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#bucketlistideas- 25 Things to Do Before You Turn 25

by YourDailyHunt.com
#bucketlistideas- 25 Things to Do Before You Turn 25

When Andy Rooney said, ‘it’s paradoxical that the idea of living a long life appeals to everyone, but the idea of getting old doesn’t appeal to anyone,’- we can rightly say that we all felt a sharp sting in our hearts because he did hit right where it hurts. 

It’s only a humanely to exult in being wise and mature beyond our ages, but we all are daunted by the idea of getting old.

Have you ever been hit by a solid wave of FOMO while sitting in front of your laptop, working to meet a deadline to build someone’s dreams? It starts to set in how monotonous and mundane your 20s have become that were supposed to be the ‘most thrilling years of your life.’ And then inside those four walls of your cubicle, you decide to pen down your bucket list of things that you want to do before you turn a certain age, but then you think about so many possibilities at once that it makes you feel light-headed, and you just decide to take a nap instead. 

Worry not, my 20s-something-ambitious friend, we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of 25 things that you should strike off before you hit 25 years. However, this is no conclusive, or binding list. We are still here to support you if you want to stall and take things slow. You do you, mate!

1. Learn to pay taxes and manage your finances

After hitting a certain age, it is important to learn how the real-world functions, and taxes and finances are of paramount importance in that sphere. You need to know how to pay taxes and manage your finances by the time you turn 25 because chances are you only learnt that mitochondria are the powerhouse of a cell during your school years.

2. Watch your favourite band perform live

There is no other adrenaline rush as watching your favourite band perform live and howling your favourite songs that you know by heart on top of your lungs with hundreds of others.

3. Donate to a charity or regularly volunteering

There is no feeling more rewarding and humane than the feeling of giving or doing something unconditionally. It helps you detach from the greedy and selfish world and brings to you the kind of satisfaction you never knew existed.

4. Go on a road trip with your school/college friends

Do I even need to begin? The nostalgic songs, the inside jokes, the memories, the secrets, the friendship, and the love. You don’t want to miss out on that, trust me.

5. Take a solo trip

It could be anywhere but got to take a solo trip at least once. As chiché as it sounds, but the thrill of exploring a new city or town on your own, travelling alone, talking to the natives and listening to their stories, making new friends, trying out the local cuisine, taking pictures on a timer and failing miserably- the entire experience is unparalleled.

6. Get a drastic makeover

It could be an impulsive tattoo, a piercing, cutting your hair shorter than ever before, or dyeing your mane into a crazy and completely different colour. This is going to give you a major ‘new look, new me’ vibe and the urge to turn your life upside down. 

7. Live alone

Living alone, really helps you find who you are as a person because you can strip your soul off all the masks of the society and be our true self. It will make you fall in love with the person you are when no one is around, as sappy as that may sound.

8. Try an adventure sport

It could be sky diving, bungee jumping, scuba diving, snorkelling or anything that conquers your fears.

9. Let go of a toxic relationship

Walking away from any sort of toxic relationships- friend, family, romantic partner, can be extremely taxing and emotionally draining. It is always going to hold you back and hinder your growth. This is the sign you have been looking for to let go of that toxicity from your life.

10. Acquire a new skill

There is no age limit to learning new things, whether it is learning a new language, an instrument, or learning to cook something other than instant noodles. So, stop procrastinating and sign up for that singing/dancing/cooking/guitar/French class that you’ve been eyeing.

11. Develop a hobby

It could be painting, gardening, journaling, poetry, or singing like a seal. Just anything, but do me a favour and get a hobby. It will be your escape when the world seems too mundane or shallow.

12. Try an adventure sport

Take a sip of mountain dew and jump off a plane (wearing a parachute, of course), swim with the sharks, run with the bulls, climb that mountain, or whatever calls out to the adrenaline junkie inside you.

13. Ask out your childhood crush

Remember how you used to attend school only because you would be able to catch a glimpse of them in the corridor, and that made your entire day? Well, now is the time to go ahead and ask them out. It’s not like you have anything to lose.

14. Learn to say ‘no’

You must learn to say ‘no’ to things that you are not comfortable with, without feeling any ounce of guilt.

15. Keep a pet

Keeping a pet will make you aware of your responsibilities, and also help in dealing with stress and anxiety. The unexpected showers of licks and cuddles are just a bonus.

16. Focus on your mental health

Only engage yourself with people and things that bring mental peace and toss out everything that disrupts it.

17. Read at least 25 books in a year

It’s honestly not as hard as it seems. That’s roughly one book in two weeks. Come on! You know you can do this!

18. Find a way of keeping yourself fit

In a generation where most of our days are spent in front of our laptop screens, it is important to find a way to keep yourself fit that you also thoroughly enjoy. Start with yoga, Zumba or just 15 minutes of HIIT each day.

19. Change your entire wardrobe

Yes, I’m asking you to purge your closets in a full-blown Marie Kondo style and chuck out all the items that do not spark in you. Then go on a Blair Waldorf shopping spree and shop till you drop.

20. Go on a blind date

You should experience the thrill and butterflies of going on a blind date at least once because you will either have a great time or might end up getting murdered (just kidding, but please be careful).

21. Establish a sleep schedule

It’s safe to say that most of us don’t get enough sleep and run on caffeine. Establish a healthy sleeping schedule for yourself and stick to it.

22. Go to the cinema alone

Find solace in going to the cinema to watch a movie by yourself or eat out alone. Learn to enjoy your own company.

23. Reconnect with an old friend

The feeling of hugging an old friend and breathing in the familiar scent of their perfume is ineffable.

24. Quit your job if you’re not satisfied

It’s okay to take a break from working and figuring out what you want to do ahead in life. It’s okay to make a change in your career path and trust your gut. Just do whatever makes you happy.

25. Be absolutely in love with yourself

Fall in love with every inch and aspect of yourself. Accept yourself as you were designed, forgive yourself for the mistakes you’ve made, be consumed with self-love.

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