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Spoiler Discord: How To Add the Spoiler Tag

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Discord is a fantastic platform for people to catch up  with friends in like-minded community servers. However, all the messages sent over the Discord server aren’t suitable for everyone. Thankfully, there’s a way around that and people can hide some messages with the help of spoiler tags.

How to Add Spoiler Tags on Discord?

How to add spoiler tags to Discord text messages

There are many ways for you to add spoiler tags to text messages on the Discord server. The steps we are discussing in this post will let you add spoiler tags to all the messages you send on the Discord server. These steps will work on your smartphones (Android + iOS), and desktop/laptop as well. To add a spoiler tag to a text message, type “/spoiler” at the start of a message. Sending “/spoiler this is a spoiler message” in a Discord server will hide the message until the recipients decide to view it.

Type "/spoiler" followed by your message.

Aside from that, you can also type two vertical bars at the start and end of your message. For example, “||this is a spoiler message||” would also be displayed as a spoiler.

"||this is a spoiler message||"

If you want to see a spoiler message on Discord, you will need to click on it/tap it. The message will appear highlighted with a gray background behind it.

Tap a spoiler message to open it in Discord.

How to add spoiler tags to images or attachments

You also have the option to add spoiler tags to images and attachments sent via the Discord server. However, you can’t just use the same methods that we recommended for using spoiler tags on text messages. However, you can mark files and images as spoilers before you upload them. You only have the option to add spoiler tags to images or attachments you send via the Discord website or in the app for Windows or Mac. They can’t be done on your smartphones.

To do this in the Discord desktop app or on the website, drag and drop your file into the server chat, or click the plus sign (+) next to the chat bar.

Click the plus sign (+) to upload a file to Discord.

A preview of your attached file will appear before it’s sent in the chat.

Select the “Mark as Spoiler” checkbox to hide the image or file after it’s sent, and then click “Upload.” 

And that’s it, your image will be marked with the Spoiler tag on the Discord server.

Select the "Mark as Spoiler" checkbox, and then click "Upload."

After it’s sent, the image or file will appear in Discord behind spoiler tags. You can tap “Spoiler” to disregard the spoiler view and inspect the file.

Tap "Spoiler" to view the hidden file or image on Discord.

This removes the spoiler tag and displays the image or file as normal.

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