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How to Pick the Perfect Family Car

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How to Pick the Perfect Family Car

Is a family car at the top of your shopping list? Perhaps a new arrival has meant you’ve outgrown your current set of wheels – or maybe it’s simply time for an upgrade.

Whatever the motivation behind your search, the family car market is one of the most competitive around – and it’s not a decision you’ll want to take lightly. Having a realistic budget in mind is essential, so make sure to weigh up all your financial options.

Car sales are picking up again following a tough 2020, with new car registrations in May marking a 674% increase year on year. But whether you’re planning a series of road trips or simply getting back to regular routines, find tips on when to buy, what to look for and how to make the right choice below.

When is the best time to buy?

While you might not have the freedom to wait for the perfect opportunity, certain times of the year can prove better for buyers than others.

Spring is ideal as many dealerships will be keen to boost their sales before the end of the financial year. The same goes for quarterly targets, which can make May, August and November more rewarding too.

Timing is generally less important when it comes to used cars – but late March and September can see availability increase as owners trade in old vehicles around new car registration dates.

What to look for in a family car

So what makes the ideal family car?Your priorities may vary based on how you plan to use yours, but key features include space, safety and reliability.

You’ll want enough room to comfortably seat your gang while having space for luggage, shopping and even a dog or two. Safety is paramount when you’re carrying such precious cargo, so look out for models that offer excellent safety ratings and a range of built-in features.

The last thing you want on a family trip is a breakdown meanwhile, so choose a manufacturer with a positive reputation and a model with no or low mileage if possible.

Tips for making the right choice

A family car needs to be just right, so try to make an educated decision based on your budget and evolving needs.

Your new purchase shouldn’t overstretch you financially, so make sure to account for running costs such as insurance and fuel too. In terms of your needs, think about how long you plan to keep the car and how that ties in with your family growing.

Getting a new family car can be an exciting experience for everyone if you have total confidence in your decision. Follow the advice above to make yours perfect.

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