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How To Delete A Discord Server Via Desktop and Phone, Plus FAQs on Transfer and More!

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How To Delete A Discord Server Via Desktop and Phone, Plus FAQs on Transfer and More

Owning a Discord server is a very useful tool. Discord invented their text and voice chat servers as a way to bring users who love playing games together. Their dream was to improve on the functions provided by other chat services. They also permitted gamers to communicate with the same group even if they’re not playing the same game or even gaming at all. Over time, Discord servers expanded to include far more than just collaborative gameplay. Discord servers now function as message boards for various communities of both gamers and non-gamers! In fact, these collaborative means made it nice to connect easily to friends that have a lot in common with you. On the flip side, spending a lot of time on Discord channels might be distracting you from other important elements of your life. If you’re considering learning how to delete a discord server, we’ve got the steps you need to do so. 

In this article, you also can read about important info on how to delete a Discord account for a loved one who has died. Deleting their account can help to create a positive digital legacy for your friend or family member and even bring you some healing. Otherwise, remember that deleting the Discord server is permanent so just ensure that you are entirely sure that you want to delete it. You can delete a discord server that is inactive and useless for now or you can transfer it. On the other spectrum, you should be deleting your discord server for sure when too many extra and strange visitors are visiting. 

How To Delete A Discord Server: All You Need To Know! 

Before you get ready to delete a discord server:

Please keep in mind: 

1) Only the Server Owner has the power to delete it, regardless of the permissions assigned to any role. 

2) If you’ve enabled two-factor authentication on your account, you’ll be required to enter in your authentication code before deleting your server. So this means you’ll need to know your six-digit “authentication code” in order to get it done. You can find this by opening the Google Authenticator app on your smartphone. 

How to delete a discord server by desktop:

  • Open the Discord in the desktop app and click on the server that you intend to delete
  • Select the server by clicking on it.
  • There are several options under the name of the server. Click on the “server setting” button present in the top-down menu.
  • On the left side, at the end of the sidebar, there is an option of “delete the server.” Click on this option. 
  • A pop-up window will open which will ask you for confirmation. Confirm by typing in the name of the server and authentication code. The authentication code is necessary when in case you have enabled the two-factor authentication in the server.
  • Click on the delete server to confirm your action. 

How to delete a discord server from the mobile app:

  • On an iPhone or Android phone, Open the Discord app.
  • Swipe to the left of the screen to view the sidebar
  • Select the server you want to delete by clicking on it. A pop-up screen will appear.
  • At the bottom of the screen, spot the setting icon and Click on that icon.
  • Click the option of overview
  • Look at the very bottom of the page overview; there is a choice to “delete server” that appears in the options so simply click on that option.
  • The pop-up screen will ask for confirmation. 
  • Tap on yes to confirm that you want to proceed with the process.
  • In case you had priorly enabled two-factor authentication, it will ask for the six-digit authentication code. Enter the code and confirm you want to delete the discord server. 


How long does it take for Discord to delete your account?

The Discord server doesn’t disclose exactly how long it takes to delete your account, and it likely varies. If you want to speak to Discord support about making sure that the account has been deleted, you can send them a ticket through their support page – Go to Discord support or Twitter to start the conversation to delete. 

What happens when you delete your Discord account?

When you delete your account, Discord anonymizes messages from you by newly categorizing them with “Deleted User.” The messages you’ve sent will still remain with them in the server which helps in preserving the flow of both group conversations and direct private messages.

Once a Discord server has been erased, there is no way to resurrect the server from the shadow realms. 

How do you transfer a Discord server?

If you don’t want the server anymore in your life, but don’t want to erase it completely, you can also transfer ownership of it to another user. You can transfer and shift ownership of a Discord server to another user, letting them have full control to change, edit, and moderate it in the future.

Before you take the drastic option of transferring a Discord server for good, there might be some things to keep in mind when it comes to transferring. Transferring will mean that you’ll no longer have any guaranteed control over your previous discord server. For instance, if you wanted to make other users a moderator or administrator later, you’ll only be able to do this if the new owner grants you access – so it’s best that you remain friendly with this person for future issues later on. Another issue with transferring is the fact that you also won’t be able to erase the server afterward, as only the new server owner will have the power to do so.

In short:

1. Open your server settings again, but tap on “Members” in the left sidebar instead of “Delete Server.” 

2. This step will give you a list of every server member. 

3. Now, hover over the name of the person that you want to give ownership to and tap on the three dots that appear on the right.

4. Tap on “Transfer Ownership.”

More explanation:

To transfer ownership of a Discord server simply open the Discord desktop app, or access the Discord website. Once you’ve logged in, select your server name in the top-left, then select the Server Settings option.

In the Discord server settings menu, select the Members option on the left, listed under the User Management category.

In the next menu, you’ll see a list of server members. 

Now you need to lightly hover over the user (with your mousepad) you’re looking to transfer ownership to, then press the three-dots menu icon on the right.

From the drop-down menu, tap on the Transfer Ownership option.

Discord will ask you to confirm that you want to transfer ownership. If you’re sure, tap on the slider, then tap on the Transfer Ownership button to confirm.

Once confirmed, the new owner will be listed in the Discord members list with a crown next to their name. Your remaining access with the server will depend on the server roles and friendship you had prior to the ownership transfer.

While you can’t reverse the change yourself, the new owner can transfer ownership back to you if you request this. However, this is only possible if they’re willing so before you transfer ownership, make sure you’re absolutely sure of your choice, as you may not be able to reverse it.

How do I permanently delete your discord account?

Your Discord account isn’t actually the toughest thing to get rid of, I mean deleting your account on Facebook is a bigger task. The only difficulty of deleting your discord account is not being able to respond to all the messages on your servers and knowing that it is erased for good. 

If you’re a server owner, erase or transfer servers

For those users who started a particular group or server on Discord, there’s an extra step before erasing your account for good. Your Discord friends would probably be sad if you erased active servers.

So, before deleting your account forever, decide whether any servers you own should be transferred to another owner instead of erased. Deleting these servers is fine if they haven’t been active in a long time and you know no one will be upset to see them be erased for good. As the owner of a server, though, you owe it to active server groups not to erase them without letting them know beforehand. 

Go to “User Settings”

Once you’re sure your servers have transferred ownership or can be erased, tap on your “User Settings.” You can do this in a browser or on your desktop application.

Tap on “My Account” and “Edit”

Within your settings, you’ll see the “My Account” option. Inside this menu, tap on “Edit” to get to the deletion process. Scroll down if you don’t see it at first.

Tap on “Delete Account”

When you have spotted “Delete Account,” you’ve found the right spot. Click the button and follow any prompts that come up, filling in your account information as you’re asked.

Once you confirm, your account will be put up for deletion and will not be accessible or able to be recovered. This doesn’t mean all the data is instantly erased, rather Discord will go through and make the deletion soon.

Why delete a Discord server?

  • Discord may create a great community and pleasant connections for a while. 
  • Eventually, we bid goodbye to certain kinds of online communities over time. 
  • Getting rid of Discord can, if you like, be part of a larger effort to make your online footprint smaller, more meaningful and possibly even erase your online presence.
  • Some people make the choice to delete to just cut down on their time on the internet. 
  • On the other hand, people want to get ahead of their future issues, when their family members might have to figure out their accounts and erase them after their death. 
  • This planning can be part of a proactive end-of-life plan where you put your important passwords together in a password manager. 
  • This will save family members lots of time if you can just do the deletion which often comes with 2 factor authentication, which can be a hassle for family members. 

How do I permanently delete a discord account for someone who died?

If you need to permanently erase a Discord account for someone who has died, you can start by using a username and password if you have them. Most of the time, though, you’ll probably need to contact Discord directly to erase someone else’s account.

Did you know? Users can continue a loved one’s digital legacy with a virtual memorial on a platform like GatheringUs. They even have specialists who can guide and support you through the planning process.

Head to the Discord support or Twitter to start a conversation about deletion: 

Discord recommends that you submit a ticket when you have a question that their Help Center doesn’t cover. You can visit this link to send a help and support ticket. It lets you send a specific request to the support team. Here, you can include the account name and the servers for the account you’d like to have erased. 

If you want a quick answer, such as checking in on an existing ticket, you can reach Discord on Twitter quite quickly @discordapp.

Write about the death of your loved one, and provide key documents: 

If your loved one was a server owner, you may need to request a specific plan of action in addition to just deleting the person’s account. If you have any contact information for other people on the server, you can ask who would want to take ownership. Another option is to suggest that Discord contact the server and see who might want to take over.

In any case, it’s helpful to support your story with an obituary document or copy of the death certificate document.The Discord support team should contact you promptly if you send in these softcopies to resolve the issue and let you know their course of action with regard to the server and memberships that your loved one had.

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