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How To Add Music To Instagram Story?

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How To Add Music To Instagram Story

Instagram stories are great to make and are pretty easy to use as well. But to make it interesting as well as entertaining, it requires a lot of technicalities and thought processes. Fortunately, Instagram offers a wide range of tools that will help you to create amazing stories without much hassle.

For say, you are having some great videos as well as photos and you add some cool filters along with some stickers to layer it up. But, there is something still missing in your stories to make them look even entertaining. What is that? Can you guess? Well! It is music. Yes! Adding music to your story will surely add up an extra charm. Instagram provides a wide range of tunes from your favorite music streaming services such as SoundCloud, Shazam, and Spotify as well as from its own library.

In this guide, I will share with you how to add music to your Instagram story. In fact, we will share how to troubleshoot issues that may be preventing you from doing so. So without further delay, let’s see How To Add Music To Instagram Story?

How To Add Music To Instagram Story?

How To Put Music On An Instagram Story With A Sticker?

There are several ways to put music to your stories using the new features launched by Instagram. But, the most common and simple way of adding music to your videos or photos in stories is to use the Stories Sticker.

Here, I am going to talk about how you can add a music sticker to an Instagram story.

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Now check the story icon that looks just like your profile picture. You will find it right at the top-left side of your screen.
  • The next thing you need to do is to upload your story just by swiping up so as to access your Camera Roll. You can even shoot it with the camera that comes with Story settings.
  • Check on the sticker button that is at the top of your screen and press it or Swipe up.
  • Now click on the Music button.
  • Then you can type the song you want to play or use in your story in the search bar or you can browse as per your mood, what’s popular today, or genre.
  • Press the song to add it to your Story.
  • Then, press Done at the top-right corner of the page.
  • Move your sticker to the placement you want on your Stories.
  • Press the “Your Story” button at the bottom left of the screen.

The best thing is that while you select a song for your story, you can have a preview and listen to it before you post. Now all you need to do is to press the play button that is there to the right of the song.

How Can You Edit the Music Sticker in Your Story?

If you try to add a music sticker to your story, you will surely get to see a few options that will allow you to edit the song you have selected. Moreover, fast-forwarding, as well as rewinding features, is also available so that you can select the exact clip you want to use.

  • The length of the clip (up to 15 seconds)
  • The color of the music sticker
  • The size and type of sticker
  • Whether you want the lyrics displayed instead of the sticker
  • The color and font of the lyrics

Here is the procedure to edit your music sticker:

1. The first step is to follow the instructions given below in the previous section. It will help you to add a music sticker to your story.

2. Then you can click on the music sticker and it will change the icon or will switch to lyric mode.

3. Now you can press the color wheel which is right at the top center of the screen. This way you will be able to change the color of the chosen music sticker or the lyrics.

4. Press Done.

5. Press the Your Story button at the bottom-left of the screen to post it.

In case, you want to add music on your Instagram Story and you don’t want the sticker to be visible, then you can drag the sticker right off the screen. This will disappear from the Story preview display. And once it is published, you will be able to hear the music and then you can see the song title as well as the artist name right at the top of the screen.

How to Add Music Lyrics to Your Story?

Are you struggling to figure out how you can add a song’s lyrics to your Instagram Story, then don’t worry. Here you will find the procedure to add lyrics to your story.

  • Open your Instagram app.
  • Select the Story icon which is right at the top-left of your screen.
  • Now upload your STory by swiping up and this way you can access your Camera Roll or you can directly click pictures using the Story Camera.
  • Select the sticker button located at the top of your screen or use the Swipe up option.
  • Press the Music button.
  • Find the song you’d like to use.
  • Press the song to add it to your Story.
  • Select the letter button which is right above the music player and then use the Swipe left option to see other font options.
  • Choose the font you want to use and select done.
  • Press the Your Story button at the bottom-left of the screen.

How Can You Share Spotify Song on Your Instagram Story?

Are you a more of Spotify user? If yes, then this is how you can share your Spotify song on your Insta story. So don’t forget to check it out.

  • Open your Spotify app.
  • Search through the song you want to share.
  • Select the three horizontal dots that you can see right at the top right of your screen.
  • Now scroll down and then select the option share.
  • Then you can select your Instagram Stories.
  • Press the “Your Story” button at the bottom left of the screen.

The only thing you need to do is to follow all those instructions and you will be able to share your chosen song to your Instagram stories. But you need to keep in mind that the song won’t play automatically on your Stories. It will only start playing once a viewer taps on that Story.

Also, if you want to add music from SoundCloud on your Instagram Story, then you can follow the same process. Just open the app and then search for the song of your choice that you want to share. Click on the horizontal dots and then choose the share option to share it with your Insta story. This will help you to play the music on your Story without much hassle.

How to put a song on your Instagram Story from Apple Music?

Do you love to use Apple Music? If yes, then you would love to know how easily you can share a song with your followers from Apple Music to your story.

  • Open the Apple Music app.
  • Search for the song that you want to use in your Story.
  • Now press the three horizontal dots that are present right there at the center-right of your screen. And then you can select the share option.
  • The next step is to swipe on the apps until you find your Instagram app. And if you still don’t see it, try to press the More option.
  • Allow Instagram to open automatically.
  • Press the Your Story button at the bottom-left of the screen.

Why can’t I add music to my Instagram Story?

When Instagram has introduced the music sticker, it was actually available only in some of the selected countries such as New Zealand, Germany, the US, the UK, France, Australia, and Sweden. The feature then got rolled out even further with Canada being added to the list in the year 2020.

However, it is now available in India as well. So you can easily use the feature to enhance your Story. In case, you are not able to access the music sticker or you see the feature is available but it is not appearing to work the way it should, then probably the reasons are:

  • You can update the app. Well! Instagram has a tendency to take on new updates hence if you are using an older version, then you might miss out on amazing and new Instagram features.
  • If you are using a business account then you might not be able to see new features. This is because of licensing restrictions and business accounts might have a choice of selection of royalty-free songs instead of having any popular songs. If you don’t need a business account, then you can easily switch to a creator profile.
  • You’re sharing a branded content ad. Instagram’s rules state that branded content ads should avoid GIFs, emojis, music, and more than one sticker.

So these are the steps that you can follow to add music to your Instagram story. In case, you are still facing any issue, then you can comment it down below and I will be happy to help you out.

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