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8 Secrets to Having a Successful Platonic Relationship

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Platonic Relationship

What does it mean to have a Platonic Relationship?

A platonic relationship is one in which two people get a strong bond but are not sexually involved. The concept focuses on the thoughts of the ancient philosopher Plato, whose name the term was from. Whereas Plato believed that this kind of love could lead individuals closer to a heavenly ideal, today’s use of the phrase refers to those who are close friends. 

A sexual or romantic relationship is the exact opposite of a platonic relationship. While the phrase is often associated with opposite-sex friendships, it could also refer to same-sex friendships. If both people decide to pursue sexual relations, several things could happen. This could build a connection if that is a great experience, but if that is not, intimacy can be harmful to a platonic relationship. Several mental health doctors advise against sexual contact between platonic friends, owing to the rarity of such a relationship. If one person has a strong sexual desire while the other does not, here are a few hints or secrets to keep the relationship intact: 

1.   Mutual Boundaries should be established

It doesn’t take long for the platonic connection to develop into something more intimate. What if one develops affections for the other? It may go unrequited, and both parties may suffer as a result. It could save you a lot of stress and display respect for one another’s ideas and needs if you both wish to set some healthy boundaries to be together. As a result, it’s critical to sit down and come up with certain amicable terms to keep things platonic. 

For the sake of your friendship, draw a narrow line. Always stay clear if it’s not okay to sleep in the same bed or snuggle while watching your favourite show.

2.   Think of what you say and do

Recall when you were at junior high so you had your first significant crush? You had butterflies in your stomach but also your body turned to jelly each time you saw the object of your desire. You were exuberant, clumsy, and it felt like you were putting your foot in your mouth with everything you said. 

In some way of a purely friendly relationship, these weren’t the kinds of talks and behaviours you want to have. Keep an eye on how you behave in front of your pal. If you’re giddy, playful, plus flushed when you see your loved one, you might be sending the incorrect signals.

3.   Keep your hands to yourself

It seems that your moments at kindergarten taught you a lot regarding life, particularly about personal boundaries. When things relating to others, women, particularly men, seem to be more caring and touchy-feely. Remember what your kindergarten teacher stated, and keep your hands to yourself until you decide to only be friends with a boy or girl. 

A small side hug or shaking hands at a greeting are examples of harmless contact. Be mindful that excessive touching might imply that you are attracted to him, resulting in higher levels of sexual tension than usual. If you can’t keep your hands off each other, it’s clear that you’re more than simply pals.

4.   Avoid going on romantic dates

Sure, you plus your friend may have hung out in high school or college, but nothing romantic happened. Dinners, movies, and late-night cruises, on the other hand, can only further muddle your emotions. Furthermore, you don’t want to provide fodder for conversation.

Why not have a group date if you ever do go out to dinner or an event together? If it’s not an option, choose a large table that doesn’t imply or urge intimacy. Spending time with your pal is good, but save date nights for your partner or spouse.

5.   Maintain a healthy balance

We can become so engrossed in the daily routines that we forget to check with ourselves and our dear ones. Finding a balance between your business and personal lives is critical for both you and those around you. You must be there for a friend at times. It often necessitates a compromise, in which some connections must be prioritized above others.

Avoiding a bond all the time may result in conflicts and harm to the other party. But watch out for them taking advantage of your generosity. Inform your lover about the circumstance if you’re stuck somewhere and can’t get to them. Finally, make amends by ordering their favourite pizza or cheering them up.

6.   Inevitable sexual tension

One of the things that set you apart from other animals is your ability to manage, or at least attempt to control your primitive cravings. Humanity would have gone out long ago if it wasn’t for sexual attraction. Food, shelter, water, and acceptance are all inherent needs. 

You should expect sexual tension in every platonic relationship. It is up to you both to avoid putting yourselves in a compromising scenario where shared limits are crossed. When you’re unable to do so, this is time to reconsider your relationship. 

7.   Do not act upon a crush

Do you ever find yourself wondering about becoming intimate with a male or female friend? It’s natural to develop a crush on somebody of the other sex, even if you’re married or in a steady relationship. The important thing is to keep it from going any farther. Assume you or she meet in a shopping centre, and she’s dressed attractively, bringing out the brilliant blue in her eyes. It’s okay to think she’s attractive, and you may have some stomach flutters. It’s critical to let the moment pass so it doesn’t become something you’ll both regret later.

8.   Others who may be affected by your platonic relationship should be reassured

If there are partners, wives, lovers, or other people involved, it’s a good idea to discuss the essence of your platonic friendship with them right away. In cases when it’s political, do the same for your platonic pal’s other half. Avoid potentially compromising scenarios, like going to their apartment late at night without your spouse’s permission. Recognize that trying to maintain a platonic friendship could be difficult at times because of your partner’s concerns regarding your platonic relationship. Your spouse deserves to learn that (a) you aren’t discussing or complaining about them, (b) you’ll be honest to your spouse about just what you say and do with your platonic buddy, (c) there will be no hidden acts, and (d) you won’t let the platonic friend displace your marriage relationship.

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