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Creepy Dolls: When Children’s Toys Get Spooky

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Creepy Dolls When Children’s Toys Get Spooky

Dolls are generally associated with cuteness and happiness. Children grow up playing with them and they are generally happy toys. However, there are a lot of dolls in this world which are the stuff of nightmares. And we aren’t just talking about Chucky. There are a lot of dolls in this world that possess a soul sucking gaze that can induce the worst nightmares in people. A lot of people actually suffer from pedophobia (a fear of dolls) because of the creepy dolls that exist in the world (and popularized by movies). Creepy dolls are such an integral part of horror movie culture that famous horror movie director James Wan’s Twitter handle is called “creepypuppet”. In this post, we will take a look at some of the scariest and creepiest dolls that exist in the real world (we aren’t going to include movie dolls). Remember, if you are planning to buy a cheerful companion toy for your child to play with, stay the hell away from these dolls. The dolls in this post are the scariest and creepiest dolls around. If you get spooked easily, you have been warned. Now let’s get to the dolls (and as a bonus, we have also thrown in an island filled with creepy dolls, thank us later). Let’s start this danse macabre.

Creepy Dolls of the World and Their Island Home


This legendary “evil” doll, which served as the inspiration for the film Diabolic Doll, is considered one of the most cursed dolls in the world.

The toy in question was given to a boy named Eugene by an African maid who practiced black magic and who held a grudge against his family.

Before long Eugene was talking to the doll in a ‘different’ voice and some neighbors noticed the doll moving from one window to another when no one was in the house.

When Eugene died in 1974, the doll was left in the attic and later found by the 10-year-old daughter of the next tenant family. Soon after, the little girl began to scream at night, assuring that Robert was moving the furniture and trying to hurt her.

Robert is currently in the East Martello Museum in Key West, Florida where no one can touch or approach him.

Premature Baby

Although the manufacturer of this doll designed it with the intention of helping parents with the grieving process after having lost a newborn, the truth is that the image of a desperately ill premature baby connected to breathing tubes is truly disturbing and has been criticized by so many charities that help people who are surely suffering from the greatest pain there is: losing a child.

Shain Erin’s Babies

These dolls are created by Shain Erin, who uses dolls as an art medium. These creepy dolls are shaped like zombies, ghosts, mummies, skeletons, and monsters! And although it gives us goosebumps just seeing them in the photos, it seems that many people are not afraid of them since most of the dolls that appear on their website have been bought in a flash and not seen. What is still scary to the history of these creations is that the trace of the artist Erin was lost shortly after.

A Project of Nightmare

Two artist friends got down to work to transform a common doll into as creepy as possible; which they more than achieved. Adding a few things like a claw made from old rubber bands, a hand made from bark, and a cat skeleton, the fear that this creation sows is indisputable.

Twilight Dolls

Fans of the Twilight saga can purchase a vampire doll. Apart from being super disturbing, they are very, very expensive. A vampire doll can cost you around $ 650.

Susan’s Creepy Custom Dolls

Susan’s Custom Creepy Dolls is a website guaranteed to give you the creeps. The former funeral home and taxidermist has retired from her old job to create these ghoulish sculptures and sell them as very unique collectibles.

Nursery Crymes

Perhaps the most innovative artist of creepy dolls is Nakt-Hag who could well be Sid Phillips from the Toy Story saga. You can find all his cadaverous creations on his Deviant Art.

Baby Laugh-A-Lot

In the seventies, they launched a doll called Baby Laugh-a-Lot on the market and life was never the same again for all the innocent girls on the planet. Anyone who hears her terrifying laugh will be caught under her spell.

Which is Mexico’s Island of Creepy Dolls?

Xochimilco, a place painted in colors by its flowers and views, hides a house of terror between its channels: The Island of the Dolls.

Xochimilco is one of the most cheerful and colorful destinations in Mexico, it is full of flowers, no matter where you look. But the recesses of its channels contain a terrifying secret. It is the Island of the Dolls, a place that causes shivers even the bravest who dares to step on it. Anyone who is interested in creepy dolls should know about this place.

Where is the Island of the Dolls?

20 kilometers south of Mexico City, between the multiple channels of Xochimilco, there is a particular place in the corners that is known for “making your hair stand on end” due to the terror it causes: the Island of the Dolls. This island of creepy dolls only had a single resident for 20 years, a certain Don Julián Santana Barrera.

What led to the creation of the Island of the Dolls?

The story goes that while Don Julián was wandering around the island, the corpse of a little girl was found who drowned in one of the channels, the girl got tangled up among the lilies on the shore.

From that day on, Don Julián did not find serenity, and he lived in fear, because every night he felt the presence of that girl’s spirit, her laments, screams and moans were heard.

Being a person who believes in supernatural beings, he came up with a form of protection. This was to fill the island with dolls in order to drive away the souls in pain, especially that of the infant.

Don Julían went out to his post every day to sell his crops, on the way he would find dolls scattered among the herbs or in the garbage cans, that is how he decorated his home little by little, and in a chilling way, filling it with Hundreds and hundreds of these creepy toys.

He always told that a river mermaid appeared to him and told him that she would take him with her. One day, while he was fishing with his nephew, something tragic happened. His nephew had gone to control the cattle that were grazing, when he returned to the boat, he found the corpse of his uncle, who had died of a heart attack, his body lying in the water. It was death in the form of a mermaid that had come to fulfill the promise that he had made long ago.

Today, people continue to bring dolls to this island, as a way to remember the always friendly Don Julián Santana Barrera; Offerings are also made to a special doll, according to the Lord’s favorite, known as Agustinita, since it was found on August 28, the day of Saint Augustine, it is believed to be miraculous and people turn to her to make wishes.

So if you really love creepy dolls, a trip to this terrifying place should be your bucket list.

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