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How to Plan a Trip of a Lifetime to Bali

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How to Plan a Trip of a Lifetime to Bali

Bali is well-known for its scenic beauty, crystal bodies of water, and thrilling adventures. Taking a trip to Bali involves choosing what you’d like to experience for the first time in your life. Only a few places around the globe can match the experiences you’ll have in Bali. 

It is perhaps the most famous island, attracting visitors with its beaches, legendary rice terraces, jungle-covered volcanoes, distinct culture, and warm-hearted people. Devote some time on the island of the Gods, and you’ll know why the unique culture and incredible sites make people come back for more.

How to Reach Bali? 

· By waterways

It is permissible to enter Bali by sea, as it is a famous port for cruise ships. If you want to get to Bali by cruise ship, you should fly to Singapore or even Java or Sumatra and then catch a ship to Bali.

· By airways

Ngurah Rai International Airport or Denpasar International Airport, situated in the South Kuta district of Bali, serves the island. The airport is just a half-hour drive from many of the beachfront resorts in southern Bali. The airport operates flights from many global cities daily and serves as the main entry point to the island. It is actually the world’s smallest international airport, but it also has a domestic terminal for passengers flying to eastern Indonesia.

· By roadways

If you’re curious about how to get to Bali by road, there are bus facilities from Java and Jakarta to Bali. A road trip to Bali might last up to roughly 23 hours. Choose a luxury air-conditioned coach for the ride if you are confident enough to do so. 


Bali has several of the most beautiful premium resorts and personal villas, but it also has a wide selection of mid-range accommodation and backpacker hostels. It all comes down to your budget and how much money you want to expend.

We suggest the following:

  1. Radisson Blue (it is one of the most reviewed resorts in Bali where you can be treated luxuriously on a budget), Six Senses (it is a 5-star luxury resort in a very exotic location), and SR Hostel (choose this if you are on a tight budget; it is perfect for backpackers) in Uluwatu.
  2. Hanging Gardens of Bali, Ubud’s Premiere Luxury Resort (it’s a jungle resort with a 5-star luxury), Visesa Ubud Resort (with amazing villas and great prices, this resort is the bestselling resort in Ubud), Wayan’s Family Hostel (it is cheap yet an amazing hostel) in Ubud. 
  3. Pearl of Trawangan Resort and Gili Castle (They host fantastic parties and pub crawls that allow you to meet other people, there is a swimming pool with a rock-climbing wall, and all of the facilities are convenient) in Trawangan. 

Budget & Currency 

Indonesia Rupiah is the currency used in Bali. Bali can be a low-cost or high-end vacation spot. The island has everything, and you can spend that much or as little money as you would like. Though somewhat more costly than other Southeast Asian countries, we consider Bali to be very accommodating when it comes to budgeting for lodging, food, and transportation. If you want to be strict, $25USD per day should suffice, but if you want to be on a budget but with some room to manoeuvre, plan on $35-45USD per day.

That is, if you stay in hostels (100,000-150,000 per night), enjoy local food (15,000-50,000 per meal), and use budget applications to find transportation, which varies. This budget allows for activities, but not daily.

Best Time to Visit 

The peak months to travel are July to August, so if you’d like to avoid crowds, go there in the shoulder seasons of April-June and September-October. It’s especially beautiful in the spring, just after the rainy seasons have ended, and the island is shrouded in vibrant and lush greenery. 

Things to Pack 

One of the things we appreciate about Bali is that you do not have to carry anything, particularly if you are just staying for a 10-day/two-week vacation. Also, the shopping in Bali is great, and you will want to carry back a separate bag full of souvenirs and clothes. Other than that, we say pack light and comfortable clothes, which include beachwear (of course!). And then, portable chargers, sunscreen (very important), insect repellent, and waterproof phone cases.  

Places to Visit 

1. Ubud

Ubud is regarded as Bali’s cultural base with shrines, wellness hubs, yoga centres, and small shops on every corner of the street. With access to a broad variety of locally produced food, it is in Ubud that the vegan and raw dining cultures were born. The food and drink choices are fantastic, as are the opportunities to visit the popular rice fields, near Mt.Batur, and the iconic Monkey Forest, and shop at the Ubud Center Market. 

2. Canggu

As a consequence of Seminyak’s tourism revolution, the spotlight appears to have moved to Canggu, or “the gu,” as the locals refer to it. Canggu is Seminyak’s younger brother, situated just north of Seminyak on Bali’s western coast. Canggu is among the most popular surf spots on the island, and if you go, you’ll most certainly end up with a drink or two at Old Man’s as you watch the sunset over the horizon. 

3. Sanur

Sanur, deemed one of the sleepier towns and home to many family-oriented hotels, is the underdog among young backpackers. It’s the ideal location for a more relaxed Balinese experience. You’re also right on the doorstep of the neighbouring islands of Nusa Archipelago, Lombok, Flores, Komodo, and the Gilis, all of which can be explored in a day or two. 

4. Uluwatu

Uluwatu is host to some of Bali’s finest surf breaks as well as some of the world’s most reliable and sought-after reef spreads. This surf town is situated on the western cliffs of the Bukit Peninsula on the south of the island. The Pura Luhur temple, as well as some of the island’s finest lavish hotels and restaurants, can be found here.

5. Seminyak

Seminyak is among the nearby towns to Denpasar Airport (the island’s major airport) and is host to the W Hotel. It’s crowded, to say the very least, but the beauty of the sunsets cannot be overlooked. There are a few fantastic cafes and beach club vibes here as well. We’d recommend staying for just a night or two, maybe to begin your trip. 

Things to do 

  1. Surf in Kuta
  2. Discover Bali Safari and Marine Park
  3. Go to Bali Swing
  4. Visit Waterborn, a water park in Kuta
  5. Try Flying Fish, Sea walking, underwater scooter, and jet skiing in Tanjung
  6. Swim with the sharks at Kota Denpasar
  7. Scuba diving at Sanur, Menjangan Island and Tulamben.
  8. White water rafting in Ayung River
  9. Snorkelling in Amed
  10. Muck Diving at Padang Bai

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