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10 Ridiculously Expensive Travel Destinations in The World

by YourDailyHunt.com
10 Ridiculously Expensive Travel Destinations in The World

With a welcome drink, humble hospitality and exalted buffet with local and good quality ingredients, everyone enjoys and appreciates a good luxury vacation.

When searching the internet for luxury vacation destinations, finding a good deal is usually the goal. Regardless, numerous luxury travel options beg you to toss your budget out the window. It is no secret that travel is costly, but it is still important to understand that some travel destinations are more high-priced than others. There is an infinite number of places to visit around the world, so do your research before planning a trip so you can get an idea about how much it will cost. 

If you are looking for more expensive holiday spots, we have compiled a list of some of the ten most exorbitant places on the planet. 

Fiji Islands 

You could be forgiven for thinking you have discovered heaven on earth with its 332 islands of pristine white sands dotted with palm trees swaying in the wind. When presented with the bill for hopping to and from the Islands, any romantic notions of this vanish into thin air; boat rides to the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands are notoriously expensive. Furthermore, before entering Fiji, visitors must participate in a sevusevu (gift-giving ceremony). Usually, this is kava, a drink made from a native plant known as Piper methysticum. If you want to stay on the island of Laucala, you will be greeted with the country’s traditional welcome of “Bula” and an £11,500 arrival fee. Oh, no.

Sydney, Australia 

Sydney is a pricey city in a country that is already expensive. Life in Sydney and Melbourne is now much more expensive than living in Copenhagen, Hong Kong, or New York City due to the strengthening of the Australian dollar in recent years. So, what does this imply for the tourist? Apart from the absurdly high plane ticket, this means beers cost upwards of 10 Australian dollars, but everything else is exorbitant. After all, the country’s minimum wage is more than 16 Australian dollars. Hostels and hotels are of high quality and a higher price, of course.

Oslo, Norway 

Scandinavia is known for its high cost of living. Even if you do not want to go to the upper echelons of Norwegian luxury, day-to-day rents in Oslo are lavish. The Norwegian capital’s range of exclusive hotels and private tours to the fjords more than justify its presence on our list.

Even though the country is rich in oil and its people are relatively well-off, the country’s higher wages and relative wealth have led to service and tourism industries charging about 20% than almost anywhere else in Western Europe and 70% more than global averages. It is no surprise that Oslo is by far the most expensive city in the world!

New York City, United States 

In New York, it is a standing joke that a Manhattan apartment will cost one their soul, which amounts to approximately $2000 per month per shoebox – Murphy bed does not include. In the last 40 years, Greenwich Village artists have moved to Williamsburg, while Manhattan has been sacrificed to the likes of Donald Trump, Jay Z, Wall Street finance guys, and whoever else is still holding on to rent control. What does this mean for tourists? Well, that is a lot for a halfway good hotel.

A four-star hotel costs $325 per night due to the constant stream of visitors filling the Empire State Building lobby and flooding into Momofuku. Visitors to New York can budget about $550 per couple per night, which includes dinner, drinks, and a cab ride.

Zurich, Switzerland 

Zurich, Switzerland, is known for never giving up. Zurich’s tourism remains consistent throughout the year, whether it is a pleasant summer or a snowy winter, at least for the well-heeled visitors who find themselves here. Even the outdoorsy nature activities are costly, from skiing in the Alps to lounging on Lake Zurich, but in town, tourists can expect to have to pay just over 300 dollars for a four-star hotel for a single night, 40 dollars for a taxi, and 11 dollars for a cocktail or beer, which is a drop in the bucket for the Alps population anyway.

Paris, France 

Paris, a city often romanticized for its struggling artists, has evolved into a major economic centre. It has developed a reputation as a city of romance, thanks to its quaint café culture, the French love for pastries, wine, and chocolate, and pictures of the renowned Eiffel Tower glowing up at night. When a cocktail costs 20 euros, being down and out is much more difficult. 

The city’s hospitality industry is booming, with 28 million couples, Francophiles, as well as other travellers flooding the cobblestoned, art-filled streets of St-Germain-des-Prés or even the banks of the Seine towards the Notre Dame Cathedral. A good hotel night costs around 360 dollars, so a couple can spend up to $550 each day from dusk to dawn.

London, England 

London may no longer be the most expensive city in the world, but it remains one of the most expensive cities in the world. The rate of the pound against the dollar is exactly double that of the dollar. It appears cheap if you do not notice the currency symbol next to the figures, but it is not. 

The London Olympics contributed to the city’s infrastructure, attracted global attention, and there will always be Anglophiles flocking to the Tower of London or Abbey Road Studios, looking for the spirits of John Lennon or Anne Boleyn (ghosts adjusted to taste). Tourists must, however, pay a high price for travel and lodging.

Cancun, Mexico 

Cancun is significantly more expensive than the majority of Mexico due to its clout: white sand beaches, turquoise waters, a coastline studded with world-class fancy hotels, and a plethora of historic tourist destinations such as Mayan ruins, sacred sites, lush jungles, and much more. However, backpackers and hostel-hoppers are less likely to visit Cancun because many of their companies, based on resort life, and a night that follows the resort life, involving hotel, dinner, drinks, and taxi, can be very costly.

Musha Cay 

Musha Cay is one of Copperfield Bay’s eleven islands, so like the rest, it is an all-or-nothing proposition: you have to rent the entire island for nearly $40,000 per night. What is the catch? People can invite up to 11 friends to share the resort with them on their Caribbean island getaway, and all of their (fine dining) meals will be included in the costing. Deep-sea fishing and diving are among the activities available. A private fireworks show is included, and a personalized treasure hunt could be incorporated into your holiday package for an extra fee.


Dubai’s land of leisure is a playground for sheikhs and oligarchs, with a plethora of lavish hotels. Some of the rooms even have underwater views, will this be considered a sea view? The majority of the resorts here cost upwards of £1,000 per night. For £1,200 per hour, you can push the boat out a tad further on a 75-foot yacht. Dubai lacks the culture and personality that attracts visitors to plenty of other costly locations. If you do have to, you can spend $20,000 on a night at Dubai’s best hotel.

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