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15 Best Travel Gadgets That Are Too Cool to Resist

by YourDailyHunt.com
15 Best Travel Gadgets That Are Too Cool to Resist

Getting ready for a vacation is always a hassle, but once you reach the destination, you want the trip to be a breeze. To make your adventure easier than ever, these cool travel products will make it so much more fun! 

Even though not all of us are willing to travel right now, bookmark this list and save up for these items, as these are perfect for all the upcoming trips you’re planning after the pandemic situation settles. Ultimately, all of these products are just a one-time investment.

Some for fun, others to make your trip more convenient – we have compiled a comprehensive list of travel gadget that you need to invest in this year!

1. Document Organizer (AmazonBasics Black Bag Organizer)

Let’s start with the most essential things you take on a trip. No, it is not your laptop, nor is it your smartphone. It’s your documentation, especially your passport or any other identification that you keep, such as your driver’s license, student card, card of the company you work for, etc. Keeping your documents organized and safe is essential. If you have no idea what to buy, a basic organizer does the job.

Price- ₹ 699.00

Where to buy- Amazon

2. PowerCore 20100 Power Bank (Anker)

An external battery is the one thing you should never go on a trip without because no one wants to carry around a dead cell phone on a stranded island. Invest in one with multiple USB ports, so two people can charge their phones simultaneously. 

Price- ₹ 3,189.00

Where to buy- Amazon

3. Lightning to USB A Cable (AmazonBasics)

These 4-inch charging cords are ideal for use with external batteries (such as the Anker Power Bank!). They’re also a lot less cumbersome to transport than those 3-foot-long cables that always get tangled in your bag.

Price- ₹ 1,100.00

Where to buy- Amazon

4. Osmo Mobile 2 Handheld Smartphone Gimbal (DJI Osmo)

If you want smooth, stabilised footage of your next vacation, don’t forget to pack this device. It holds your phone and has built-in controls that rotate it in a single sweeping motion, making it much more stable than a shaky hand. You’ll have professional-looking footage of your trip in no time.

Price- ₹ 11,999.00

Where to buy- Amazon

5. GoPro Hero 7

Small, light, and capable of capturing all those magical vacation moments with minimal effort; A GoPro camera is becoming a staple on many people’s luggage lists. With the right accessories, such as chest straps, head straps, and waterproof cases, it can be used to film everything from high-adrenaline watersports to a gentle stroll along a boardwalk.

Price- ₹ 30,770.00

Where to buy- Amazon

6. Pack-it Specter Compression Cube Set (Eagle Creek)

When it comes to keeping your suitcase organised, packing cubes are a lifesaver. Our experts adore how durable these Eagle Creek cubes are while remaining lightweight and thin (allowing you to save valuable space).

Price- ₹ 5,909.00

Where to buy- Amazon

7. SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker (Bose)

This speaker may be small, but it packs a powerful punch in terms of sound. It’s also water-resistant, so you can wear it outside — and, more importantly, by the pool.

Price- ₹11,500

Where to buy- Flipkart

8. Evolution S3 Travel Pillow (Cabeau)

Anyone who has tried to sleep on a long flight knows how difficult it is to get comfortable. It has straps that attach to the aeroplane seat to keep your head from falling sideways, allowing you to sleep on the plane.

Price- ₹ 3,525.00

Where to buy- Amazon

9. Fire HD 8 Tablet (Amazon)

You can use a Fire tablet to download your favourite books and TV shows to keep you entertained while on the go. It’s lightweight and provides many of the benefits of a tablet without the hefty price tag. Furthermore, it claims to have a battery life of 10 hours when reading books or watching videos.

Price- ₹ 6,799.00

Where to buy- Amazon

10. OVO Travel-Size Iron and Steamer (Reliable)

This two-in-one appliance serves as both an iron and a steamer while weighing only 1.6 pounds. It performed well in our Cleaning Lab tests; however, if you need to de-wrinkle a full garment, be prepared to spend some extra time.

Price- ₹ 11,378.00

Where to buy- Amazon

11. Noise-Canceling Bluetooth Headphones (Sony)

Long flights and red eyes are made much more bearable with these comfortable, lightweight headphones. The excellent noise-cancelling capabilities and sound quality make watching an in-flight movie far more enjoyable than with any pair you can buy on the plane. They also come with a cable to connect to the plane’s audio jack.

Price- ₹ 29,990.00

Where to buy- Amazon

12. 40W 4-Port USB Wall Charger (Anker)

This device has four USB ports, making it ideal for a family (or anyone who needs to charge their phone, tablet, headphones, and smartwatch all at once). Not to mention how quickly it will charge them! It’s ideal for hotel rooms where there never seem to be enough outlets.

Price- ₹ 4,999.00

Where to buy- Amazon

13. Trakdot Tracking Device (Trakdot)

There is nothing worse than arriving at your vacation destination, waiting patiently at the baggage carousel, and one by one everyone collects their bags except you. Then the carousel stops. Sometimes your luggage disappears, and you are not sure how long it will be before it finds its way back to you. Well, put a Trakdot luggage tracking device in your suitcase, and you can track its position anywhere in the world.

Price- ₹5,633.00

Where to buy- Amazon

14. Rohm Portable White Noise Sound Machine (Marpac)

If you or your children sleep with a sound machine at home, you’ll want to bring this portable one with you on your trip. This model comes with three different sound options to help drown out any noises that may be disturbing your sleep.

Price- ₹ 5,616.00

Where to buy- Amazon

15. Water purifying bottle (LifeStraw)

A water purifying bottle is an obvious asset to have in third world countries where tap water is not drinkable.

But even in countries where tap water is drinkable, having an extra purifying bottle is helpful. Besides always avoiding having to buy plastic water bottles, it is much more environmentally conscious. 

Price- ₹ 8,372.00

Where to Buy- Amazon

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