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Top 15 Best Instagram Tricks To Know In 2023

by YourDailyHunt.com

Instagram has a huge audience base of more than 1.16 billion people. And with that huge audience base, it offers dramatic reach for brands. In fact, the reach of Instagram marketing went severely higher this year and saw an increment of around 76 million people that too in the last quarter.

Now there are brands as well as bloggers or influencers out there who want to promote their services or products and want to get real engagements. However, they sometimes fail to do so because they don’t have the awareness regarding all the amazing tips and tricks and features that will help them to grow their brands.

If you are among one of them and want to know all those hacks to grow your brand value, then you can follow this article to get the Top 15 Best Instagram Tricks To Know In 2023.

Well! Without any further delay, let’s start with the article so that you can gain some good and valuable followers and engagement on Instagram.

1. Specify Your Account Type

One of the most important Instagram tricks in 2023 is to specify your account type. If you are a creator, this trick will be pretty helpful for you to use your Instagram account professionally.  To specify your account type all you need to do is to go to Profile > Options > Settings > Account > Switch to creator account.

Now, you need to go and choose the category as well as other options so as to make your creator account. You can use this trick to check the reach and make it reach the correct set of audience which will eventually give you more engagement on your post.

You can switch back to your personal account any moment you wish to just by going to your Insta Profile > Options > Settings > Switch to the personal account.

2. Instagram Creator Studio (PC)

Just like the YouTube creator studio that is designed for YouTube, you have the Instagram Creator Studio designed for Instagram. This is accessible only if you are using a business account. Following this Instagram trick, you will be able to have all the essential data as well as for analytics of the images, videos, and reels you have posted on your Instagram account.

If you are using the Instagram creator studio, then you will be able to see the likes, engagement rate, impressions as well as views on your post. Everything that falls under analytics will be available in the form of bar graphs.

In fact, with the help of Instagram creator studio, you will be able to analyze the engagement as well as the audience for your post. Moreover, using this information, you will be able to gain more audience, more engagement, and more followers.

If you want to use the Instagram Creator Studio, then you need to search for the Facebook creator studio on Google, and then you will be able to see two different icons- Instagram and Facebook right at the top of your webpage. Then click on the Instagram icon.

3. Create Glowing Emoji and Text

One of my personal favorite Instagram tricks is to create glowing emoji as well as text. Yes! If you follow this trick you will be able to add a glowing border around your emoji or your text and make it look much more appealing.

To use this hack, you need to Choose the emoji > Select Neon which is right at the top, then select the color that you want to use around the text or the emoji. It will make it glow. This way you will able to make amazing glowing emojis. In fact, this trick will work with text as well.

4. Stop Hate Comments

With the help of this “stop hate comments” feature on Instagram, you will be now able to stop anyone from writing hate comments or inappropriate comments on your post. All you need to do is to set it using the manual filter.

Go to Settings > Privacy > Comments > Filters > Turn on the Manual filter > Write the words that you don’t want people to comments on your posts.

Now, in case anyone is trying to use any of the inappropriate words in your comment section, then their comments will be considered spam and the best thing is that it will get removed immediately. This Instagram trick is pretty helpful for everyone using Insta, hence, don’t forget to share it.

5. Beautiful Images With Eraser

You can now create amazing and unique pictures using the eraser feature on Instagram. At first, you need to select a photo and upload it to the story. Then click on the Pen icon that you right at the top. Now, click on the image for two seconds.

Choose the eraser option and move your finger from one part of the image to the other as you would like to remove the solid color and then will try to create the appearance of the image hidden below the solid color.

This trick is pretty helpful for writing a message or your name on Instagram.

6. Post From Your PC

Now you may have thought that you can’t post on Instagram from your PC or desktop. This is because Instagram doesn’t allow post sharing using Instagram on your PC.

Hence, you can follow this trick to share videos as well as images directly from your PC that too without downloading any software. Isn’t that great?

If you want to share videos and photos on Insta using your PC, then open Google Chrome, press F12, and then click on the mobile icon. Then you will be able to see the mobile version of Instagram that will allow you to share videos as well as images from your PC.

7. Conduct a Quiz On Instagram

Another amazing Instagram trick in 2023 is to share the quiz with your followers and make them answer them. This way you will be able to have a conversation with your followers which is again great to get engagements.

If you want to create a quiz on Instagram, all you need to do is to click on the Sticker icon and then select the Quiz option and then ask any question you want with some options.

In case, someone is seeing your quiz, then he or she will try to make a guess and if they choose the wrong option, then the box will become red and right after that, the correct answer will be shown.

There are several other interesting and unique stickers that are available on Instagram that you can use such as Countdown, Poll, etc.

8. Use Hashtags Wisely

Hashtags are the real reason behind increasing your visibility as well as discoverability on Instagram. At a time, you need to use 30 hashtags at most in an Instagram post. However, in reality, you might not want to add so many hashtags.

I suggest you use anything between five to nine hashtags or a max of twelve per post. Stuffing your post with so many hashtags will not make it look good and might seem to be spammy. This way your followers might get turned off.

Worse, if you use irrelevant or repetitive hashtags, users can choose not to see your content for that tag.

To get the most benefit, choose hashtags that:

  • Are relevant
  • Are specific to your niche
  • Do not encourage follow- or like-swapping (think #like4like or #followme)

9. Engage

Do you want to get a lot of engagement on Instagram? If yes, then you need to engage too. Yes! Posting only great content is not enough if you ignore comments and never interact with any other person. This will make you have a lonely existence on this platform.

At a minimum, respond to comments users post on your feed. But also seek out popular accounts in your niche, follow them, and like and comment on their posts. Make yourself visible in a non-promotional way.

For say, if someone is tagging you in a post, try to check it out and go for some engagement such as comment and like. Also, see if you can reshare it in your story or your feed.

Another way is by pinning top comments from your fans or pin a comment that gives the spark and this way you will have a better engagement on your posts.

This makes it more fun (and productive) for you to engage, too, since you’ll have a greater chance to respond to real people rather than bots or trolls.

10. Go Live

A very important tip that you must follow to gain more followers is to go live. Yes! Going live will help you connect with your followers in a real-time way. Here are some of the ways you can use to do Instagram Live successfully:

  • Collaborate with an industry expert or influencer using the “Add a Guest” option to go live together
  • Offer a live behind-the-scenes look at an event
  • Host a workshop or share a tutorial
  • Host a Q&A
  • Interview a team member
  • Talk to a client or customer

11. Experiment with Instagram Reels

There is another way that you can use to gain more followers on Instagram and that is doing reels. Yes! If you experiment with reels just like TikTok, you will be able to stand out. In fact, there are several brands out there making creative and unique reels to stand out from the crowd.

I would say if you try and make creative reels, it will eventually help you to gain more attention from the followers and will have a good engagement base as well.

12. Write Great Captions

Well! If you aren’t new to Instagram, then you might be aware of the fact that writing interesting captions is a must. Remember that your brand voice is as vital as your brand look. Hence, just like your visuals, the captions should be consistent across each post.

Your post should have a caption of around 2,200 characters long. As a result, you can use that space for anything from a quick quip to brief storytelling.

That said, only the first two lines of text appear in the news feed without tapping more.

Since people tend to scan captions rather than read them thoroughly, you want to get all the important information into those first two lines.

I would suggest you put the best caption length for every social network and that are as follows:

  • Organic posts: 138–150 characters
  • Instagram ads: 125 characters

However, if you have more to say, then you can surely go ahead and say it. Whatever you are writing should make some sense and worth reading.

13. Create a Circle around Your Profile

One of the great Instagram tricks is to create a circle around your Instagram profile. Yes! You can add that by installing the app Canva that is available for free on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Right after you install the app Canva, you need to open the app and click on the “+” option. Then you can select the picture you want to upload and again click on the illustrations > Shape > Circle. And then you can choose the color of the circle and all you need to do is to put it around your face in the pic.

Once that is done, you can open Instagram and click on the edit profile option. Now change your profile picture just by replacing your old one with the newly made one created using the canvas app. The next step would be to adjust the pic and make the outer portion of your border fix in that circle and you are done.

14. Add Stories and Posts to Archive

If you put a story or upload a video or a picture, it might stay on Instagram for a shorter period. The time period may vary from a day or two to a maximum of one week but using this Instagram trick you will be able to keep your stories to your account once they are not available. This will help you to look back on your memories.

And I guess this Instagram trick is one of the best as you will be able to see what is in your archive. Stories that you create as well as share on Instagram will automatically be saved in your Stories Archive. Hence, there is no need to save those on your phone. In fact, you can turn off the Stories Archive any time you want to from the Settings.

If you want to save your posts, videos, images, or stories to an archive, then you need to Go to your Profile and then choose any post that you want to keep in the archive. Then click on the options button and select the Archive option.

Right after adding your posts and stories to the archive folder, you need to view them just by navigating to the Profile > Options > Archives. This will allow you to see all the stories, posts, videos, etc, that are present in the archive section.

15. Post to Other Apps Automatically

Another amazing Instagram trick is to share your post on several other apps or social media platforms such as Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, etc, at the same time. Using this trick, you will be able to save your time and you don’t need to post your content on every individual platform and will save effort as well.

In fact, you can use this Instagram trick just by enabling the feature of “Also post on” while you post your video or image on Insta. However, to use this trick you need to get yourself verified and then link your Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr account with your Insta account.

And once, the accounts are linked, you will be able to post your videos and images directly on those platforms without any hassle. It will automatically get posted on your social media accounts linked to Insta once you post your images or videos.

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