given situation, raid, or PVP.

Similarly, there will be information about the development of skills, but unlike sites with information on the forums, there will be tips and recommendations from other players based on the current meta and the opportunity to read different opinions before choosing your development path and going to pump a character.

The most difficult thing is to go to mythical and legendary raids where the best elements of equipment and weapons are obtained. On the forum you can find a description of the behavior of the boss and his strengths and weaknesses.

Strengths will help you understand the main attacks and movement directions of the boss and his retinue, and take the necessary measures for the survival of the group and victory in the raid.

Weaknesses will help to understand the focus of efforts and how to attack the boss – the main burden often falls on the warlock as a healer and AoE attacking class and the titan – as a tank, which should hold the main damage and prevent any skill from being applied to other allies.

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