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Love Travelling? These 15 Professions Are Made for You!

by YourDailyHunt.com
Love Travelling These 15 Professions Are Made for You

Want to travel but need money to fulfil your other needs? Why not travel and get paid! Some professions are also favourable for this way of life, combining pleasure and work is quite possible and easier than you think.

Wondering how? Discover the 15 professions for travelling all over the world.

1. Photographer

If you know how to take beautiful pictures, if you have an eye for detail, and if you have a minimum of marketing knowledge, selling your travel photos may help you. Photographers have the vision to look at things in a way no one else can. Capturing moments as you travel across the world is one thing, and making money from them, quite another. 

2. Archaeologist

Archaeologists travel all over the world- where they can discover new things. Being an archaeologist is the ideal job for exploring distant lands, discovering lost cities and forgotten civilizations. If you are looking for a job while travelling, go back to school!

3. Musician and sound technician

It’s not easy to make a living from music, but if you succeed, you will be able to do a job that takes you around the world while living off your passion. Whether you are travelling from city to city by bus or plane, there are many benefits to being a musician! Just as musicians cannot go on stage without a small team of technicians to manage the stage setting and sound, a support technician is another job you can consider. Although the profession of the technician is not as glamorous as that of a rockstar, the technicians can work and travel all over the world without having to take centre stage!

4. Work in the hotel and catering industry

Whether in the hotel or restaurant industry, it is easy to find a job for travelling. All it takes is a little goodwill and courage. Many waiters and bartenders take advantage of their profession to travel around the world.

Also, French cuisine is renowned around the world, serving as an additional asset for landing a job as a cook. Great experiences in perspective with this job that allows you to travel.

5. Stewardess

Flight attendants and other flight attendants spend long hours on planes, but they also stand the opportunity to explore new places during long layovers and rest periods. Also, flight attendants and flight attendants benefit from almost free plane tickets for themselves, their spouses and their children! The profession where you travel par excellence!

6. Travel guide

Want to see the world for free – even get paid to be a tourist? Become a travel guide, the job that allows you to work while travelling! The only two “constraints”: you must be very well organized and listen to your group. In terms of the benefits, you will have in return, the game is worth the effort!

7. Software specialist or freelance programmer

If you are a freelance programmer or software developer, you can travel and work from anywhere in the world. After all, having a laptop and an internet connection are the only two things you need for work! Being a programmer is the perfect job for travelling – and what’s more, it’s an extremely well-paid job! The internetwork is the key to being able to work even on the beach!

8. Sailor, Captain or crew member

Working on a cruise ship or a private ship is exhausting, but it can also be a lot of fun! It will also allow you to see the country! However, it is better not to suffer from seasickness to do this job where you travel a lot!

9. Hotel tester

Another profession to travel to not to be missed! Hotel tester is one of the best jobs there is. This will allow you to travel the globe while staying in amazing hotels. It is a rather difficult profession to obtain, but if you manage to find contracts, you will hit the jackpot!

10. Journalist

This is another job for travelling. If writing is your passion, why not become an international reporter? It’s one of the best ways to work while travelling! From festivals and concerts to sporting events, journalists can attend some of the world’s most incredible events, all for free!

11. Documentary maker

The world is full of incredible stories. If you enjoy making videos, why not become a documentary maker? It’s a great way to work AND travel! From YouTube to Vine to Vimeo, people are always on the lookout for new, exciting stories to discover. Get started!

12. Au Pair

Do you like children and do you like to travel? Opt for au pair work! Caring for a child is a heavy responsibility, but in return, you will enjoy a comfortable home, you will be able to learn a foreign language, and you will also be able to travel – alone or with your host family!

13. Actor

Whether you’re a TV star, movie star, or taking the stage in theatres, being an actor will allow you to travel around the world for weeks, sometimes months.

14. Event Coordinator

This is not about local events like parties or weddings. It is the work of coordinating large-scale events such as international festivals or exhibitions. This is the perfect job for travel enthusiasts. Job responsibilities include meeting with potential customers around the world, then overseeing the preparations for the event on the spot.

15. Volunteer

You can work as a volunteer in different parts of the world. As a rule, volunteering involves cooperation in the fields of education, health care, economic and agricultural development. Volunteers are provided with housing, medical benefits and student loans.  TEFL internships are also a great way to start a new career. 

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