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Shower Beer: The Golden Rules

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Shower Beer The Golden Rules

Savoring a pint (or many) of beer in the shower is as normal to the growth of mankind as discovering fire, creating the wheel, and coming up with language to communicate. Gulping down a beer, cocktail or a glass of wine towards the day’s end is a well established custom. Another drinking custom that is being accepted these days is the “Showe Beer”. Having a refreshing pint of cold beer in the shower has its own charms. It is one of the most fun ways to consume beer. Let’s find out more about this exciting method of consuming this exciting beverage. 

Shower Beer: All You Need to Know

How did Shower Beer start?

The Shower Beer concept was introduced by Swedish Craft Brewery Pang, whose interest with savoring beer in the shower, drove them to make a 6-ounce brew intended to be finished in three gulps while showering. Today the term alludes to any alcoholic drink consumed in the shower, in order to save precious minutes before heading out or unwind and relax after a long day. 

Dr. Christopher Hollingsworth of NYC Surgical Associates says: “The shower beer is actually a great way to improve productivity and creativity. Showers are a great way to release dopamine, and adding one drink to that can assist your creative juices due to your relaxed mindset.”

The reward centres of your cerebral cortex were first distinguished during the 1950s when researchers understood that invigorating a locale of the rodent mind known as the core accumbens delivered an addictive measure of dopamine. These discoveries have been copied in various creature studies, and neuroscientists have concluded that human cerebrums work correspondingly. Yet, it wasn’t until 2012 that researchers saw human minds and found that liquor floods their pleasure places with endorphins. 

“This is something that we’ve speculated about for 30 years, based on animal studies, but haven’t observed in humans until now. “It provides the first direct evidence of how alcohol makes people feel good,” said study co-author Jennifer Mitchell, professor of neurology at University of California, San Francisco. A more recent study out of Britain has supported these claims and reported that drinking a light amount of alcohol makes adults happier on all occasions. 

What are the golden rules of shower beer?

Rule 1: Say no to glasses

The first and most significant principle for enjoying a shower beer is to stay away from beer glasses (yes, that includes the fancy stein that you picked up from Munich during Oktoberfest as well). Very much like hanging out around the pool, there’s nothing that ruins the experience quicker than a shattered beer glass. Shards of broken glass can also cause serious injuries in the shower. For best results, go with a beer can. 

Rule 2: Don’t leave your drink unfinished

While choosing your go-to shower beer, pick it with the goal to finish it. A shower beer is intended to be consumed before you finish showering. 

It’s basically the standard of the thing. Shower brew has, for the greater part of history, been a thing for post-yard work slam meetings. Also, before the specialty brew revolution, it was usually done with big American beer brands.

There is some common sense to it too. When you get out, that brew will be somewhat warm, wet, and leave a trail of suds in its wake.

Rule 3: Go Sessionable 

When savoring shower beer, go for something sessionable and reviving. A meeting IPA — like All Day IPA — is usually wonderful. Be that as it may, so is your number one nearby ale, fiery Witbier, or go-to American Cream Ale. 

Sometimes however, you may end up going after that huge, delicious, 7% New England-style IPA if that floats your boat, go for it without hesitation.

Rule 4: Place your beer strategically 

Now that you have selected your beer and are ready to enjoy a refreshing shower with it, you must remember that where you keep your beer, will affect your shower beer experience. All showers work in different ways and you will be able to enjoy your shower beer the most if you don’t let the shower water enter it. A few showers and bathroom layouts have strategically placed racks for the beer can but the safest thing to do is to get a sudski or a beer holder. With the Sudski, you can put your beer can anywhere you’d like and when it’s up during your shower beer session, it’s not going to fall down.

Shower Beer: FAQs

What is it called when you drink a beer in the shower?

A shower beer is a cold beverage, usually alcoholic in nature, and including but not limited to beer enjoyed in a shower. The perfect shower beer is all about using what’s most readily available to you.

What’s so great about shower beer?

The shower beer boosts productivity and creativity because it rewards you with a relaxed mindset.”

Why do shower beers taste better?

Without getting too beer nerdy, hops are some of the most volatile compounds in beer. Research has shown that our body triggers all the good feelings when we interact with cold things while hot, e.g., a gulp of ice cold beer in a steamy hot shower.

Do shower beers make you more drunk?

Unfortunately, we’d have to say that this is a myth. Drinking beer in the shower does not get you drunker than drinking beer regularly, however, it is more relaxing.

So what are you waiting for, pick up your beer can and hit the shower.

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