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DMX Net Worth At the Time of His Death

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DMX net worth

Earl Simmons, better known as his stage moniker DMX, was a former American rap star, musician, and actor. He started rapping around the late 1990s and produced his first album It’s Dark And Hell is Hot in 1998, selling 250,000 copies over its first week of release worldwide.

In the hip-hop world, it’s often difficult for new artists to gain major label backing, much less fame and fortune, but DMX has bypassed this obstacle thanks to a string of legendary albums that have hit the shelves since he first released his self-titled album. His name became synonymous with the west coast’s most popular rappers, especially due to his association with the white plains district of Los Angeles. 

The area is well known for its extreme level of gang-related violence, as well as for being one of the most glamorous places to live in America. For this reason, DMX became the butt of many jokes in popular media and has been described as a “cancer” of the hip-hop community. Yet, he has remained strong and continued to tour till his last day.

Unfortunately DMX died at a mere age of 50, on April 9, 2021. It was speculated that the real reason for his death was drug overdose. 

We would take a dig at DMX’s net worth at the time of his death. To everyone’s surprise, his net worth was reported in negative. It was claimed to be somewhere around -$1 million dollars!

Let’s get started with DMX net worth and everything that you need to know!

DMX: When did he become known as DMX?

Some sources suggest that the rapper and singer were actually named Earl Simmons, after a childhood nickname that his mother gave him. Others say that the original spelling was Derumydexter but changed to DMX because his real name was Donnie Mason. Whatever be the case, it was in 1996 that DMX released his debut album called Straight Outta Compton. The album went on to sell more than two million copies in the US alone, and has gone on to sell over five hundred million worldwide.

How did DMX become so well known? 

Well, according to producer Nelly along with his brother Damon, they were driving down a freeway when they heard the beat on the radio and decided that they wanted to perform it themselves one day. The result of their performance was the single “Xxplosive” which became an instant hit. They then worked with a number of popular rap artists, like Eminem, and finally landed a deal with Interscope Records.

After DMX released his second album called XXL, he began working with rap heavyweights such as Nas, who was then signed to Interscope. Eventually, Nas decided that he wanted to work with DMX as well, and they collaborated on several other rap songs including “Who Is It.” As a studio album, XXL was very successful, and its lead single “Gangsta” became the second biggest single of all time. From this point forward, DMX’s music has been his trademark, as he has successfully created a catalog of singles and albums that sold in the tens of millions. His musical career was also helped by the rapper Lil Kim, who used DMX’s “X Gon’ Give It To You” as the theme for her song.

Although many people consider him to be a legend, there is no doubt that he had a profound effect on the rap world. He did not release an album after his last album entitled “Don’t Sleep” was released. Although the rapper had said that he may release an album in the future, he was more likely to focus on acting, touring, writing, producing, or both. 

If you are interested in listening to some of his music, you can find several websites where you can download his music for free. You will most likely find his name among the list of performers on the first page of any genre of rap.

What was DMX Net Worth at the time of his Death?

As of April 2021, DMX net worth & salary of DMX is at -$10.0 million, and by any standards, this figure is quite appalling. The real question, however, is what had happened to DMX net worth since the man had just sold over 86 million copies of his self-help books, and his movies have made over 260 million dollars. While DMX may very well be a very generous man, one must also take into account that all artists have to continually make new albums.

For the perfect revelation, we need to look at the sales records of all of DMX’s major releases, as well as the overall sales of all of his music since he was born in 1965. At the time of this writing, his latest album was called “X Gon’ Go” and it debuted at number six on the overall album charts. The next chart-topping album was called “The Biggest Loser,” and it sold a very large amount as well. So even though DMX has had some down times since the turn of the millennium, he has still made enough money to reach billionaire status. 

Not bad for a man who started out as a pimp in the streets of Detroit, Michigan. 

Shocking isn’t that!

How much did he actually earn throughout?

Was he making the same money that he was when he was rapping in the streets of Detroit? That isn’t necessarily so. Rap artists have to go to a lot of sessions in order to create new tracks, and in order to get new songs written, they often need to sign deals with record labels. The artist’s cut of the record is often non-refundable, so the rapper needs to be able to purchase the whole record back through some distribution company. So, the truth about  DMX net worth, as far as monetary earnings are concerned, would have to be much higher than the ten million copies that he sold in his single, “X Gon’ Go.”

But just how high was DMX’s net worth, in reality? Well, we can safely make a guess and say that the real answer to that question will be far higher than the singer makes in his music. For one thing, he has an album out now that is scheduled to come out during the first week of January of next year. Furthermore, the sales of his first album, “X Gon’ Go” alone should earn him somewhere close to tens or more millions of dollars.

How did DMX’s personal life impact  His net worth?

Well, consider how many singles he released per year. Every six months, he released two new singles, each one earning him around four million dollars. That was not including the money he was making from selling the singles, which could easily put it into the millions as well. And considering how long he had been performing well, we can also assume that his personal life has a lot to do with it. His history of drug abuse, bankruptcy and fraudulent cases doomed him. 

He had filed for a bankruptcy suit in 2013, with merely $50,000 as assets. He had incurred almost a debt of $10 million. That’s quite ghastly for such a well known artist. He had also filed for Child support debts of around $1.24 million. He had fathered 15 children!

Unfortunately, all his bankruptcy filing was dismissed by the U.S Court. This had put him under severe trouble. 

In 2017, 14 counts of tax fraud were reported against him. For which he was put behind bars for a year and owed $1.7 million to the government. At the time of his release from the prison in 2019, he owed $2.3 million to the IRS. 

With such incurred debt, DMX net worth nose dived to a negative value until his last days. 

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