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Workaholic’s Guide to Self Care: Tips for Having a Relaxing Day Off

by YourDailyHunt.com
Workaholic’s Guide to Self Care Tips for Having a Relaxing Day Off

Do you think of yourself as a workaholic? Even if you’ve never consciously thought about whether this label applies to you, there may be a simple litmus test that can reveal if you’re too attached to your work: working on your day off. If you find it difficult to really relax and enjoy your day off, or to dedicate any significant amount of time to hobbies such as chatting with a pet psychic lost pet and finding the best love psychics, you might need to focus more on practicing self-care.

Banish Technology for the Day and Focus on Reconnecting With What Makes You Happy

The biggest temptation for most workaholics may be checking work email or opening up their work laptops to “catch up a little”, which can then quickly snowball into a full day’s work! Don’t risk overworking on your day off – instead, banish technology for the day so you can reconnect with your hobbies, find the best psychic reader online and have enough time to relax. Make sure you:

  • Shut off your phone and laptop
  • Don’t get on the internet or check your email
  • Consider spending some time outdoors instead of staying cooped up inside all day
  • Take deep breaths, meditate and consider doing a session of yoga to help revitalize your energy levels
  • Avoid the temptation to turn on your computer and do any work, even if it’s something “minor”

Use This Opportunity To Pamper Yourself and Check Off Bucket List Items

Days off provide the perfect opportunity to go out, pamper yourself and maybe even cross a few items off of your bucket list! For instance, if you’ve wanted to take part in a local activity for a while but haven’t had the time, your day off might be the ideal moment for it. Try treating yourself by:

  • Visiting a local museum, art exhibit or movie showing
  • Taking a walk through the local farmer’s market and picking out some fresh produce to enjoy
  • Taking a drive to a nearby landmark or institution that’s on your bucket list or that you’ve always wanted to see
  • Heading out to lunch at that new restaurant you’ve been wanting to try
  • Giving yourself permission to indulge a little or splurge on that item you’ve had your eye on recently

Don’t Be Afraid To Take a Do-Nothing Day Just To Rest and Recover

As a workaholic, you may be tempted to think that even your day off needs to somehow be filled with productive activities. However, don’t be afraid to just take a do-nothing day! Sometimes, you simply need a day off to rest and recover. For the ultimate do-nothing day, you might:

  • Take a long nap to catch up on sleep and feel refreshed
  • Treat yourself to a few indulgent snacks
  • Dedicate some extra time to playing with your pet
  • Read a good book

When you take a day off from work, it’s important to relax and actually enjoy the day! If you’re a workaholic and find it difficult to fully kick back on days off, this easy guide to self-care can help you chill out and unwind.

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