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Window Swap: The Phenomenon That Took Over the World During Lockdown

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Window Swap

All of society is aware that we have witnessed one of the most dangerous situations that have occurred on planet Earth worldwide. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has not been the only one that has been experienced in human history, it will be one of the most talked about over the years. In a matter of days, people’s lives changed dramatically and what was once considered normal, soon became prohibited. Even going out to get groceries became a challenge. Traveling became almost impossible since so many flights were grounded and people were forced to stay at home. The pandemic, in addition to bringing all kinds of losses around the world, was also marked by causing a large part of society to be confined to their home. This caused many people to create all kinds of new methods of entertainment. Some took to social media or created fun challenges, while others opened up their worldview through Window Swap. Let’s find out more about it.

Window Swap: All You Need to Know

What is Window Swap?

Window Swap’s pretext is as simple as it is tempting. And it is that this web page, created without great pretensions -is neither flashy nor commercial, allows anyone to share the views from their window with the rest of the world.

Whoever wishes, can do so simply by sending a horizontally shot video that should not exceed 10 minutes, through a form, which only requires the identification of the author and the location of the recording. The result is numerous moving images that transport you to unsuspected places, from a different perspective than we would have in case of visiting them personally.

Window Swap is a website where people from different parts of the world share a small video of the landscape that they can see through their window. It was created so that all of society could see different parts of the world but without leaving their home. In this initiative we can see different landscapes of well-known cities such as Barcelona, ​​Paris or Rome, as well as panoramic views of other cities in the world.

Who created Window Swap?

Vaishnav Balasubramaniam (left) and Sonali Ranjit (right), creators of Window Swap

Window Swap was created by Vaishnav Balasubramaniam and Sonali Ranjit, a couple who live in Singapore. The premise of the site was pretty simple and appealing: Open a new window somewhere in the world. You click and, as promised, you are immediately transported somewhere in the world. You can see snowfall outside a cabin in Switzerland, sunlight shimmering over the sea in Goa or a rain soaked evening in Vietnam.

A certain intimacy emerges from the experience. You enter the home – and the life – of a completely foreign person, often on the other side of the planet. You have been invited to come in, but you are not physically there, and your view is limited to what the person sees outside the window. Vaishnav Balasubramaniam said that one most interesting messages he has received is from a retired nurse who works in a home for the elderly. She thanked the couple for this content which may well be their last sight to the outside world.

For Sonali Ranjit, the glimpse of lives on the other side of the world evokes a powerful feeling, both strange and wonderful. She said: “You click on a random window and realize that you are stepping into the life of someone who leads a life as complicated, strange, hard, and wonderful as yours.”

Vaishnav Balasubramaniam remembers falling on the window of his dreams, which brought him a lot of comfort. It was this wonderful sight in Italy, which had this very mesmerizing wind chime, which was spinning all the time. He was mesmerized by the spinning wind chime. And there was that kind of really calming classical music playing in the background.

How to use Window Swap?

This website is quite simple to use, you simply have to select the button in the center of the screen to start seeing landscapes through the windows of other homes in the world. From this website, the creators also offer the opportunity for more people to upload their own video. You just have to meet the requirements that they establish in the “Send” section of your website and send the video to the email that appears there.

It all started with a photo taken from a window in Barcelona by a person who was desperate to travel, but was holed up in their home due to the pandemic.

How popular is Window Swap today?

The formula has drawn crowds in these times of containment. At last count, the site offered window views from approximately 175 countries, and user experiences are constantly changing.

The website has around 130 new videos on the site every week and they are constantly updated. The couple have amassed a library of around 6,000 videos.

People who use Window Swap are not necessarily looking for a deep life experience. Rather, some seek to distract themselves in an age when working from home, computer screens and Zoom meetings are a daily reality.

A lot of people say they use Window Swap as a second screen while they are working to calm down and focus on their work better.

The couple are hopeful that their website will survive COVID-19 and that it will continue to bring people on the road even if they are no longer confined to their homes.

Sonali Ranjit said that as long as people show interest in WIndow Swap and they have the money to do it, they will keep Window Swap running.

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