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Top 13 Things to Do In Lockdown

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Top 13 Things to Do In Lockdown

The lockdown has made everything so boring, especially since social events such as concerts and parties are out of the question. If you consider the brighter side, then due to lockdown, you are having ample time in your hands and you can use it the way you wish to. There are several opportunities for you to do things that you ever wished to do. You can be productive and meaningfully use your time. If you are confused and don’t know what to do in this lockdown, then you are at the right place.

This article talks about the Top 13 Things to Do in Lockdown. You can go and check out all the activities that you could do in your free time. So, without further delay, let’s start with the article.

1. Read That Book or Series You Have Been Putting Off

The very first thing that you could easily do while you are in lockdown mode is to read that book or watch the series that you couldn’t for a very long time. You can easily find out time to complete that. Whether you prefer non-fiction or fiction, you can buy yourself some books and start reading more. Basically, books exercise the brain and build your vocabulary. Furthermore, it lowers stress and will enhance your imagination power.

2. Build a New Body

As you know it takes at least three weeks for any activity to become a habit. Even though this thing has been disproved, there are fitness experts who will vouch for the fact that you can see the effects of exercising during this period. If you want to get fitter, you can take up Pilates, yoga, or join any other functional workout class from home.

There are numerous yoga as well as fitness trainers that offer classes online at this time. You can follow them on their social media pages and find the best option. What’s more, the aerobics and fitness videos on YouTube will be really fun!

3. Simplify Your Life

Another very essential thing to do while in a lockdown is to simplify your life. As the supply of commodities is shrinking up, this is actually a good time to re-evaluate what you think is essentials in your life. Most of us has gained so much of belongings that can easily complicate our life. While trying to maintain them as well as keep a track of them, we become irritated and stressed.

Though it might sound like an extreme privilege, that’s true. You need to try and figure out what you really need to do and what you shouldn’t. In fact, this is a pretty nice time to lighten up and do some trimming. Rest it is assured that the experience you will gain is completely a different perspective on your life.

Furthermore, you need to realize what all things you are taking for granted in your day to day life and all of the few things that you really need in your life.

4. Spring Clean Your Room

Chances are there if you are like me haven’t been able to clean your room and all thanks to the whirlwind of classes and assignments. This is the best time for you to do so. As per the research, it is shown that physical clutter will be representative of mental clutter. In case, you are feeling unproductive or down in a slump, try to give your room or house a thorough clean and that can be really beneficial.

At the end of it, you’ll feel much more relaxed and comfortable to hit the goals on this list! Divide your room into sections (ceiling to floor, bedroom to bathroom, etc.). You don’t have to clean all of it in a day, though. Instead, create a schedule and pick two sections to tidy up each day.

5. Decorate Your Space

If you always want to have your #apartmentgoals done, then this is the time you could do it. Yes! You can easily personalize your space just by styling it up the way you wanted to.

With several tiny tweaks, you can make your apartment homier. You can always add pillows, rugs, and indoor plants. Adding candles and changing the lights can make a huge difference to the entire atmosphere of your space. In fact, you can even use the vertical wall space to hang little trinkets!

Start by collecting Pinterest ideas for a space in your home (the kitchen, the bedroom, a reading corner, even). Like Amazon, FlipKart, there are some of the amazing places to shop for affordable home items.

6. Learn a Language

Learning a new language is yet another amazing thing that you could do while you are in a lockdown situation. You can easily learn several languages such as Italian, French, or Spanish, etc. There is a huge library of YouTube videos and online tutorials available for you to learn from. Yes! Following those, you could easily learn a new language.

You can check with your friends or family present there and connect with them virtually whoever knows an extra language. This way you can stay in touch with your loved one and still learn an entirely new language that will help to brighten up your career.

7. Keep in Touch With Family, Friends, and Past Colleagues

Another very important factor to keep in mind while you are in lockdown is to give time to your family, friends, and close ones. As you know, we are isolated from the people these days we usually spend time with. However, you can always stay connected with them in several different ways now.

You can use your free time in speaking to your relatives that you might have not spoken to for years or for a while and maybe look around to see how your grandparents and other close ones are doing in this pandemic.

In fact, I further feel that if you reconnect with your past colleagues can be a great idea. You could have to spend a lot of time with these people in previous days and now might have grown apart with the career flow. But you can always make an effort to find them out and share a virtual beer along with a nice conversation.

8. Do an Online Course

Well! Being in lockdown you can always for an online course to revamp your skill. There are several reputed universities out there that will offer you free online courses. This might range from public speaking to blockchain technology and almost that comes in between.

You can find different platforms offering really high-quality videos on various topics and websites as well as offering courses that are chargeable but am sure they are worth spending your money on. Trust me when I say, they are time-saving as well. In fact, there are some human resource departments of companies that are asking their employees to skill up during the lockdown. Try to go back to your office with skill sets that may serve you in the future.

9. Prepare Better for the Next Crisis

Another important thing that you can do while you are locked up in this lockdown period is to prepare yourself better for the next crisis. Yes! You don’t have to be like Sheldon Cooper of “The Big Bang Theory” while you think of preparing for your next crisis. However, you can always stay alert to figure out things. You should know how much it is important to put money aside for any kind of emergency. In fact, you can have a relook at your medical insurance, and you can check the status of your bleeding equity portfolio as well.

Try to figure out how well you are prepared at home and make sure you keep an eye on the daily essentials, medicines, etc. This will at any cost help you to avoid the “panic-buying” situations if you are well stocked. However, keep in mind that I don’t recommend you to hoard but it is always useful to stock up home essentials. While hoping the next crisis never comes, try to prepare for it as you never know.

10. Quit a Bad Habit

If you are dragging your feet for a long time, setting intentions but still lacking in the will to quit a bad habit of yours, then this government-mandated lockdown is the time period for you to hold off your bad habit. You can try and get rid of sugar, caffeine, or smoking dependence during this lockdown period. What is the science behind breaking a bad habit you ask? Well! Try to know about your triggers, capitalize on your life-altering changes or you can replace your bad habit rightly with a nice one.

Apart from that, this lockdown introduces a whole new barrier and the lack of access to your vice will help you to finally push yourself and leave out your bad habit.

11. Learn to Cook up a Storm

Don’t you know the difference between spaghetti and a spatula? Cooking is not a rocket science and there’s no dearth of online recipes, videos, as well as kitchen hacks. All of these can help you to navigate this unfamiliar terrain. You can easily reach out to friends as well as family to get some cooking tips.

You can also begin a book of family recipes. Cooking need not be a solo endeavor—involve the kids, partner, or roommate by splitting tasks or call a bunch of friends on a group video call. Even if you’re by yourself, put on some music, pour some wine and you’ve got a party! I love cooking a lot and hence, you can easily go and search out several other groups where people are sharing food recipes, homemade food items, etc. You can easily follow them up and learn how to cook. However, you would need to have some patience, and passion to learn and cook.

If you don’t like cooking, you will never be able to make good food. At least, try to learn some basic food items so that you don’t need to order food from outside every time your cook takes a leave.

12. Plan Your Next Vacay

The best thing that you could do for spending your time while staying in a lockdown situation is to plan your next vacay. You can choose a place that you want to travel to right after Covid and then start listing out the sites you want to see. In fact, you should do more and more research on the place you are planning to make a visit. Check out places where you want to eat, where you want to shop, get every itinerary ready. Trust me the pleasure of arm chair travel is pretty unique.

13. Relive Your Childhood

While you were a child, I am sure you used to love playing board games, be it snakes and ladder or Ludo, or Scrabble. In fact, some of these games must be lying in some corner of your house I am pretty sure gathering dust too.

Well! This lockdown period is the time for you to brush the dust off and then get playing those board games with your family. Once you are done with your work from home, you can easily find out some time and sit with your family at a comfortable time for a round or two. This will surely help you to relive your childhood as you play with your children.

Final Talk

So these are the Top 13 Things To Do In Lockdown in case, you are confused regarding what to do. There are several other things that you could do while you are staying in a locked up situation. You can create videos if you like to create them, you can write blogs if you have a writing passion, etc. If you have any other ideas that you want to state here, you can share them with us right below in the comment section. We would be happy to hear them out.

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