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Livia Brito Facts: 7 Things About Her Life And Career!

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Livia Brito

Cuban actress and model Livia Brito Pestana has had a very interesting life. Being very young, she came to Mexico to perform professionally as an actress, since she had always been a great admirer of her father and did not hesitate to follow in the same footsteps. She was born in Cuba and had to travel to Mexico with many goals and dreams. Here is her life story, broken down into facts. 

Livia Brito: 7 Facts About The Cuban Actress You Didn’t Know! 

1. Childhood and an early taste of success: 

The future actress and model Livia Brito Pestana was born in Cuba, in the city of Ciego de Ávila on July 21, 1986. Her father is also an actor, Rolando Brito, and due to her father’s work, she left her hometown and the comforts of home to settle in Havana. In her beginnings in Mexico City, she began as a teacher and model at the age of 19, to pay for her studies in Business Administration; A career that she had to leave because she attended the 2009 World Banana Queen Beauty contest in Ecuador, which was second runner-up representing Mexico. Sometime later, she began her studies at the Center for Artistic Education (CEA), an institution from which she has already graduated.

Upon graduating she had great job opportunities, being able to participate in many soap operas.

When she arrived in Mexico City at just 13 years old from her native Cuba, she allegedly left behind her mom who is the classical ballet dancer Gertrudis Pestana. Still the child in her still remembers the best memories of her childhood in Cuba. “I climbed trees, played marbles, jumped, always arrived full of mud, made little houses in the trees … I had a lot of friends”.

2. Her big break was El Triunfo Del Amor: 

Although initially she was not very popular, Livia makes her debut on television with the telenovela entitled El Triunfo del Amor, shot in 2010 and produced by Salvador Mejía. In this Mexican production, she shares acting credits alongside prominent and young actors such as William Levy and with the Mexican Maité Perroni, who were the leads. 

By proving to be the owner of great talent, two years later, in 2012, the producer Angelli Nesma, gives her the opportunity to continue her career as an actress in the telenovela Abismo de pasión, alongside Angelique Boyer and David Zepeda. While participating in that soap opera, Livia was in the play El postero with Helena Rojo, Ignacio López Tarso and Erick Elías, among others.

3. Lead roles and continued success:

Livia Brito’s first leading role came in 2013 from the producer Lucero Suárez for the telenovela Head Over Heels (De que te quiero, te quiero), where she was in the fiction, and partner of actor Juan Diego Covarrubias. 

4. An incredible before and after in her physical appearance:

The actress with Cuban roots is one of the most sought-after in Mexico and, like all artists, she had a transformation. Today she is one of the most beautiful artists but not all celebrities have always presented an impressive physique till they reach the top. Compared to her straight hair in current times, photographs of her youth show her hair looking more wavy, different from the straight that we see today in her Instagram images.

Similarly, the actress with perfect teeth today had to put braces on her teeth to enjoy a commercial smile today. 

Fortunately, the Cuban actress, one of the most beautiful artists of her generation, became even more beautiful in the 2021 movie called La desalmada. In this movie, playing the role of Fernanda Linares actress Livia Brito underwent a strict routine, which has included gym hours, diets, and self-discipline. 

The older she gets, the more beautiful she looks. Her signature look, close to what we currently see began between 2017 and 2019. Her figure was more aesthetic, thanks to the exercise routines she practices, which she even shares on his YouTube channel. Among the main exercises she practices we find gluteal and cardio work. In addition, the Cuban actress is also a lover of healthy food. It is also significant to note that the Cuban interpreter starred in the Televisa soap opera, “Médicos, linea de vida,” produced by José Alberto Castro during this period.  In 2019, the actress gave life to Regina Villaseñor, the protagonist of the telenovela “Médicos, linea de vida” and was already beginning to establish herself as one of the listed companies on the market.

Compared to her look before 2014, we could see her in ” Italian Girl Comes to Marry “, a production where she shared roles with the Mexican, José Ron. In that period, the Cuban actress looked different on the ‘Univisión’ or ‘Las Estrellas’ telenovelas. 

5. Livia, the queen of Instagram, has 6.7m followers:

She boasts more than 6 million followers and is considered a very popular actress with almost any age group! 

6. Who is Livia Brito’s boyfriend?

Mariano Martínez, the boyfriend of Livia Brito is not thrown into the spotlight like the actress of “La desalmada” but Livia Brito and Mariano Martínez look very much in love in several Tik Tok videos.

Although they do not share many details of their love relationship, the 35-year-old Cuban actress is OFFICIALLY in a relationship with Mariano Martínez. And if you’re wondering who Mariano Martínez is and what he does for a living, keep reading. 

According to Mariano Martínez’s Instagram, Brito’s boyfriend is a Venezuelan personal trainer and nutrition advisor. Livia Brito’s boyfriend has more than 49.3 thousand followers on Instagram where he shares photos of the exercises he does, the diet he follows and the results the pairing has on his body.

Livia Brito picked a man who is into basketball and when the 23-year-old has free time he takes advantage of it to practice the sport and attend some games. Controversially, Livia Brito’s boyfriend used to be a stripper at a well-known Mexican nightclub, Womans VIP, which mainly handles bachelorette parties for women about to get married. 

Nonetheless, he is still together with Livia Brito and is going strong as the man who stole the heart of the actress who became famous for the role of Fernanda Sandoval in the soap opera “Triunfo del amor”.

7. Filming with her father on a very successful Netflix series:

Cuban actress Livia Brito Pestana is 35 years old and in addition to being beautiful and charismatic, she is a talented artist who debuted in Mexico in 2010. She became much more known from the role she played Fernanda Sandoval in the telenovela ” Triumph of Love”. 

One thing that is less unknown: the actress inherited her artistic streak from her father, Rolando Brito, and in the future, would go on to work with him in the melodrama “De que te quiero te quiero” in 2013.

Also, it is worth remembering that where they shared credits was in the very successful series that is already on Netflix, “La pilot” (Univisión). 

Livia herself said in an interview for People magazine in Latin America: “I spoke to the person in charge of the casting of the series and I told him ‘hey my father is an actor, we can still do a casting to see if you wish to work with him.’

And so it was that her father took the role of a very important character in the series where he is called Captain Argüelles. Besides the fact that she does not have much contact with the character of the actress -until almost the end of the series-, she was very happy to be able to work with her father.

Clearly, the story above shows that the actress gets along very well with her father – it is even unthinkable – but he himself asks her many times for acting tips. It should be noted that Rolando Brito Rodríguez is a well-known Cuban actor, as well as his mother, a professional graduated dancer from the National School of Dramatic Art in Havana in 1983.

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