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Chrishell Stause: Net Worth, Career and Other Information About the Selling Sunset Star

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Chrishell Stause Net Worth, Career and Other Information About the Selling Sunset Star

Chrishell Stause is a popular American actress and real estate agent. Chrishell Stause is known worldwide for her roles on the hit Netflix show Selling Sunset. She also rose to fame for her roles on All My Children and Days of Our Lives. Let’s find out more about her.

Chrishell Stause Net Worth: All You Need to Know

How did Chrishell Stause get her start with Selling Sunset?

Good news for Stause – she’s doing more than good on her own. The 39-year-old Selling Sunset star has made a great run for herself on Netflix’s new reality show, which just aired its third season on Friday, August 7. The series, which follows the employees of a Los Angeles luxury real estate agency, The Oppenheim Group, welcomed Stause in season 1 as a new addition to the office. Despite being a newcomer, she has been killing it ever since. Things for the Kentucky native only seemed to be about to roll until the series surprised fans with a sneak peek at the end of season 2, revealing that Hartley, her husband of two years, had filed for divorce.

What did Chrishell Stause do after finding out about her divorce?

Stause was reportedly “surprised” by the news. In an interview, her agent revealed that she was not sure she could continue on the Netflix series. “If I’m perfectly honest, my knee-jerk reaction was that I can’t do this,” she said at the time. “(Leaving the show) crossed my mind. This is not something that someone would sign up for or do on purpose. I would have given anything if everything had happened afterwards. It’s so much easier to talk about a little blurb and go ahead and just talk about the show. With that said though, I was out there anyway, so now it’s almost like pulling out a Band-Aid. “

Leaving the show may have also meant leaving her job at The Oppenheim Group, a decision that could definitely have had a negative impact on Stause’s net worth. So it’s probably a good idea that she decided to stay, if only for that reason. These days, Chrishell Stause’s net worth is looking pretty good.

What happened to Chrishell Stause after her divorce from Justin Hartley?

Following her divorce from Justin Hartley, fans want to know how Chrishell Stause’s net worth compares to theirs. The separation has caused drama for numerous reasons, but among them is the rumor that Hartley, 43, allegedly said in her divorce application that she does not want to pay any spousal support according to TMZ. If that’s the case, some wonder if Chrishell Stause’s net worth will hold up without her.

How has Chrishell Stause’s net worth been impacted by Selling Sunset?

Ever since Chrishell Stause started appearing on Selling Sunset, she has managed to sell quite a few million dollar homes. She received a lot of good commission for selling those houses. However, all the payouts featured on the show weren’t given to Chrishell Stause.

Selling Sunset Co-star Davina Portratz revealed to Evoke that commissions are split between the seller and the broker, meaning that Oppenheim Group owners Jason and Brett Oppenheim always receive a portion of the commission shown. While Davina could not “discuss (what) our commission divisions” with the outlet, she did explain that “they all have different divisions based on their background and experience and their relationship with the brokerage. It also depends (on) how much was involved. the broker sometimes, but usually, it’s an established division. “

Since Stause recently joined the brokerage, she may receive a smaller percentage of each commission compared to the earnings of some of her fellow Oppenheim Group agents (such as Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn, who has been a real estate agent for at least five years).

What is Chrishell Stause’s net worth?

Chrishell Stause’s net worth is estimated to be somewhere between $ 5 million and $ 7 million as of 2021.

How did Chrishell Stause build her net worth?

Before starting a career in real estate, Stause had a steady tenure as a soap opera actress. The Kentucky native has held roles in soap operas such as All My Children, in which she played Amanda Dillon from 2005 to 2011, The Young and the Restless, and Days of Our Lives.

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