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How to Make Lanterns in Minecraft: Steps to Follow

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How to Make Lanterns in Minecraft Steps to Follow

Minecraft is one of the most popular games out there today. It has a massive fan base and gamers of all age groups love playing it. The game comes with a wide selection of light sources which gamers can choose from. You choose from the customary torch or a block of glowstone (among other things). Having a source of light is essential for lighting up your base. It also helps to ensure that mobs are prevented from spawning around you. Making a Lantern is a great way for you to illuminate your base. In this post, we will find out the steps needed to make Lanterns in Minecraft. Let’s get started.

Making Lanterns in Minecraft: Get it Done With These Steps

When were Lanterns added to Minecraft?

Lanterns became a part of Minecraft with the 1.14 village and pillage update. They were put into the game as a decoration block and are quite easy to construct. They can’t be put on a wall like a torch though. Minecraft features two types of lanterns, regular lanterns and soul lanterns.

What do you need to make a Lantern in Minecraft?

To make a Lantern in Minecraft, you need the following:

  • Torch
  • 8 Iron Nuggets

How to make a lantern in Minecraft?

In order to construct a lantern, you need to place 1 torch and 8 iron nuggets in the 3×3 crafting grid. Place a torch in the center of the grid, and use the iron nuggets to fill up the rest of the grid’s blocks. Once you have finished making the lantern, just drag and drop it to your inventory.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Making a lantern is quite easy. Start by making a torch. For that, you need a stick and a piece of coal. 
To craft a torch, you need a stick and a piece of coal
  1. After getting your torch, get eight iron nuggets. To get them, just place one iron ingot in your crafting UI and it will turn into nine iron nuggets. Take eight of them out and leave the leftover nugget in your inventory.
Place one iron ingot in your crafting UI and it will turn into 9 iron nuggets
  1. Armed with your iron nuggets and the torch, place the torch in the centre of the grid and surround it with the nuggets.
surround your torch with the iron nuggets
  1. Your Lantern is now ready and it can be used for illumination purposes. There’s another Lantern in Minecraft that you should know about. That’s the Soul Lantern. It is similar to a normal Lantern, except the fact that it has a blue texture.

In order to make a Soul Lantern, you need to follow the same steps as the ones for making a regular Lantern. However, you need to replace the normal torch with a Soul Torch. To build a soul torch, add a piece of soul sand to the normal torch recipe.

To craft a soul torch, all you need to do is add a piece of soul sand to the normal torch recipe

How to make Lanterns in Minecraft: FAQs

How do you make colored lanterns in Minecraft?

You will need to add the “Colored Lanterns” mod in case you want colored lanterns in Minecraft. 

Are lanterns better than torches in Minecraft?

Yes, they are definitely better than torches. Torches come with a light level of 14 while Lanterns come with 15, emitting more light as a result.

How to make Lanterns in Minecraft: Conclusion

Hopefully, you have a clear idea of how to make Lanterns in Minecraft. Whether you use a normal Lantern or a Soul Lantern, remember that they can only be hung from the ceiling or placed on the ground. It can’t be placed on walls like a torch. You can give your base a more medieval look by decorating it with Lanterns. Here are some creative ways in which you can use Lanterns to decorate your base:

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