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How to Make Money Playing Video Games: Get Started Today

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What’s better than getting paid for accomplishing something you love. It can be anything you are interested in. Even playing video games, yes, playing video games. A lot of people still see it as a waste of time but they don’t have a clue about how much money people can actually make while playing video games. In this post, we will find out exactly how you can go about doing that. Let’s get started. 

Steps to Make Money While Playing Video Games 

Play against tough competition

One of the praised approaches to bring in cash through gaming is to take an interest in proficient eSports games. Since its initial days during the 90s, the gaming business has built up an assortment of games — so you can generally pick the niche where you dominate the most. 

Proficient gamers can procure around $27,000 each month, which amounts to about $332,000 every year! This is on top of various sponsorships and associations that they have with various worldwide brands. Probably the best games for such high levels of income are computer games are Fortnite, Dota 2, League of Legends, and Starcraft II. 

In spite of the fact that it sounds simple, it’s significant that it takes a great deal of order and ability to be an expert eSports player. As per Psychology Today, “the chances of becoming a successful competitive e-sports pro were about 1 in 10,000, less than those of becoming a professional football player.” 

In case you’re truly devoted to the ‘sport,’ you can follow your number one eSports master players, and learn from them. 

Review games

If you are good at both gaming and writing, writing game reviews might be a good career for you. Game reviewers can procure up to $26,000 each year. While this is definitely not the most lucrative profession on this list, it’s still better than expected when compared to someone who earns a normal/average wage. 

Fortunately, you can expand your profit per article with paid sponsorships, including arrangements, and organizations. Basically compose every one of the beneficial things about the game or new gaming gadgets like PS5 and Xbox Series X. In the event that you can film a video exposition about the game, you can earn even more money.

Teach other gamers 

If you are a master of gameplay and strategy, you should definitely try to use that skill and knowledge to make money.  Besides preparing experts, you can likewise prepare novice players who need to take their easygoing gaming to a higher level. 

Contingent upon your expertise level, you can be paid somewhere in the range of $20-80 every hour. The incredible thing is you can mentor other gamers during your personal time, and play games professionally when you want to. Be that as it may, being a full-time mentor isn’t terrible either. As indicated by certain reports, they additionally score some business arrangements and sponsorships from large brands. 

Get a fast broadband connection for smoother gaming

Make sure your broadband connection is fast and consistent so that your gaming streams don’t suffer from any lag. People watching your stream will be put off by glitchy, laggy streams where they can’t see anything clearly. A good broadband connection is a worthy investment and something you must do. 

Always stream your gaming sessions

Do you have what it takes to play and the brains to connect with your crowd? Start streaming your gameplay footage on YouTube and Twitch. Building a career on these platforms can be troublesome in light of the fact that the opposition is solid. However, similar to some other endeavor, it merits an attempt in the event that you truly have the drive, abilities, and an undying interest in the field.

By and large, Twitch streamers procure somewhere in the range of $10,000-40,000 every year. For Youtube, it’s somewhat trickier. Contingent upon the advertisement situations, number of subscriptions, view count, and sponsorships, your normal compensation may vary. 

On the off chance that you hit it large, you can acquire as much as $12 million like PewDiePie — one of the most generously compensated YouTubers ever. He might do many other things on his channel today but he started as a game streamer.

Provide gaming tech support

Actually like some other enterprises, the gaming area needs individuals to chip away at their client administrations. While you may not straightforwardly play the game, you can in any case share your gaming aptitude to assist others with improving their play. 

The normal gaming client assistance specialist acquires up to $13.64 each hour, with some procuring up to $20 every hour. Do take note of the fact that the numbers may change contingent upon the gaming organization. Likewise, a few organizations have support for gaming advisors. 

Trade gaming merch

Do you happen to own a character who is a big hit among gamers? Or then again maybe, a gaming organization just delivered another gadget or game? Lock on the publicity and make your product. In the event that you can’t make your own, reevaluate from various providers to make one for you. At that point, sell them! 

Your alternatives are endless with regards to what you can make. You can make just about anything ranging from shirts, packs, dolls, mugs, puppets, mugs, and some more. On the off chance that you sell consistently, you can acquire as much as $50,00 each year. Obviously, the more you sell, the more income for you.

Become a playtester

Prior to delivering the game out to people in general, engineers employ computer game analyzers to test games and find out about their flaws, and group valuable ideas to improve the game. This is an incredible occupation for the individuals who are logical and systematic. This is one of the few where being nitpicky will be appreciated.

Video and web based game analyzers procure up to $67,813 every year. In any case, you must remember that playtesting isn’t just playing around. You will need to test each character versus each and every other character, while spotting bugs en route. Here are some numbers, you might have to play 8,000 games to test 20 characters of a game. 

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